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What Does Your Favourite Faerie Say About You II

by aleu1986


Welcome to the long-awaited part II of "What Does Your Favourite Faerie Say About You!" There are many different faeries in Neopia, and they all have unique, distinct personalities. How does your own favourite faerie reflect your own personality? Do you have a lot in common, or are you nothing alike? Read on to find out!

If you want to read part 1, which included Fyora, Illusen, Jhudora, Taelia, Aethia, Jhuidah, Mira, The Soup Faerie and the Library Faerie, you can find it in issue 711.

The Tooth Faerie

Cheerful, extroverted and always with a big, shining grin in place, people know you as a kind and gentle soul. You are a people-person, very social and have plenty of friends whom you care deeply about. Although it`s not always appreciated, you like to give free advice to them – you care about others and want your friends to be happy and healthy!

You don`t handle criticism well, and can be hurt, upset or offended easily. You hate dealing with angry individuals, and getting yelled at (despite your best intentions) can cause you to become sad and withdrawn. This never lasts long, however, you`re soon back to your happy, smiling self!

Your personal hygiene is impeccable.

Kari, the Negg Faerie

You don`t "like," you OBSESS. You prefer to be passionate about a few topics and delve deeply into them, rather than casually explore several other areas. Collecting in particular is your passion, some might say to a fault. You strive to have a complete gallery, stamp album or NeoDeck, and your favourite feeling is adding a new item to your ever-growing collection. Whether you own a gallery or like to collect thousands of a single item in your SDB, you`re fiercely defensive of your obsessions and can be easily offended if someone mocks them.

Your good qualities include excellent organization skills and the ability to delegate, which is a fancy way of saying you like to tell others what to do, or assign them tasks. You`re not bossy, but also not afraid to be in charge of large group projects. You may instruct others, but you`re also big on participating yourself – you would never leave others with all the work!

Baelia the Grey Faerie

You`re not exactly the life of the party – in fact, parties and festivities of any kind are things you steer clear away from. You prefer the pleasure (or, rather misery) of your own company. You have a penchant for the gothic, the dark and the dramatic, and at times you may feel down or even lightly depressed.

Not one of the popular crowd, you instead keep some close friends that you share deep bonds with. You`re melancholy and introvert of nature, and your more cheerful companions may feel you complain too much or are a bit of a downer. Try not to wallow in misery or always see the dark side of things. Smile to the world and you may just find that you get some smiles in return.

Ember the Fire Faerie

Your strength lie in sports – you`re athletic and fiercely competitive. Not a good team player, you prefer sports or games where you need to rely on your own effort to get ahead in the game and take home the trophy. Although you love winning and push yourself to the limit, you would never cheat or use dirty tricks. You`re also not a sore loser, you know that you just have to better yourself and try harder next time.

Excellent at resisting peer-pressure, you`re not afraid to do things your own way and don`t listen to criticism when you do what you feel is right for you. Facing challenges head on and tackling problems as they arise, you deal with everything life throws at you with a fresh attitude.

You`re usually level-headed, though your competitive nature can lead you to feel bad about yourself when you don`t perform your best. Remember to go easy on yourself – we can`t all be champions all the time.

Psellia the Air Faerie

While you may mostly be shy and withdrawn and spend your life on the sidelines, nothing prompts you to action more than your friends and those you care about needing help. You care deeply about your friends and would do anything for them. That said, when it comes to communication with the outside world, you prefer writing letters rather than engaging in face-to-face conversations, particularly when it comes to people you don`t know well.

You are a dreamy person who spends a lot of time with your head in the clouds (pun intended) but you find it hard to share the inner workings of your mind with others.

You spend enough time on your looks for it to border on vanity, but you`re still too humble to brag.

Siyana the Light Faerie

Petpets are very special to you, and when it comes to social interactions, you may find more comfortable and at ease dealing with them rather than other people. You`re an animal person, and nature in general is very important to you. Not one to open up quickly or make new friends easily, the effort it takes to get to know you is well worth it.

You`re kind, loyal, protective and brave. You detest violence and would always opt for a peaceful solution to a conflict. You`re willing to go to great lengths for the safety and protection of your friends. A person with a bright heart, you bring light to all with your kind, gentle and loving spirit.

Ilere the Earth Faerie

Reclusive and mysterious, others have a hard time pinning you down and figuring you out, which is just how you like it. You don`t let others define you. People can`t be sure where your loyalties lie, and some may find it hard to trust you due to not knowing what your motives are, or what you`re thinking or planning.

Your thoughts are your own, and your secrets are never shared, you never betray anything about yourself unless you want someone to know. You always think twice before speaking or acting, and you may come across as cold or distant. You prefer to help yourself, but can also aid others when you feel they deserve your assistance.

Casandia the Air Faerie

You may be young and inexperienced, but you make up for that with plenty of enthusiasm and a happy-go-lucky attitude. You`re clumsy and a bit accident-prone, but when you make mistakes you also do your best to fix them instead of hiding them or putting the blame on someone else. You`re honest, though bad at keeping secrets, and genuine, albeit you often blurt out stuff you shouldn`t say. You are responsible provided you are given the right tasks and that the job is not too much for you to handle. You`d rather deal with stuff yourself than ask for help – which may not yield the best outcome. Trust in yourself, but remember to not be too proud to ask for help sometimes.

Delina the Crafting Faerie (She is a Dark Faerie, but her love of arts and crafts have earned her the nickname of Crafting Faerie).

The beaten path is not for you. Even the path less traveled by is one you`re not likely to take. Where there is no path, you make one for yourself. You break new ground, sail in uncharted waters – you`re basically a true original person and one that`s not afraid to explore, try new things and stand out from the crowd. Others admire you for your creative spirit and artistic nature. Where others may keep beautiful flower beds or excel in the culinary arts, your skill lies in creating new objects from scratch by coming up with exciting possibilities. You see solutions where others see challenges. You`re curious about how things work, and your mind is inquisitive. You`re different and proud of it.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed it, and that you`ve found your personal favourite faerie in either part I or II!

Please Neomail me with comments or suggestions, and have a great day in Neopia!

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