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Erin's Extreme Avatar Guide: Hungry Skeith

by krazypinkgurl


In a previous article, I talked about how Adee the Chia made me absolutely crave ice cream after playing a game of Ice Cream Machine. This feeling is only exacerbated by record high temperatures in my hometown this summer.

I have a similar problem with Hungry Skeith, but the feeling is worsened because my craving for jelly isn’t limited to the summer season. All year, those fast-moving jelly blobs make me hungry—so hungry that once I literally closed my laptop, drove to the store, and bought a bunch of jelly cups to satisfy the craving.

Thus is the curse of food-based avatar games.

A lot of folks consider Hungry Skeith to be an average-to-difficult game avatar. Admittedly, this was in my top five of game avatars I struggled with the most. After playing for hours and hours, I developed a few strategies that I hope will help others on their path to avatar glory.

The Basics

You play a buzz working what looks like the most mundane job ever in a jelly factory. Red, blue, and green jellies will come from the left on the conveyor belt, and you must pick them up and sort them in their corresponding vats. Use your left and right arrow keys to move the buzz back and forth on the conveyor belt and spacebar to pick up jellies. Use the up and down arrows to get the buzz over the vats and back to the conveyor belt. You can only sort one jelly at a time. Other food, like ice cream cones and cake, will appear on the conveyor belt. Ignore them! Those are fine for the skeith to eat, but if he eats a jelly he’ll get sick, causing you to lose a life.

Each type of jelly you sort is worth a certain amount of points:

Red jellies – 3 points

Blue jellies – 5 points

Green jellies – 8 points

Sorting a jelly into a vat that does not correspond with its color will also cause you to lose a life. You begin the game with five lives, sorting five jellies at level 1. You will sort 10 jellies on level 2, 15 on level 3, and so on. As the levels increase, the speed of the conveyor belt will also increase.

The soonest you can get the avatar is on level 7 sorting 35 jellies, but this would only occur if you were very lucky and managed to get only green jellies for your entire game. The odds of this are extremely unlikely!

The latest you can get the avatar would be level 15 if every single jelly in your game was red. Don’t worry, this scenario is also extremely unlikely! On average, players usually get the avatar around level 10 or 11 depending on how well they strategize.

The Delay Strategy

There is a great little strategy to playing this game that will boost your score just enough to get that avatar score of 1,000 points without having to expel too much effort. The best part? It’s relatively simple with a little bit of practice.

It’s possible to pick up jellies on the conveyor belt and move them farther back in the queue to delay sorting them. Just use the spacebar to pick up a jelly and then use the left arrow key to move the buzz to the beginning of the conveyor belt where you first see the jellies come out. Press spacebar again to drop the jelly, and you’ve successfully moved it to the back of the conveyor belt without having to sort it (hence: the delay method).

Unfortunately, you cannot pick up any jellies from this section of the conveyor belt. Be careful using the delay method; you might end up dropping a jelly on top of another jelly, which makes it harder to pick up later, especially in the later levels. This method takes a little bit of practice but can net you a significant amount of extra points for the later rounds.

The delay method is especially important during the early levels. On level 1 (5 jellies), only sort green jellies and delay the blue and red jellies to maximize the amount of points you can get. You should have 40 points by the end of this level.

On levels 2 and 3 (10 jellies and 15 jellies), only sort green jellies as well, unless jellies are really stacking up on the conveyor belt and you’re in jeopardy of losing a life. Then, you can afford to sort a blue jelly or two. But, no matter what you do, do not sort red jellies on levels 1-3! If you do, restart your game. By only sorting green jellies on levels 1-3, you will be at 240 points, which is almost a quarter of the way to the avatar score!

On level 4 (20 jellies), sort the jellies as they arrive on the conveyor belt until you get down to the last 10 jellies. Then, use the same delay method for the last 10 and only sort green jellies if you can help it. Blue jellies are acceptable since you still need to preserve your lives, but go for green jellies if you can help it. You should have 300-400 points by this round.

On levels 5 and 6 (25 and 30 jellies), use the delay method when you get down to your final five jellies. By the end of level 6, you should have anywhere from 600-800 points. If your score is less than 600, restart your game.

Beginning on level 7, just sort the jellies as they come because the conveyor belt is moving too fast for you to use the delay method. You will most likely start losing lives at this level, but with enough practice you can make it through! Keep sorting jellies as fast as you can and try to get to levels 10 or 11. That’s when you will typically get the avatar.

Tips, Tricks, and What to Look for

If you lose a life before level 6 (30 jellies), restart your game. You will want as many lives as possible for levels 7-10 when the conveyor belt is moving at lightning speed and your reflexes are really tested.

Make sure to breathe between levels. Your fingers will tire out pretty quickly, and it’s important to give your brain, eyes, and hands a rest. This is a fast-moving game with a lot going on, so there’s no shame in taking breaks.

Sometimes the buzz will get stuck holding a jelly. This is a glitch in the game, and, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll fruitlessly press the spacebar trying to get him to drop it into the vat, but he’ll cling to the jelly as you lose lives. It’s a huge bummer and will definitely end your game, and the only thing you can do is completely refresh your page and start over again. This glitch only happened to me a few times, and I genuinely hope it doesn’t happen to you while you’re playing. I wouldn’t wish it on Dr. Sloth (okay, maybe that’s a lie. I might wish it on Dr. Sloth).

You will begin each level in the same place you ended the last, so it’s good to get into the habit of using the left arrow key to get to the front of the conveyor belt when each level ends. This is particularly important on the later levels where jellies are hurtling toward you at rapid speeds.

I hope these tips help you on your path to avatar glory! Now, get out there and sort some jellies!

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