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What to Do After The Altador Cup

by xxsicklullabiesxx


The time has come yet again – a time of grief, mourning, and overall dissatisfaction for most. For the other select few, it’s a time to celebrate and boast for the next year to come. No, I’m not talking about Usukicon just yet (though I can’t wait to rub my Usuki haul in all of your faces.) I’m of course talking about the dreadful end to Altador Cup season. Yes, my dudes, it’s time to hang up our Yooyuball gear and stop that manic Techo from screaming. That poor guy has had enough excitement for the year.

For most of Neopia, the Altador Cup is a time to join together in friendly banter over the Summer games. After all, where do you think the age old question of “how much smack could an AC fan talk if an AC fan could talk smack” come from? The Altador Cup is a time for unlikely friends to come together and bond over the love of their team. It’s a time for Neopians alike to congregate to celebrate the best team of them all: Team Krawk Island. *cough* I digress.

Now that the main Summer event has come to an end, the question that is on everyone’s mind is “what in Fyora’s name do I do with my life now that I don’t have the Altador Cup for a whole year?” My friend, that is why I am here today. I give to you 5 ways to spend your time for the next 11 months.

1. Pick up a new hobby. Believe me, hobbies are weird. At one point, my Skeith decided he was going to carve figures out of soap. Sure, his hands smelled delicious for a good 3 months, but the soap sculptures were not the greatest. That being said, your hobby doesn’t have to be a strange one. Maybe you can start trying to restock items at the local Plushie Palace. You know, make some bank by stalking the wares for hours on end. Maybe you could start writing terrible poetry to submit it to the Poetry Contest and start a collection of rejection letters. Start dressing your pets in different embarrassing outfits and show them to everyone around Neopia Central. I don’t care what hobby you have, but it’s always a good idea to have one. I, for one, enjoy entering the Storytelling Contest and then rapidly refreshing the contest page to see who else made it in instead of me.

2. Write a series. Entering the Neopian Times is always a good idea, whether it’s Altador Cup season or not. Writing can either be the best time of your life or make you want to blast off into space with no intention of returning. I have tried to start writing a series way more times than I should have, and it is not for me and my short attention span. You, however, may really enjoy writing a whole series. It could be about anything! Create your own characters, use Neopets canon characters and put them in whacky adventures, the series is your oyster. That’s the saying right?

3. Travel the globe. Neopia may seem small when looking at it on a map, but there’s so much to explore that I’m sure you’ve missed in your normal adventures. When was the last time you truly visited Maraqua? Be honest with yourself. Did you search ever crack, crevice, and coral in the deep blue? How about Shenkuu? Did you hike the mountains and visit every little shop and hidden apothecary? Scrounge up some Neopoints and hit the stalls out in the Lost Desert. I’m sure you can find some neat-o artifacts to show to your friends. Traveling is a great way to learn about the world and about yourself. Plus, it will keep your mind off the fact that you have no teams to root for until next year!

4. Hang out with your pets. Yes, we all love our pets, but don’t try to lie to me and say that you haven’t been neglecting them during the Cup. I understand. My lovely skeith, Honeybee, hasn’t been played with since I chose to side with my team, and while I did stick him in the Neolodge for the month, I still feel terrible about neglecting him. Don’t be like me, my pal. Go play with your pets. Read them a book. Stroke them behind their ears if they’re into that. Feed them some gourmet food and take them to see the Poogle Races. I mean…unless they are a poogle. That’d be pretty messed up if you ask me.

5. Continue to rant and rave about this year’s Altador Cup outcome. Yeah, we all have that one friend. You know the one. They constantly bring up how their team is the best and they would’ve done better this year if they hadn’t have lost to that one team in the second round. If you have nothing better to do until the next Cup, so be it! Yell at the top of your lungs about how amazing your team is and how you’re going to whoop everyone else’s teams from here to Terror Mountain when ACXII comes around.

My one other tip that I have for you is to try something new. The few things I suggested aren’t everything that you can do in Neopia. There are still possibilities for you out on Kreludor, afterall. What I’m trying to say is don’t go wasting your time throughout the following months being miserable over waiting for the AC to start once again. Try anything. You never know what you’ll like.

Whatever it is that you do during the next sad, cold 11 months, make sure you have fun. Whether it be hiking in Shenkuu with your best buddies or writing sappy stories for the Neopian Times, we all know that the Altador Cup will return and our hearts will once again be filled with joy as we battle it out for the coveted trophy. The bottom line when it comes to the Altador Cup is have fun: during and after.

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