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Tasting Kauvara's Potions

by m0nster_rancher


What a better way to celebrate Kau day than to sample some of Kauvara's finest morphing potions? Cow, the Yellow Kau and also our exclusive Neopian Times Reporter went into Mrs Kauvara's workshop today both to sample her morphing potions and to give her a quick interview to help her break away from her busy schedule and enjoy a restful Kau Day. This is how it went!

Cow: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Kauvara.

Kauvara: Why thank you! May the magic be with you my yellow friend!

Cow: So things must get quite hectic, producing and then selling all those morphing potions and whatnot!

Kauvara: Oh yes, and I'm very thankful that I finally have the day off seeing it's Kau day! It isn't as glamorous as it might seem, brewing all of these fabulous potions and selling them. Usually the rarer and expensive ones go right off the shelves whereas the more common ones sit there by their lonely selves. It makes me feel a bit used at times, but I do understand that people want to resell the potions or use them, and I'm fine with that because they don't cost many neopoints for me to produce.

Cow: Someone told me something about edna being your main supplier of ingredients, can you tell me more about that?

Kauvara: Oh yes *cackles like edna*. Edna is my good friend, and we go way back. Oh how I remember the day where I went for a cup of tea in her tower and I found a spider in my tea! Luckily it was a candy spider, Edna that old joker! Back on topic yes; she supplies all the ingredients that go into my wonderful morphing potions and guess where she gets them?! Yep, you're right. From people who want to get the very elusive and hard to find edna avatar. What a genius old Edna is!

Cow: Now I know you make a wide array of potions and my research tells me 883 morphing potions to be exact! How do you do it? Do you have any secret little helpers?

Kauvara: I am a very busy lady, and a very magical lady at that. My only little helper would be magic, and I don't like to brag but I am a very skilled witch, especially when it comes to brewing morphing potions. Although I do have to admit that some are harder to brew than others and I might enlist the help of a trusty volunteer such a Sidney from the haunted woods. He sometimes holds my cauldron for me while I stir the ingredients, that cheerful boy. A couple of times I have found a rotting riches scratchcard in the bottom of the cauldron and I give it to him as a token of my thanks.

Cow: Can you tell me anything about the famed 'Plushie Draik Morphing Potion?'. You would definitely be the right person to ask about this one.

Kauvara: Well I'm glad you think that, Cow! The Plushie Draik Morphing Potion is a very rare object indeed. I used to brew it in my workshop, over a decade ago now. Unfortunately an essential ingredient to brewing the potion was retired from the hidden tower (Faerie acorns) and I couldn't keep producing the potion. All I have to remember it is a picture that I keep hanging in my workshop, and the rest is but a distant memory. I would expect it is worth over 100 million neopoints easily these days. Isn't it lovely how much people respect my works of art?

Cow: Alright Kauvara, that'll be enough for now. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Do you mind if I taste test a couple of your morphing potions as we previous arranged?

Kauvara: Thanks again, and please be my guest! Just remember not to take more than a cup-full, or you'll turn into what you're drinking, and we don't want any darigan draiks flapping around in here do we?!


Kauvara showed Cow into a separate room where thousands of morphing potions were bottled and stored. The public eye has usually never been allowed into this room, so it's something special to savour and appreciate on this sunny Kau Day. Here are the separate recounts of five different morphing potions Cow was lucky enough to sample!

Woodland Koi Morphing Potion:

Cow: "Upon examining the bottle, I notice it has some frilly wings on the side. They are eerily squishy and jelly-like. A faint smell of fish and damp, sodden tree-bark lingers from the bottle and I'm not so sure. I bravely put my lips up to the glass and drink the cool, crystalline liquid in the vial. As I exhale, I whiff a definite odour of dirt and earthiness, along with a distinct pong of.. goldfish?! Not pleasant!"

Snow Peophin Morphing Potion:

Cow: "As soon as I catch sight of the bottle, it sends chills down my spine, and literal ones too. As I pick up the bottle, my teeth begin to chatter and I promptly put some of the potion in my mouth. My tongue and mouth instantly become frost-bitten but fill with an absolutely splendid array of berries and winter fruits. I quickly down some liquid from the fire flask next to me to stop me turning into snow!"

Baby Meerca Morphing Potion:

Cow: "I pick up the bottle of Baby Kougra Morphing Potion and look at the label on the back. It mentions that the morphing potion is lucious caramel flavoured milk with just a hint of magic. Excitedly, I take a swig from the sipper at the top and realise that this is definitely a cheap knock off. The milk is tangy and bitter and the caramel definitely tastes artificial. Not as good as it looks!"

Electric Tuskaninny Morphing Potion:

Cow: "Timidly, I touch the buzzing electric tuskanniny morphing potion with the tip of my finger and it gives me a dull shock. For the sake of my project, I muster up the courage to clench it in my shaking, fidgety hands, much to the amusement of a hysterical Kauvara. I notice my hands are shaking with the static electricity. I take a courageous sip, and BZZZZZZZTTTTT, AHHHH!!!! I release it from my hands but get a refreshing aftertaste of the smoothest blueberry. Definitely an interesting experience!

Pink Pteri Morphing Potion:

Cow: "I had reached the end of my morphing potion tolerance. Everything had been horrible in some respect. Kauvara urged me to try this one last potion, with a straight face this time. Trusting the lady who has brewed us potions for so many years, I uncorked the pink pteri morphing potion with a fresh open mind. I closed my eyes in suspense, waiting for my lips to meet the pink liquid inside. Ohhhhhh, yes! That was what I'd been waiting for! Bubblegum, strawberry, marshmallow, cake, trifle, all into one! And the consistency of a fine pudding. This was definitely a connoisseur's morphing potion. I smacked my lips and gave Kauvara a reassuring smile"

All in all, Cow enjoyed his day at Kauvara's workshop and would definitely return. Even though the morphing potions were at best.. very uh.. special tasting, it doesn't mean they weren't good quality! Kauvara specially exhibited turning her friend Adee the Security Chia into a beautiful, dashing Woodland Draik using a very expensive and rare Woodland Draik Morphing Potion. Adee flew off into the distance, and it made for a very good cover picture for the next Neopian Times!

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