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The Benefits of Joining the Neoboards Today!

by imcatcrazy11


When new users decide to join the world of Neopia, they may be overwhelmed at the sheer number of activities that this site has to offer. Between painting and customizing their pets, earning avatars, enjoying flash games, and browsing shops new users can find themselves overloaded with all the fun Neopets has to offer.

But as we all know, spending time doing these activities alone can become quite lonely. A new user may find him or herself peeking at the Neoboards, but be overwhelmed and turned off by the sheer volume of people and discussions going on. Jumping into ongoing conversations can be scary for a new user, but just what are the rewards of taking off your lurker cap and jumping into fellow user discussions?

Making friends

To begin with, there is the benefit of making friends, which can never be underestimated! Doing anything in Neopia, whether it's attempting to restock, Kad feed, or bump a board on one of the chats quickly becomes boring when one is doing it alone. But when one has a friend, it immediately becomes a thousand times more fun. Having an actual conversation filled with inside jokes and pranks on your Neoboard is a much more pleasant way to bump it than mindlessly typing the word "bump" every thirty seconds. Time just flies by! And when you're kadding or restocking with a Neofriend… well nothing encourages you to work faster than a little friendly competition. When you're trying to get to five kads or restock an unbuyable before your friend can, everything is much more energized, exciting, and just plain fun than if you're doing it on your own.

And of course, the best way to find Neofriends to do these activities with is to… meet them on the boards.

Crazy Board Events

Furthermore, when you have a friend who also frequents the Neoboards with you, there's double the chance of one of you being there to witness a once in a life time event, and warning the other to join in as fast as they can. As everyone knows, you can't spend all your time on the Neoboards, as much fun as they are. Doing that would just get boring! Instead, you have to divide up your time, sometimes visiting one of the boards, sometimes visiting another, sometimes hanging out in your guild page, sometimes fighting in the Battledome, and sometimes just checking out the news. But when you're not on the Neoboards 24/7, also you run the risk of missing something amazing happening. What if the pound is extremely wet with painted Draiks, but you miss it because you happen to not be on the pound chat at that exact moment? The thought terrifies dozens of Neopians.

But with a good Neofriend, you don't have to worry nearly as much about missing that type of thing! If they happen to be on the Neoboards when you are not and they see something amazing such as that happening—well it won't be long before you see the tiny notification in the left hand corner of your screen alerting you that you've got Neomail.

Game Master Challenges

And let's not forget when friends become useful in that yearly event, the Game Master Challenge. Of course, it starts out fine without a friend. Everything is easy; you know you can beat the games and you're proud of yourself for doing it on your own. You're well on your way to that shiny trophy! But then, one morning, after you've logged on to complete the next challenge that AAA and Abigail have thrown your way, you are confronted by the terrifying words "Team Challenge."

Oh no. Suddenly you don't know what to do. You want that bonus prize you get for completing the challenge with a partner (who wouldn't?), but you're petrified of the idea of having to find a random stranger on the Neoboards to do it with. What if they disappear on you after accepting your challenge request? What if they can't complete the score? There goes all your work for the trophy, because you won't be able to complete the challenge.

But if you have a close Neofriend, then you never have to fear for that! You can trust them to send their score, and they can trust you to send yours. There's no need to wade through the boards, praying that whoever you find will live up to their end of the bargain—you already have a friend that you would trust with your score any day.

Moral Support

Most importantly of all, there is that intangible thing that having friends on the Neoboards can bring: moral support. As loyal Neopians, we all get that overwhelming urge to rush to the rainbow pool whenever TNT graces us with a new pet color. Sometimes however, these awesome pet jobs come at a high price that can take months to achieve. Working by yourself to save up Neopoints can be a lonely experience, and I personally have found myself giving up before ever reaching my dream before in the past, because I lost the motivation to keep trying.

However, once I started frequenting the Neoboards that stopped happening, because when I found friends, I found a whole new reason to keep at my goals. There are dozens of people on the Neoboards who find insane joy in pushing others to achieve their goals, and none are more loud (and obnoxious and annoying) than your own personal Neofriends. Whenever you feel as if you are close to giving up on saving for that wraith paintbrush or that ice Draik egg, your Neofriends are there to make sure that you don't. They encourage you, support you, and make your entire journey of finding the perfect pets far more enjoyable than it would be if you were completing it alone.

Random Events

Lastly, if all the things mentioned so far in this article haven't been enough to convince you to join your fellow users on boards, then let me throw in my final card. What if I mentioned that just surfing on the boards with a friend could have a significant impact on your Neo career?

In all of your lurking, you may or may not have heard whispers about that elusive random event that presents you with a magical Chia pop, or the one where that friendly alien Aisha hands you a shiny Nerkmid (or some of his ...delicious... lunch).There are so many awesome random events that are just waiting to surprise you every day, and by participating in discussions on the boards with your Neofriends, you just might find yourself getting a surprise visit from the pant devils 'evil' twin you might have missed otherwise!

So what are you waiting for? Join the boards and make some awesome Neofriends today! You never know what amazing surprises could await you if you do.

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