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Trophies For The Cursed!

by sanford3581


Are you, like me, a person who can never win at games of pure chance such as Slot Machines? I can sit and play PAWKEET Slots, BRUCEY B Slots or SCORCHY Slots for hours but have never hit a jackpot and for the life of me I have never had a high score on any of them. Lucky for people like me, Neopets has a Slots Big Losers Trophy you can get playing PAWKEET Slots. Turn your horrible luck into a trophy!! In this world where bad luck is good luck I was lucky (unlucky) enough to be a Champion. A Champion at losing. HMMM. One good thing I can say is that losing badly enough comes with a big trophy. Sure it says you are bad, but you are the best at being bad and everyone wants to be the best at something. Right?

The thing is this is not the only trophy that Neopets gives for bad luck. SLOTH ran up big debts years ago during his invasion. These days he randomly goes around charging a large Invasion tax on any Neopoints left out of the bank. It bothers me to see him drop by and take a good chunk of my neopoints. (Doesn't it bug you also?) But at the same time he did give me a big trophy for my lookup page for losing more than most. I mean trophies are cool and all but is it good to win trophies for bad luck?? I am never happy to see him take my Neopoints but have to admit I do appreciate that he left me a nice trophy. Is it bad to want a Gold trophy for an event based on bad luck? I am not sure if I should root for it or against it.

Yet another example of Neo giving out trophies for the perpetually cursed is the TAX BEAST Trophy. Again, like SLOTH, the TAX BEAST goes around randomly taking Neopoints from people who make the mistake of carrying too many with them. As they say, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Even in Neopia this apparently is true. You cannot escape the TAX BEAST. Are they rewarding you with a trophy or is it merely rubbing in the fact that you lost a lot of Neopoints?? Is it wrong to take pleasure in the trophy or is it merely accepting defeat? Sometimes it is hard to know what to want when the trophy is a reward for falling victim to the curse of bad luck.

This seems to be the start of a trend. Where else could Neopets go with the idea of rewarding bad luck? Would you like a trophy for the most losses in World Challenges? Just saying Neo, it could take the bite out of being bad. We could really start a worst player ever competition. Sure you may not like losing, but a nice shiny new trophy should help! ... I think.

Where else could they go with this? Perhaps a trophy for missing out on the most items when RS'ing?

Changing to a more current topic, perhaps Neopets could start giving out Big Losers trophies for the most consecutive last place finishes in the Altador Cup. Do you always pick the losing team? Are you really the very worst possible picker of Altador Cup teams? Since the precedent has been set for giving out Big Losers trophies perhaps this would be one of the ways Neopets could go in awarding prizes. I know I have entered the Altador Cup every year since the beginning and have not picked a winning team so far. Have some of you always ended up on the last place teams? I think that should merit some recognition. Don't you?

It is kind of like winning the lottery only in reverse. You truly are beating the odds and that is something noteworthy. Take pride in your badness and do not hide your light in the darkness of the Haunted Woods.

Perhaps every time you have entered the Arena to try to chalk up an Altador Cup win you lose. Perhaps Neopets should be willing to give trophies to the people with the highest total number of lost games submitted. After all, you put in a lot of hard work to chalk up all of those losses. More than anyone else in fact. Maybe in light of Neopets willingness to award trophies for bad luck you can convince them to award trophies for losing the most. You can find a way to turn your bad luck into yet another shiny trophy for your cabinet. I would not count on it, but hey everyone needs to have a dream. Even those cursed with horrible luck need to be recognized as the best at something. Right??? I think so anyways.

There are certainly a lot of ways that Neo could choose to take this. Find something you are the worst at and ask Neo if they can provide a trophy for it. Are you always last in the Beauty Contests? Perhaps a Big Losers trophy for that is in order. Do your Poetry Contest entries always get rejected? A great one would be the Wheel of Extravagance. I lose a half a million Neopoints a week trying for an Avatar that I never get. It certainly seems that I would be in line for a Big Losers trophy there if they gave one. Perhaps Neopets should track those losses and award a trophy. It would help take some of the sting out of it.

To those perpetually cursed with bad luck I say, find what you are truly bad at and ask Neopets if they can create a trophy for being the worst at it. It never hurts to ask.

So cheer up all of you perpetually unlucky people. There is hope for you yet. With luck, perhaps bad luck, comes the chance to obtain a nice collection of shiny trophies simply for being unlucky(or is it lucky?). And if your luck ever changes perhaps you can also get one of the trophies they give for being lucky, like the slot machine trophies or the lottery. A tip for those of you with horrible luck is to try your best to pick losing numbers. If you think you are trying to win a Big Losers trophy with luck, bad luck that is, it may backfire and earn you an actual Lottery or Slots trophy. I have my doubts, but you have to keep on believing.



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