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Treasure Chests - Not Just For Pirates?

by tallydepp


Sometimes while you're exploring the vast plethora lands of Neopia with your favourite Neopet, perhaps just taking a stroll absorbing the scenery, or browsing through the shops, or entertaining yourself by playing a game or two, you can come across many delights and treasures! No, no, I'm not talking about those elusive random events everyone seems to covet and crave - I'm talking about treasure chests! "Treasure chests?" I can hear you say, skeptically, as you double-check your pets to see if you painted one of them with a Pirate paint brush and somehow forgot that you had. "Why would I be interested in treasure chests? None of my Neopets have been painted Pirate! What possible use could I or my Neopets have for a treasure chest? Treasure chests are just for Pirates!" And that, my dear friend, would be where you are very, very wrong! You don't have to be a Pirate to love treasure. Everyone loves treasure! And where better to store said treasure than in a ... yes, you guessed it ... treasure chest? Phew, what a good thing that I'm here to show you that treasure chests are not just for Pirate pets. In fact, many treasure chests found in Neopia don't even have the sole purpose of storing treasure. Some are multi-functional. Some treasure chests don't contain any treasure at all. How un-Piratey is that? Moreover, these treasure chests can be found all across Neopia. You don't even have to visit Krawk Island to get yourself one. Well, maybe just a little trip to Krawk Island ... Just once though, I promise. The majority of these Neopian treasure chests have probably never even heard of Krawk Island. Or Pirates, for that matter.

Here is my list of the top eight treasure chests available in Neopia, and their not-so-Piratey uses.

1. Treasure Chest Cake

It's treasure! And it's a cake! Treasure you can eat - what more could you ask for? Delight your Neopets by feeding them a slice of this delectable, delicious treasurey treat. It comes at a very untreasure-like price and won't cost you a Pirate's ransom. Your hungry pets are guaranteed to thank you and treasure you forever.

2. Chocolate Treasure Chest

This tasty-looking chest will certainly grab your Neopet's attention, but if they try to bite into it, they'll get a big surprise for this chocolatey treat is actually a toy! A further surprise is in store for them too, because not only will playing with this treasure chest entertain your Neopet for hours on end, but hidden inside is a chocolate-themed background or foreground. You can make your Neopet the envy of all their friends by surrounding them in chocolate all day long! (Disclaimer: surrounding your Neopet in chocolate-themed scenery which is actually inedible may not result in you being viewed as the best owner ever, unless you spend a small fortune on real chocolate food items to feed your pet, instead of just taunting them with chocolate-looking items they can't eat.)

3. Deadly Treasure Chest

Not all treasure chests are a treasure to have! Rather than storing lovely treasure that will make Neopians gasp in delight, this treasure chest packs a very different kind of surprise, and is more likely to make Neopians gasp in fright! This deadly treasure chest could help your Neopet if they get backed into a corner in the Battledome, for it is actually a weapon. What better way to confuse an opponent than by handing them a treasure chest? Your battledome opponent will graciously accept what they think is a generous peace-offering, then you can sit back and watch as this chest unleashes it battle magic and wins your Neopet yet another battle. This would probably be most entertaining should you choose to battle against Plumbeard. He is, after all, a Pirate.

4. Sultans Treasure Chest

A must-have for any respectable Neohome owner. Impress your friends by pretending to have treasure placed tasefully around your Neohome. The treasure inside may not be real but it certainly looks it, and this piece of furniture will add sparkle and opulence to any Neohome, suggesting to all who may visit a wealth that may (or may not) exist.

5. Kreludan Treasure Chest

A treasure chest that is simply out of this world! Intrigue your friends by customising your Neopet with this enticing chest. Judging by the bright light emanating from the partially open lid, whatever this chest contains is surely something to be treasured. What could it be? Only your lucky Neopet will ever know. One word of advice: it may be advisable to purchase some sunglasses for your Neopet to wear while having them constantly bathed in the stunningly bright light emitted from this galactical treasure chest.

6. Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest

Treasure chests aren't just for Pirates, they're for Christmas too! Covered in snow and adorned with candy canes, this treasure chest will make you and your Neopets wish Christmas could be every day. What a super cool way (see what I did there?) to store all those Christmas decorations until the festive season rolls around again.

7. Bagatelle Treasure Chest

It's unlikely anyone will ever find out what treasures are hidden inside this treasure chest. Why? Because this is a prize from the Bagatelle game from the Deserted Fairground in the Haunted Woods and, while I'm not suggesting that the game is rigged (even though the game is suspiciously slanted - Harker the Lupe has propped one end up with books so that your poor

Mootix will land in the losing slots), has anyone actually ever won one of these? Hmmmm, exactly.

8. Discovered Treasure Chest

Last but not least, a treasure chest that is ... um ... actually rather Piratey? Contained within this treasure chest could be all manner of Pirate-themed loot, from Pirate food and candy to books telling Pirate tales, from Pirate toys to the chance to actually become a Pirate! Yes, I know I said treasure chests aren't just for Pirates, and I think the examples above prove my point. But, after introducing your Neopet to all the above treasure chests, surely it's only reasonable to assume that they'll now be dreaming of becoming a Pirate pet one day? Why don't you plan a visit to Krawk Island's Forgotten Shore? You never know what you might find ...

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