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Put Your Party Pants On: TVD

by oreo2135


Tyrannian Victory Day is upon us once again, and you know what that means, a 24-hour long PARTY! But what does one wear to a Tyrannian Victory Day party, you ask? Wonder no more because I am here to help. This helpful guide will show you a variety of items to wear, and a few to avoid, this Tyrannian Victory Day, all without breaking the bank!

But first, a quick recap for younger Neopians who may not know of Tyrannian Victory Day:

In Year 3, a giant earthquake shook up Neopia, opening up a chasm in the Ice Caves that led to the discovery of Tyrannia. Soon after its discovery, an invasion of the land occurred and an all-out war broke out. It was on May 12 that the Tyrannian Army defeated the invaders and claimed victory.

It is a very important day in Neopian history and we choose this day to honor the countless heroes who bravely fought against the invasion and to celebrate the end of a war.

Now that we’re a-ugga caught up, on to the list!

1. Hasee Stripes OR Smug Bug Spots

Want the look but can’t commit to a new paint job? No ugga problem! Emulate the fashionable striped and spotted furs of Tyrannian pets by purchasing either of these items. Hasee Stripes sits at about 45,000 NP while the more economical Smug Bug Spots is around 6,000 NP (though the writer did find one listing for just 2,000 NP!).

2. Hair Bone + Fire Faerie Eye Shadow

There’s no point in having a party if you’re not going to look your best. Spruce up with a Hair Bone from the NC Mall and some eye shadow from the ever-affordable Faerie Eye Shadow line. If you want to go bold, I recommend the Fire Faerie Eye Shadow, just 2,400 NP!

3. Tyrannian Hair Bone + Light Faerie Eye Shadow

No NC, no problem! This writer has your completely Neopoint alternative to the above look. At 2,300 NP, the Tyrannian Hair Bone is even more affordable than the Faerie Eye Shadows! Pair this hair bone with the 2,500 NP Light Faerie Eye Shadow for a delightfully sweet look.

4. Autumn Tiara OR Tyrannian Victory Day Party Hat

Don’t know how to apply eye shadow? Clueless on how to set your hair on a bone? Don’t even have hair? Then call it a day by picking up a beautifully crafted Autumn Tiara from the NC Mall, or a funky Tyrannian Victory Day Party Hat for 9,000 NP at the Marketplace.

5. Vintage Tyrannia Jersey + Tyrannia Team Foam Finger

Celebrate Tyrannian Victory Day with a reminder of yet another Tyrannian victory: Tyrannia’s win in Altador Cup VIII! 30,000 NP is a steal for a vintage jersey, which looks great on its own or paired with a foam finger from the Altador Cup NC VIP Pass event. Any Tyrannia Team gear is appropriate for this day but these two items really drive home the point that Tyrannia is number one!

6. Tyrannian Fake Fur Toga OR Autumn Leaf Tutu

Go bold and make a statement this Tyrannian Victory Day by investing in one of these great items. Every Tyrannian partygoer knows that a wrap is a must and you shouldn’t be the exception! The Tyrannian Fake Fur Toga screams fun and the vibrant colors will make sure you stand out from the crowd. If you want to go rustic, opt for the Autumn Leaf Tutu instead. Unfortunately for some, these are both NC items.

7. Tyrannian Fire Pit OR Chest of Food

Cake? Cake?? Tyrannians aren’t big on cake. That is unless it’s a meat cake! Pick up some choice Ransaurus or Bargasaurus Steak to roast at your Tyrannian Victory Day party. This particular fire pit model is only 6,000 NP. If you have picky friends then opt for the Chest of Food which offers a variety of good eats at a mere 3,000 NP!

8. Party Decorations!

You have a lot of freedom here because almost anything works! Streamers, garlands, balloons, confetti, you name it. There’s no better way to look festive than bringing out the decorations. I utilized the Streamers Garland for this look, which may be out of budget for some, but don’t fret! At 18,000 NP, the Birthday Streamers are a cheaper option that is just as festive. I also highly recommend the Confetti Shower if NC is an option for you.

9. Even more party decorations!

Perhaps you prefer a more natural look; I’ve got you covered! Coming in at just under 5,000 NP, the Hanging Fronds, native plants to Tyrannia, add a refreshing touch to any Tyrannian Victory Day celebration. On the other hand, the Cave Foreground gives the right amount of privacy for smaller and more refined parties. And at only 1 NP, it’d be a waste not to buy! Don’t be afraid to mix and match foliage with more conventional party decorations, as I have, for a wilder look.

10. Scenic Tyrannian Background OR Cave Chia Cave Collectors Background

There’s no party without a venue! There’s tons of festivities to be had just on the streets of Tyrannia and 5,500 NP is all it will cost for you to stroll around in the Scenic Tyrannian Background and party with the villagers and festivalgoers. If you prefer to have a private party inside, than you want to book the Cave Chia Cave Collectors Background with some NC.

This is a day of celebration and Tyrannian pride so there is not much you can do wrong in terms of customization. That being said, the following is a list of definite DON’Ts to wear, unless of course you wanted to remind others of Tyrannia’s invaders:

Monoceraptor Garland, Towering Over Tyrammet, Panicked Tyrannian Citizen, Tyrannian Volcano Background, Tyrannian Destruction Background

If you’ve followed this guide you’re sure to have all eyes on you this Tyrannian Victory Day. Now that you’ve read up on what to wear and what not to, go forth and enjoy the all the festivities this day has to offer!

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