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How Well Do You Know Tyrannia?

by mazaii_3


So, it’s finally Month of Hunting in Neopia. Do you know what happened during this month in previous years? Tyrannia was finally able to beat the invaders during a tough skirmish and bring peace to their home. That’s definitely a day to be celebrated. However, in this guide I’m not discussing the war event itself, I’m trying to disseminate Tyrannia’s fascinating culture. Let’s get started!


While you and your neopets may be able to communicate freely virtually everywhere in Neopia, in Tyrannia you’ll find out that things work a little differently. There, natives have their own dialect and speak often over guttural sounds and fancy gestures. You might have a hard time trying to understand and being understood in Tyrannia. That being said, I totally support a native translating program for outsiders! It would be extremely useful when visiting Tyrannia.


You might have been on Neopets for a long time. At least that’s what you might think. Maybe a year? What about 5 years? Did you just say 10 years? Congratulations, but that’s absolutely nothing compared to how long Tyrannia has been around. No one know for sure its age, but some claim that Tyrannia is the oldest land of all. Of course, Tyrannia was created along with the Neopets site itself. Taking that in consideration, we can assume that ever since Neopets exists, so does Tyrannia, it’s an intrinsic relation. This smoky place has a lot of history to tell us, right? Unlike the most recent Neopian lands (I’m looking at you Shenkuu), Tyrannia is a good place to acquire knowledge regarding Neopia’s past. You can’t consider yourself a true expert in Neopets if you don’t understand deeply Tyrannia and its influence in Neopian history.


Let’s imagine you’ve never seen, heard or been in Tyrannia. You know absolutely nothing about this land except for its name. Now pretend that a friend of yours told you Tyrannia is geographically close to Terror Mountain. What would you think about Tyrannia’s weather? Well, it must be a cold place just like the chilly Terror Mountain. But we all know the truth is the complete opposite. Tyrannia is a sunny and dry area where few species of neopets are able to survive. With that in mind, what lesson can we all learn from this? Never think things always have a logic behind them, because sometimes they don’t and we love them anyway. Just like Tyrannia.


All places need somebody to stand out and be a leader. In Faerieland we have Fyora, in Meridell we have King Skarl, in Brightvale we have King Hagan, in Tyrannia we have… Wait a second! Who rules Tyrannia? This is not a widely discussed topic, but the wisest Neopian know for sure that Tyrannia ins controlled by a counsel of six elders. Each counselors is responsible for a specific part of administration, but all of them make decisions together in the Town Hall. Grarrg is the Tyrannian Battle Master, Tekel is the Master of Spells and Potions, Plesio

is the Captain accountable for Sea Division, Sabre-X controls the strategic war division and also supervises The Omelette, Myncha was given the mission to deal with reconnaissance and, finally, Kyruggi is considered “The Grand Elder”. He certainly deals with all aspects of the government along with the other elders. Tyrannia is an organized place, don’t you think?


There isn’t a single Neopian with a reasonable excuse for not knowing this huge and enormous thing I’m going to talk about. It doesn’t matter if you joined Neopets site last week or have been around TNT’S virtual heaven for years, I’m 100% sure you know The Giant Omelette. You don’t only “know” it, because you also have seen, touched and even eaten it! Tasty, huh? Lots of different flavors with zero cost! How could we expect more?! Besides of the never-ending egg recipe we call “The Giant Omelette” (actually, it does end sometimes), Tyrannia has its own food shop. If you’re willing to eat something a little more regional and sophisticated as well (at a cost of a few neopoints) that’s the place for you! The food shop has a lot of variety, from raw plants to rocks (that’s right, I said ROCKS!!!) you just have to choose what fits better in your mouth. Literally.


Everybody loves a big fat neopoint bag. Period. That being said, we must understand the way neopoints circulates in Tyrannia. Along the land you’ll be able to find lots of stores. At this moment we have 4: furniture store, weaponry store, food store and the background store (I’m looking at you Ugga Shinies). All these, together with the Wheel of Mediocrity and the Wheel of Monotony make the economy stable, because we have to pay to make these prehistorical wheels work, don’t we? If you think that’s all Tyrannia has to offer, you’re wrong. I saved the best for last. The Concert Hall is another great source of income for the Tyrannian citizens. Pets all around Neopia go there just to have the privilege of watching exclusive concerts from bands of multiple genres. Tyrannia be labeled as primitive place, but its people know for sure how to make NP!


We are all on Neopets to have a good time, enjoy our pets and mainly amuse ourselves. What a better place to do this than Tyrannia? There they have several games you so you can have fun while earning neopoints and maybe also grab an avatar or a trophy! Wow, that’s nice, right? For instance, we got Chia Bomber, Destruct-o-Match (it’s already in its third version), Grarrl Keno, Tyrannu Evavu, Volcano Run and Petpet Rescue. I only listed above the games that offer an avatar, but Tyrannia has many more games. Go check it out in the games room!

Well, I think that’s all. Tyrannia may not lot like this, but it’s definitely a lovely and mysterious place that nobody will ever fully discover. Many wars, plots and Neopian events happened there. Tyrannia has a lesson to teach every Neopian no matter where you are from. Go explore it!

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