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Annoying Kanrik

by theschizophrenicpunk

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Game Avatars for the Non Gamer: Part One!
Do you always admire other people's game avatars? Do you also wonder how they are so good at games? And especially, if you could also get any without too much effort? Here is the secret: some of them are actually quite easy! You just have to know which ones!

Also by salutation

by golvenzee


Zombie Mortog Invasion
First, let me correct what you’re already thinking. No – this is not an apocalypse. To say that we’re experiencing a catastrophic disaster in danger of ending the world is not quite accurate here. We’ve got it under control, as you can see.

by redken9x9


Mad Scientist Is Mad
Why so crazy?

by brenda_bbm


My Pet Rojel's Never Ending Career Advice
She never stops at nothing!

by natlain

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