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Five Most Enjoyable Neopian Memories

by alienspacefairy


Neopets has changed a lot over the years, and along with the site, so have we. When we first joined the site we set goals such as buying an expensive paint brush, achieving a game avatar, training a pet to a certain health, strength, defense, and level. Some of us never believed that we would reach our goals, and when we did it was one of the happiest days of our Neopian life. Recently I strived to achieve two game avatars, and after practice and some serious dedication, in a few days I got them. The feeling I had the moment of receiving my avatars was of elation and feeling on top of Neopia. So I decided to take my sentiments a step forward and see what are some of the highlights and memories other Neopians will always cherish.

In order to gather information on the times that other Neopians treasured, I posted a question on the Help and Fan Club Chat, asking other members of the site [I]what were some of their favorite moments while playing Neopets[/I]. In a matter of minutes my boards were filled up with different varying answers. This article will address the answers to that question and record the moments that were truly the most joyful to all Neopians.

1) Receiving a Fountain Faerie Quest.

Most Neopians dream of the day Naia will pop up on their screen requesting an item.Completing a Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ) or gaining access to the Rainbow Fountain means you can paint your Neopet any colour your heart desires (except for Royal, Robot, Usuki, Ice, and 8-bit) . While a quest may cost anywhere to a few neopoints to millions for most users, it is worth it, since there are many benefits to painting your pet this way. One of the pros of getting a FFQ is that you don’t have to target zap your Neopet, hoping the odds will be in your favor, or spend your precious hard earned neopoints on a Paint Brush. You can just achieve the colour you’ve been longing for, simply by finishing a FFQ. Another benefit is you can get rare colours such as Chocolate, Custard, Alien, Jelly, and Coconut without putting your pet through the identity crisis, the secret laboratory induces. Lastly if you’re an avatar collector you can check one avatar off your list by painting a Buzz.

The ways to achieve a FFQ are completely random which makes getting one all the more exciting. Some Neopians stack up on Faerie Quest Cookies from the NC Mall with the hopes that one of those cookies will grant them a FFQ. Other ways to get a FFQ is through a random event or the Faerie Festival. The Faerie Festival is an event where you get the task of completing a Faerie Quest every day for the amount of time it runs, this increases your chances at a FFQ. Another way is through the Grey Faerie, she will ask for a petpet, and if you get it for her ask another Faerie to bestow her magic on you. Sometimes it’ll be Naia and you’ll have automatic access to the Rainbow Fountain. I have gotten access to the Rainbow Fountain through the Grey Faerie two times. So obviously doing Grey Faerie Quest can be rewarding and worth it if you wind up being fortunate enough to be given access to the Rainbow Fountain.

2) Being gifted by a Neofriend.

Part of the enjoyment of Neopets is engaging in it’s rather large and diverse community. Whether you’ve managed to make Neofriends through the boards or your guild it’s always nice to have someone to talk to with similar interest as you and who wants to support you. One of the popular responses to the question I posed to the boards was when they were gifted an item or pet by a Neofriend. Being sent an item means somebody was thinking about you and can make you feel special, no matter what the item is. Knowing you’re on somebody else’s mind and they made an effort to try to make you happy is very satisfying.

Gifts don’t have to only be sent out on holidays or birthdays, they can be sent whenever the person or you’re feeling generous. I’ve had friends send me [I]Congratulations cards[i} for making it into the Neopian Times and that made me smile. Also when I was feeling down and out items like the [I]You’re the best card[/i} showed me that I was cared for and reminded me I was a worthy person.

Other Neopians have stated they’ve had family members join and send them the Secret Laboratory Map, while this item is one of the rarer ones, it felt nice for them to be gifted by someone they introduced the site too. Another user said when her sister came to her home country she bought NC cards to her. Clearly you can see being gifted an item is a special and joy-filled experience.

3) Plots and Events

One of the most thrilling aspects of Neopets is when they have a plot or event. Events or plots bring the community closer together, as we scramble to complete task, or solve puzzles. The Help board is very helpful during a plot or event by giving users suggestions, tips, and answers to whatever they’re struggling with. Plots and events are special, because they immerse us more into the fabulous world of Neopia.

Events that are held annually include Charity Corner, Advent Calender, Games Masters Challenge, Faerie Festival, Daily Dare, and Altador Cup. With so many events constantly going on there is never a dull moment in Neopia. Neopets encourages us to interact with Team Challenges and the Altador Cup. Showing your passion about an event is a great way to find others who share the same feelings as you.

Plots are also important, because they help the development of the site, and can often lead to revamping the land, they are taking place in. A user reports one of her favorite memories was the start of the Faerie Ruins plot. She says she liked the way it sprung up out of nowhere and was very enticing since she had only taken part in the Return of Dr. Sloth. Others say they enjoy the battling component of the Obelisk Wars, choosing their factions, and the boons that come along with it.

4) Achieving Game Avatars and Trophies

There is nothing quite as rewarding as finally achieving the avatar you spent countless hours on. When you first started playing the game, you may have struggled with getting the avatar right away. Struggling with getting the score for the avatar can be frustrating and may make you want to throw your keyboard. However, there is nothing quite like the feeling of finally getting the random event notification that you are eligible to use the game avatar on the Neoboards. There are many ways to achieve a game avatar, having recently gained two myself, I can say it takes tons of practice and trying out many different strategies.

Trophies whether they are from the Beauty Contest, Book Club, Gourmet Club, games, and the various creative contest can produce an emotion of elation too. They produce this emotion because when you’ve spent hours, days, weeks, or years to complete your goal and you’ve reached it, you know the time was worth it. One user said that she accidentally fed her pet Chocolate Fish, and then she found out it was a gourmet item, and ever since she’s worked her way to getting her gourmet club trophy for her pet.

The idea of pulling off what felt impossible is gives you a little bit of a confidence boost. That confidence boost changes your attitude into thinking [I] I can do this[/i}, as you go after another trophy or game avatar. Afterall it’s all possible in Neopia with just a bit of hard work.

5) Getting into the Neopian Times

Getting the neomail from the Neopets Team that you were accepted is really an important highlight of your Neopian life. The acceptance neomail means your work was good enough, and you will be featured live on the site. I remember getting my first acceptance neomail I felt like jumping for joy, because it had been my childhood dream to be published. On the boards a user stated being in the Neopian Times was also her childhood dream. When she received the acceptance letter it brought on tears of happiness for her.

Writing for the Neopian Times is fun and a good way to contribute to the community. Whether it’s writing an article, short story, series or drawing a comic when you get the neomail of acceptance for the first time it’s amazing. Also another incentive to write for the Neopian Times is it has a really cool avatar for every 50th submission and getting in ten submissions.

Now there are many myths that being accepted into the Neopian Times is almost impossible. This myth is far from being true. If you have an original idea, good spelling, grammar, and follow the guidelines making it into the Neopian Times is achievable.

There you have it all the moments that have bought joy into Neopians lives. Writing this article reminded me how awesome each and every person of this community is and spread more happiness into my life. Neopets is filled with great memories and there are so many more to discover along our journey.

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