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(Dungeon) Dash Your Way to a New Trophy!

by misiaxcore


In honour of Daily Dare’s return this year, let’s take a stroll down memory lane to a previous Daily Dare that brought us the game Dungeon Dash! At first, this game seems daunting, but hopefully with my guide you’ll get a new shiny gold trophy for your lookup!

So let’s begin. First, you’ll need to select AAA if you want to earn the full 5,000 points and that gold trophy (Abigail will only snag you a silver at best). Although I did most of my practice with Abi because she runs much faster than AAA - fear not! Scram (the Wocky that’s chasing you) shouldn’t be a problem for AAA if you follow this guide ;)


The controls are simple enough; it just takes time to practice using your fingers as efficiently as possible. After some experimenting, I found that the best strategy was to “go left handed” (even though I’m right-handed!). This means that my left hand controls the majority of the buttons. Another strategy I incorporated was to find ways to use the least amount of tools per level as possible.


I use my left hand’s ring finger (L4) to control the shovel (‘X’), my middle finger (L3) to control the bubble (‘C’), my index finger (L2) to control the spring (‘V’) and my thumb (L1) to control the spacebar for jumping – this button in essential in all levels and should become second nature rather than you having to specifically focus on it. I didn’t have as good results when using my right hand to spacebar jump (even though it’s the thumb I normally use for the button!)

My right hand index finger (R2) controls the helmet (‘B’) and my middle finger (R3) controls the shield (‘N’). Really you can use whatever fingering you find most comfortable, but this strategy worked best for me, especially starting in level 3 to the end of the game.

One key thing to remember is that if you use any of your tools, they will still be active if you do a spacebar jump, but activating a new tool (such as a spring jump) will deactivate another one (such as wearing the helmet). Keep this in mind for later levels!

Level 1

Fingers to focus on: L4

Level 1 is based on Snowmuncher, and is the easiest level to complete. All you need to do is spacebar jump and use the shovel (L4). The best way to get through this level quickly is to jump up on the ice blocks rather than digging through the entire level. Also you’ll want to press the shovel button just a little before reaching an ice block that is blocking your path – and you can press it in relatively quick succession if there’s more than one ice block in the way.

Level 2

Fingers to focus on: L3, L2

Another easy level but based on Turmac Roll. You won’t need the shovel here so just focus on jumping and using your L3 finger for the bubble and occasionally your L2 for the spring. AAA can’t run up hills very quickly, so you’ll have to spacebar jump over them. To save time getting over stumps, just use the spring when right beside the stump, and of course use the bubble when going over patches of mud.

Level 3

Fingers to focus on: L2, R2

Other fingers: L4 only to get helmet when necessary.

Now here’s where the game gets tricky! Based on Destruct-O-Match, you’ll have to navigate through bricks, and at some point they will start falling from the sky (but not until you have a helmet to protect your noggin). Though your shovel can break bricks that are in your way, it’s much faster to just focus on jumping over them! The only time you should use the shovel is if your helmet is placed directly on the other side of a 3 block tower you would otherwise use the spring to jump over. Jumping over it will cause you to miss the helmet! Instead, press L4 three times to break up the three blocks with your shovel so you can get the helmet and not have to restart the game.

Once you get the helmet, blocks will start falling on your head. Keep constantly pressing R2 to use the helmet and focus on using L2 to jump over 3 block towers and L1 to jump over the rest. That’s it – don’t focus on any other keys at this point.

With some practice using this strategy, you’ll get through without losing any lives.

Level 4

Fingers to focus on: L2, R2

Other fingers: L3, R3

Based on Ice Cream Machine, this is another tricky level and took me a while to master. Continue to use the constant helmet strategy as you’re more likely to get hit by an ice cream while you’re doing a spacebar jump.

Remember the tip above about only being able to use one tool at a time? When you come across a larger stack of blocks that you need the spring to jump over, make sure no ice creams are directly above you because you won’t be able to use your helmet and will lose a life! Better to sit and wait for them to pass. Scram should be a decent ways behind you by now anyways. If the ice creams just coming up on the screen, go ahead and jump, but as soon as you’re in the air, press R2 to activate the helmet!

The helmet protects the upper half of AAA while your newly acquired shield protects the lower half (which usually you can simply jump over those flying cones). You can also easily jump over the exposed ice cream on the ground, but if you feel you got the hang of the controls, go ahead and roll over them with your L3 to use the bubble.

With some practice and luck, you should pass this level with all lives intact!

Level 5

Fingers to focus on: ALL OF THEM, but better to ignore L2 (spring jump).

The final and most complex level based on Stowaway Sting. You’re finger skills will really be put to the test! But keep calm, take your time, and you’ll finish the game and get that gold trophy!

This level has hazards on the ground, creates to jump over, and two pirates that will knock off a life.

Using L4 for the shovel, break creates that have hazards on top of them. This is much easier and reliable than using your bubble. Because you’ll be using the shovel, it’ll be easier to focus on breaking taller towers of creates rather than jumping over them with the spring as well. If the hazard is on the ground, use your bubble then – but be careful because it will knock you up and pop the bubble! Also sometimes they’re hard to see. The hazards are what always got me, so if they’re on a create, not only do you get a chance to break them for easier passage, but you can see slightly ahead to prepare for obstacles to come.

The pirates aren’t too bad to get by. You only need to focus on your right hand to get passed them! R2 (the helmet) will get you through the Kougra and R3 (the shield) will get you past the Skeith. One way I remember which is which is that ‘shield’ and ‘Skeith’ both start with ‘S’. The colours of the helmet and shield also correspond with the pirates, but I find that takes too much time for me to think (every second counts)! Constantly pressing L2 in level 3 and 4 should get you used to automatically activating the helmet, so if you see the Skeith, you know it’s time to press R3 instead!

Again I cannot stress this enough: do not panic in level 5. It’s really not as hard as it first seems. You’ve had the practice of the previous levels to get used to the controls and I’ve outlined the method that will have you using your fingers for each obstacle without thinking too much about it. Just STAY CALM and you’ll have that trophy in no time!

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