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15 Cutest Petpets For Less Than 5000 NP

by darkobsession


Who doesn’t love petpets? Those little critters will keep your Neopet active, alert, and responsible. They come in all species and colors, and lots of people think that the most beautiful ones are the most expensive. That’s not entirely true, for some of the cutest and most adorable petpets can be also the cheapest, sometimes due to their low rarity index, but mainly cause of deflation caused by certain events and dailies giving them out en masse (Fruit Machine, Mysterious Negg, etc.) much to the dismay of restockers and rare item collectors, and the joy of most other Neopians.

I compiled a list of the cutest, yet very cheap petpets that cost less than 5000 NP on the Shop Wizard - In alphabetical order:

1. Abominable Snowball (R45) - Average Price: 100 NP

Contrary to its name, this petpet is very cute, and very popular. It’s basically a small snowman, complete with a scarf, hat and sticks for arms. The only problem is it’s hard to move around, and must be kept out of the sun.

*Matches: All Snow Neopets.

2. Alabriss (R72) - Average Price: 3400 NP

The Alabriss was first discovered in Altador, the land known for its marvelous flora and fauna. It is related to the Uni, with big beautiful wings, sans the horn. It has quite a temper though and will fiercely defend its owner.

*Matches: Uni , Ixi, Kau.

3. Altachuck (R65) - Average Price: 10 NP

The Altachuck is one of the cutest petpets out there. It also comes from Altador. If you’re still a newbie, this little chuck is a perfect mate for your new Neopet as it costs about 10 NP only. It loves to just sit for hours, cross-eyed, staring at nothing. However, if you want to spare the change for a piece of omelette and you’ve finished the Altador Plot, head over to King Altador’s council chamber. He’s giving them out by the bulk.

*Matches: Yurble, Cybuuny , Xweetok, and baby Neopets.

4. Baby Space Fungus (R101) - Average Price: 200 NP

Giant Space Fungus is ewww, I know, but not the baby ones. Those are pretty cute, with their pink color, three eyes, rock-like shape and little claws. The Neocola Machine on Kreludor gives them out in abundance, so just pop in a couple tokens and you’ll probably get one (they’re small enough to be stacked there.) It is said they’ll grow big eventually, but apparently their growth rate is very slow under the Neopian atmosphere, and we hope it stays this way.

*Matches: Jubjub, Ruki, Alien Aisha.

5. Carmariller (R89) - Average Price: 200 NP

This petpet comes from Faerieland, and it’s really pretty. It looks like a little long-eared, brown and gold rodent with matching butterfly wings. It can also sing when happy. It used to be un-buyable until the Fruit Machine started giving it as a prize.

*Matches: Kacheek, Korbat, and Faerie Neopets.

6. Feepit (R89) - Average Price: 1000 NP

This Wintery petpet is named after the sound it makes. It’s just really cute with its beady eyes, tufts of hair, white spots and bushy tail. They’re the natural enemies of Meepits as they always manage to thwart their world-control plans.

*Matches: Gnorbu, Poogle, Wocky.

7. Gruslen (R72) - Average Price: 800 NP

This little guy is related to the Tyrannian Kougra. It has a very beautiful orange fur with black stripes, and cute ears and nose. Luckily he’s mostly cheerful and outgoing, but the fangs can bite when angry.

*Matches: Kougra, Grarrl, Moehog, Lupe.

8. Hasee (R99) - Average Price: 2200 NP

Although it’s R99 and used to be sold for several million NPs, the Hasee price deflated rapidly since it became a prize at the Mysterious Negg daily. It was good news for most Neopians, since the Hasee is one of the most popular and sought-after petpets with its unusual cubic shape, short hands, bouncy legs, and that everlasting smile. Be ready to visit Mystery Island and Brightvale a lot though, as they love to eat fresh, exotic (Doughnut)fruit.

*Matches: Chia, Bruce, Jubjub, Blumaroo.

9. Mazzew (R98) - Average Price: 600 NP

Another rare popular petpet that became readily available. It was an original prize from Tyrannia’s Wheel of Monotony, until other dailies came along. The big eyes and ears are adorable when compared to the little body, and the spiky tail is a nice final touch. If you have a Mazzew attached for enough time, you get an avatar as a reward.

*Matches: Zafara, Scorchio, Chomby.

10. Niptor (R90) - Average Price: 1000 NP

While some people can be intimidated by the teeth and claws on this Grarrl's little cousin, I, among others, find the Niptor absolutely adorable. Get it a few squeeze toys to nip at and you’re safe. You also get a free bodyguard with them around. Niptors too used to be un-buyable and give out their own avatar.

*Matches: Grarrl, Skeith, Tyrannian and Island Neopets.

11. Polarchuck (R70) - Average Price: 2500 NP

Another fan favourite, the Polarchuck hails from Happy Valley and will eat its way into even the coldest of hearts - literally. Known for its immense appetite for ice, it’s got the buckteeth to show for it. Not to mention the stubby legs for sliding through the ice caves.

*Matches: Usul, Bruce, Tuskaninny.

12. Raindorf (R89) - Average Price: 250 NP

At this price, the Raindorf is definitely a perfect choice for Newbies. It is basically a tiny reindeer that will keep your Neopet active and entertained all day. They have a small bell attached to their neck, which makes them hard to lose, but really lousy at playing hide and seek. They have their own avatar as well.

*Matches: Ixi, Bori, Kau.

13. Slorg (R45) - Average Price: 3750 NP

*Squeals* who doesn’t love a Slorg? Slimy, slow, bug-eyed, and always smiling: simply precious! They’re so popular that they star in not one, but two Flash games. They also have their own avatar, and for all these reasons, they’re slightly expensive for their rarity, but still very affordable.The Slorg is known to eat a lot especially if you have a vegetable garden, but with a little training, these little green fellows can be perfect sidekicks to your Neopet, despite not having any limbs. Also, if you ever happen to lose it, just follow the massive slime trail.

*Matches: Quiggle, Krawk, Techo, Baby Buzz.

14. Sparky (R101) - Average Price: 100 NP

One normal day, a couple years ago, every Neopian who visited Coltzan’s Shrine received this message: Coltzan's beloved pet, Sparky, has ascended. In honour of Sparky, Coltzan has presented you with a winged likeness of his beloved Petpet.

Sparky is was a Spardel. We all know how sweet these are with their weird eyes and hanging tongues, but the Sparky is even more special. It’s a pup that lived a long, happy life and is now keeping company with millions of Neopets. Oh, and it can fly.

*Matches: Gelert, Eyrie, Draik, Poogle, and Faerie Neopets.

15. Tiny Giant Squid (R101) - Average Price: 500 NP

It was a sad day when Professor Milton Clodbottle announced that the Habitarium is closing down. Yet he didn’t leave us empty-handed. The farewell present was a goodies chest with several prizes inside, including Neopia’s first and, so far, only animated petpet. This squishy-splashy, ironically named miniature creature used to be a toy for petpetpets, so imagine how lovable it can be. It’s perfect for summer and the beach, and is very easy to maintain as it doesn’t like to explore and tends to stay in one place most of the time.

*Matches: Aquatic & Maraquan Neopets.

Thus ends this list, which is surely expandable, as there are lots of petpets worthy of honorary mentions, like the Sandan, Kazeriu, Mallard, Leeble, Jinjah, Eizzil and many others, but I tried to focus a bit more on petpets that are attainable through giveaways and dailies.

***Note that the average prices were provided by searching the Shop Wizard at the time of writing of this article, but generally they’re not supposed to fluctuate much.

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