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A Trophy Guide to Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

by stake_6


Once upon a time a Kacheek named Albert ventured into the Haunted Woods to plant Neopia's most beautiful garden, but he was trapped by the Esophagor and turned into a Mutant! After that he was forced to collect food for his new master. That is where the story begins.

Hi, I'm Carlotta and I'm going to explain everything you need to know about Mutant Graveyard of Doom II. So let's start with the basics then go for the fun.

With this guide you should be able to get a 6000+ score. Playing this game requires a lot of patience so be sure not to get distracted by the flying buzz in the room. To reach a higher score you're also going to spend more than 40 minutes (possibly over an hour) playing, so be sure to start when you know you have that much time.

How to play

The game is really simple: guide Albert, using the arrow keys, through the maze. Keep an eye out for the enemies and crush them by pressing the space bar near certain tombstones or certain broken stalagmites. Collect everything, but leave one food for last in each level to check and be sure you have collected all the power-ups. You will not get bonus points for completing the game in less time so take all the time you need.

Note: you need to click the game with your mouse when you start, otherwise your keyboard will not work.


On each level you can find 4 types of monsters. I'm going to teach you how to avoid them, how to defeat them and how to predict their movements. Remember that on later levels the enemies will become more intelligent, so they'll "know" where Albert is, and if you don't move, you'll be surrounded by them. I also suggest counting the monsters you crush. If you miss one, you'll lose out on 50 points.

In order of level of difficulty:

- Sentient Tombstones: I find them quite easy to defeat; as long as you know that they can turn into stationary tombstones, you should do fine. On later levels they'll still follow the same path, even if they are supposed to be more intelligent. The other monsters will too, but the tombstones will not turn on the next corner just because they "know" you are there.

- Chumablahs and Jowlards: In earlier levels they are quite easy to crush. Later, be aware that they will run through the same path different times if they "know" you are near them. Therefore, be sure to move faster and keep an eye out if you see them in the screen.

- Ghostkerchiefs: Spooky, devilish, and tricky. They can float through the surrounding area and are more intelligent than the others. Try to eliminate them right away if you have the chance. In the earlier levels, wait behind tombstones to crush them if they are nearby, and don't leave until you defeat them.


Power-ups are items you need to collect to get a higher score. Dim your light with the negg and brighten it back up with the lantern. Similarly, pick up the gummy rat to slow Albert, followed by the popcorn to bring Albert back up to his original speed.

- Pink Apple Lantern: It increases your light by one.

- Mummified Negg: It decreases your light by one.

- Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry): It decreases your speed by one.

- Pink Spooky Popcorn: It increases your speed by one.


Getting all the items and crushing all the enemies is highly important. If you leave a power-up once in a while it's totally fine and you don't need to restart completely (each one is only worth 10 points after all), but don't leave many of them behind or it will be more difficult to get the avatar and a spot on the high score list.

Once you completely clear level 5, you will have the avatar score. If you want to reach the top score, however, I recommend that you finish level 12. This will assure you the gold trophy.

How to do: Levels

Level 1 - Be quick at the beginning and hide behind the clear tombstone so you'll be able to crush the first monster, a Chumablah. I recommend you to check for one of the Ghostkerchiefs flying around, because there is always one near the center of the maze at the beginning of this level. After crushing the enemies proceed as you like. Collect the Lantern near the top right, after the beginning, since the light is not full and there are 3 Lanterns and only 1 Negg in this level.

Max: 540 points

Level 2 - Crush the Ghostkerchiefs as soon as you see them flying your way. The other monsters usually remain in the same area and it's not difficult to crush them.

Max: 1040 points

Level 3 - This level is very easy but it takes a lot of time to finish since there aren't many tombstones to use. Wait behind a tombstone until an enemy comes and crush it. Afterwards, proceed doing the same for all the other enemies. Finish the level by collecting the power-ups and items on the left and right side of the maze.

Max: 1460 points

Level 4 - Very similar to level 3. The difference is that you need to pay more attention while traversing the center part of the maze, where you may encounter more than one monster at a time. Finish the level by collecting the items on the left and right sides.

Max: 1950 points

Level 5 - Here it is: the first level in which the enemies start becoming more intelligent, not staying within their usual areas. This level can be tedious but with the proper knowledge, you'll be able to survive. In the beginning, if you're lucky, it will be safe to go down and crush the first monster. The rest is up to you. If you followed my guide, you can send your score here for the avatar.

Max: 2420 points

Level 6 - Finally a new maze. Well don't get too excited, because now it's a real challenge. The enemies are all intelligent and they all "know" where you are. Don't linger too long in a certain area, keep moving and crush a monster whenever possible. Remember that there is no time limit, so take everything you need and don't wait around for your enemies to come to you.

Note: On level 8 there is only 1 Lantern. Don't collect all the Neggs here, because it's easy to lose a grade on your light (or a life). Collect Neggs at your own risk.

Max: 2990 points

Level 7 - This is the easiest level you can find at this point of the game. The maze is divided in squares, at the center of which are clear tombstones. My advice is that if you see a monster coming at you from your left/right, hide on the opposite side of the tombstone; if the enemy goes up you can go down and crush it and vice versa.

Max: 3520 points

Level 8 - This level is tricky. From the start I usually go to the right where there are many tombstones I can use. Since the monsters are more intelligent they can show up simultaneously, so pay attention and crush one as soon as you see it. Don't run into the Neggs, but collect them later if possible.

Max: 4100 points

Level 9 - Another long level to finish. Not many tombstones to use and many enemies to crush. It's not a real problem if you get a power-up while running from the enemies. As long as you count them, you are safe to finish the level with all the time you need.

Max: 4670 points

Level 10 - The last graveyard level. Rules from the previous level still apply; keep an eye for the monsters and an eye for the power-ups.

Max: 5290 points

Levels 11 to 15 - This new maze is harder to navigate. A combination of many Ghostkerchiefs, other enemies and dead ends will make you lose some of your light and probably one/two lives. Keep moving, don't collect the power-ups at first, and if you are really doing poorly, consider finishing the level rather than suffering the consequence of losing another life. To crush the enemies you need to use the broken stalagmites. That is the only way to survive.

Max: from 5750 to 7790 points

Level 16 - In this level you only need to defeat a boss; crush him with the tombstones you'll find.

Max: 7950 points


Sometimes TNT will decide your score needs to be reviewed. Don't panic! This is how many games work, and within a few days, you should receive a neomail stating that your score has been accepted.

If you have any other questions please contact me and I'll be gladly reply.

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