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From the Top: An Interview with Love2045, Owner of a Top Faerieland Agency Employee

by malphd


Welcome to From the Top, a series of interviews with top players from across Neopia. We all know the competitive nature of games but there are many other “unofficial” top player lists. With this series, I will be interviewing players ranked at the top of these activities and we will hear what they have to share. Today we travel to the Faerie City…

Are you looking for a great activity for your pet? Would you like to spend some time together? Doing jobs at the Faerieland Employment Agency is just the thing! I’m sure that you’ve all heard about the Faerieland Employment Agency, it’s conveniently located in Faerie City and offers different levels of jobs to meet the qualifications of all pets. As they say in their welcome, “It’s a great way to earn Neopoints, and it also keeps your pet busy.”

Today I’m speaking with love2045, proud owner of red_hot2004. Red_hot2044 is a baby shoyru who has completed over twenty-five thousand (!) jobs and is currently the #2 ranked employee at the agency. While there are already guides out there for beginners, love2045 is here with her pet to share some insights and experiences from many years of being a dedicated and highly successful employee.

Welcome, love2045. We’re happy you were able to join us.

Thanks, I’m happy to be here today, along with my pet, red_hot2004.

To start off, how long has your pet been doing jobs at the Faerieland Employment Agency?

About 15 Years – Ouch! That's a long time.

What do you enjoy most about doing jobs?

Earning NP and advancing up the ranks. Working together with my pet, has been a rewarding experience as well.

You have completed over 25,000 jobs! Congratulations! What keeps you going?

I enjoy the work! But now, I have the desire to get to first place - I'm so close. Being number one in the world at something, even if it is just a game, would be a great accomplishment for me and red_hot2004.

How has the Employment Agency changed over the years?

In the old days, there wasn’t a limit to the number of jobs you could do in a single day. Now, owners are limited to a maximum of five jobs of any kind, per day, regardless of their number of pets. Also in the past, the jobs would refresh EVERY 10 minutes, like clockwork. It was nice to be able to anticipate when new jobs would be posted. Now it seems that they post completely randomly, similar to the shop restocks – random.

I see there are both Basic Jobs and Super Jobs at the Agency. Can you tell us about the differences?

Sure! Super jobs pay more but require a coupon. Coupons are expensive but can be won from one of the various wheels in Neopia or purchased from the trading post or shop wiz. I've never done a Super job and any coupons I received over the years, I just resold. Basic jobs are open to everyone. Just find a job that you like, apply, and complete it in the allotted time.

How do you choose the jobs for which you apply?

I look for decent a neopoint payout and for jobs requiring common items. Some days, finding four hot dogs will pay 4,000 neopoints and some days it will pay 8,000 neopoints, so always look to see. Generally I look for jobs with higher payouts; I only do lower paying jobs if I'm just trying to complete that final fifth job of the day and have it over and done with.

Is there a pattern to when jobs are posted?

There used to be - but not now as far as I can tell. As I said, I think it is random.

What strategy do you use to do jobs? Do you have the items already available in your inventory or SDB? Or do you use the shop wiz? Is it best to apply for the job first or obtain the items first?

I stock up the common items on half-price day (the 3rd of every month) from various shops and stash them in the inventory and/or the SDB. The same items are always on the job boards - just not every day, so I try to keep track of the more common items. Sometimes I will use the shop wiz to get an item that I know has a big payout or if I'm short an item or two for a job and the shop is currently empty. My favorite shops for this are Jelly (does it really exists?), Hotdogs, Snow Food and the Slushie shop (which are also what I collect). I will usually not do jobs that have less than 5 minutes on the timer, unless I already have the items in my inventory.

Could you talk a bit more about the profit of employment?

As with most things on the site, it takes neopoints to make neopoints. I'll spend 50-100,000 neopoints on half-price day (the 3rd of the month) to stock up items for the month (unless real life gets in the way). It is neopoints well spent as I am guaranteed to double my neopoints at the very least doing the jobs. Also, the faster you are able to complete a job, the higher the payout bonus.

The Agency maintains a ranking of their best employees. Are there special prizes for doing jobs?

Not as far as I know - maybe I'll get something when I reach #1. It certainly would be nice if TNT awarded trophies for jobs just like they do for other games/activities.

Is there any memorable job that you have had? What was special about it?

No - they all blend together after a while. I do hate to get a failed job, which can when I’ve already taken a job and the site goes down.

Any unusual jobs that you've seen? or something surprising that you'd like to share?

Nothing comes to mind – the biggest payout for basic jobs is in the 10,000 point range (12,000 points with the bonus) so you won't get rarer items requested as jobs. On occasion, I have noticed that jobs will flood with one item that is all but impossible to make a profit on – the Baby Doll and the Bear come to mind. You should definitely avoid those jobs.

Is there anything you would change about the Employment Agency?

I would like to see the postings go back to regularly timed refreshes for the job board. It would also be nice to have a bit more variety of items in there as well. Maybe a few higher priced items would also be nice, provided the rewards are higher as well.

Any last words of advice for enthusiastic job seekers?

Watch what items come up ALL THE TIME and stock up on them. Shop on the 3rd of the month if you can. Have fun – it is just a game.

Thank you, love2045, for spending time with us today and taking the time to answer these questions. Employment for your pet can be a rewarding and profitable adventure, and I would encourage all Neopians to give it a try!

So take an adventure to Faerie City and stop by the Faerieland Employment Agency. You will find many jobs accessible to all levels of pet. For beginners, I would recommend the Basic Jobs with the longer time limits. Once you get the hang of it you might consider trying some of the Super Jobs. Many Neopians have found this activity to be fun and profitable! And what a great way to spend time with your pet.

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