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Magma Blaster Game Guide

by sanford3581


The citizens of Tyrannia live a good life at times. They attend concerts, they can visit the war memorial or perhaps town hall. When hungry there is always a giant omelette to eat. At other times they may choose to battle in the Tyrannian Arena. They are still celebrating their victory over the evil MONOCERAPTOR many years ago as well. They enjoy a large number of petpets and awesome weaponry is also available to the citizens of Tyrannia. If you get a chance to visit be sure to take in the wonderful cave paintings that are on display for all to see. You may even choose to spin the Wheel of Mediocrity and try to win some wonderful prizes for yourself. Beware though, not every spot brings a positive outcome.

Things are not always wonderful in Tyrannia. Recently their volcano has been erupting and throwing large numbers of boulders into the air and threatening the citizens of Tyrannia. What they need are some heroes to step up and defend them. Are you such a hero? The greatest of Tyrannia's heroes will receive trophies to display to remind themselves of how they saved the wonderful citizens of Tyrannia. Do you want to be one of those heroes?

To be one of those heroes you need to master the game of Magma Blaster and use those skills to protect Tyrannia.

Have you ever wondered how to get the gold medal trophy for Magma Blaster? Perhaps you could use some tips from someone who has held that spot at least 100 times in the past?

Game Play

The game has 5 levels and you get 4 points for a clean shot and 2 for a shot on the edge.

Level 1 needs 40 points for a bonus round.

Level 2 needs 60 points for a bonus round.

Level 3 needs 80 points for a bonus round.

Level 4 needs 100 points for a bonus round.

Level 5 needs 120 points for a bonus round.

While playing be aware of when the round is about to end.

Round 1 starts with 2 rock types and each round adds one more rock type up to a total of 6. You have to switch to the rock type before blasting it and do so by using the number keys above the keyboard that corresponds to each type. It uses keys 1 - 6 and the pictures each corresponds to can be found in any guide with pictures.

You are a heroic AISHA who must protect the citizens of Tyrannia. You are using your ship and its weapons to blast the rocks before they fall on the citizens of Tyrannia. You must do your best to save them.

Bonus rounds

Bonus round scores can be as low as 44 or as high as 120. Good bonus rounds are critical to getting a top score. For a top score you should be averaging over 60 in each bonus round. If you fall behind that early just restart as you will not get a top score with less.


This is the fun part that none of the other guides tell you. Just how do you get a very high score at this game? The obvious thing to do is not always the best.

1) First of all, during regular rounds, NEVER take a shot that will not get you the 4 points needed for a clean shot. Bonus rounds are critical and a 2 point shot may prevent you from reaching the bonus round. If you have even one 2 point shot the round may end before you make it to the bonus round. Getting to EVERY bonus round is essential to a top score.

2) Do not be afraid to let shots drop during regular rounds. Shots that do not land on a citizen do not count against you in the score or prevent you from reaching the bonus rounds. The critical thing is to make clean shots when you do shoot. Just make sure to protect the final citizen as you need one left alive.

3) Keep track of your score and when the round is one shot away from ending. DO NOT take the final shot at the end of the round until at least 3 rocks are in the air. That way instead of the game ending at the 40 points needed for bonus round, in level one, it may not end until 48 or possibly 52 in some cases. It is similar for latter rounds. Do the same in all 5 rounds at the end of the round. Do this EVERY round and you can add 40 points or more to your score just by doing it this way.

4) During bonus rounds you do not have to be quite as careful about never making a 2 point shot although you do want all clean shots. Do NOT let shots drop during bonus rounds if you can help it as there are a finite number and you will not be able to make them up as you can in regular rounds. You will need to quickly change to the rock type before blasting it. As a general rule, always take the one first that will land first. When possible though, if there is time you may choose to quickly take a few in a row of the same rock so that changes are not needed as often and you can get more in a limited time. If you must let one drop, make sure it is not on the last citizen. It is critical to protect your final one. Losing the others will not hurt your score but losing the final one will end the game so protect him. Given the choice let one drop somewhere else and protect the citizen. On occasion there can be 10 in the air at once so you could be forced to let some drop but make sure they are away from the citizen. There is also a limited time to the bonus round, so at the end of the round make sure to quickly shoot everything in the air before time runs out.

5) Think about mimimizing lag. Set the game to low quality but make the screen big enough be able to make more accurate shots without missing. Turn off any sound as this will tend to lag the game and make shooting slower and harder. Anything that slows your computer's response is bad, so do not run other things in the background.

6) Remember, luck is involved with the number of bonus tiles you get. If you do not average at least 60 points per bonus round you will not get a top scoring game so start over if you get too few.

If you master all of these techniques, you can learn to protect the citizens of Tyrannia and will be known as a hero for saving them from harm from this dangerous volcano.

Any score over 750 is doing pretty well. Scores above 800 can be achieved semi often. If you get super lucky on bonus rounds and are also able to shoot them all it is possible to get over 900. In fact 940 is the highest I have had but it is extremely rare for that many bonus round points to occur. I have never seen anyone else do it but in theory it is possible to push even a bit beyond that. Good luck Neopians. With practice you can become master at protecting the citizens of Tyrannia.


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