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Game Avatars for the Non Gamer: Part One!

by golvenzee


Do you always admire other people's game avatars? Do you also wonder how they are so good at games? And especially, if you could also get any without too much effort? Here is the secret: some of them are actually quite easy! You just have to know which ones! We got you, here is a list of 8 game avatars for the non-gamer!

Cliffhanger – Game Over

Let us start with the one game you don't even need to win in order to receive an avatar. Yes you heard it right! The requirement to get the Cliffhanger – Game Over avatar is that you have to lose a game! Head to Terror Mountain, climb that cliff and fall off. You'll be rewarded with a very nice avatar that… No it won't show off your gaming skills. If you'd like one that does, you should try the next game on our list.

Gormball – Gargarox

Next up is Gormball. All you have to do is throw the gormball, which is actually a balloon filled with water, to the other opponents. And hope that you're not the one holding it when it explodes! It will explode after a random amount of time, usually only a couple seconds. The one holding it when it does loses. The last person standing will win both the game and a shiny new avatar! To decrease the chances of it exploding on you, try to hold it for the least amount of time possible. Just in case, bring a pair of extra, dry clothes with you!

Magax: Destroyer

We started with non-flash games, but don't keep putting off those flash game avatars! They're not as hard as they may seem, they take a little bit of perseverance, but no longer than a couple hours! One of the easiest of the bunch is MAGAX: Destroyer II, a game for which you need to score at least 3,500 points. You play as Magax, controlling him with the arrow keys and shooting enemies with space bar. The key to this game is patience!! You only have one life, so watch your health meter, which fills up at the end of every level. This game is fairly time consuming, but it is easy to get the avatar after only one or two tries and you'll get the hang of it!!


Even if you don't enjoy flash games, Spacerocked is a good game avatar to start with! 13,500 points sounds like a lot, but it's not as bad as you may think! To aim the slingshot, move the up and down arrow keys, and press space bar to launch. The colour of the slingshot correlates with the power of the launch, when it turns green it will go the farthest. The rock you sling and the slingshot get bigger as the levels progress. For the first two tries, it helps to aim lower to the ground to possibly hit a patch of dirt, which will gain you 1000 points! This game relies a lot on luck, as the obstacles you encounter are random every time. This is easier for the non-gamer, as little skill is required! Hitting different obstacles scores you different points. Remember, as you're aiming for an avatar score, use up all three tries to maximise points!

Tyranu Evavu

For our next game we head all the way from Kreludor to Tyrannia. The locals there have created a fun game called Tyranu Evavu, where they will show you a card. You have to tell whether the next card will be higher or lower. Time for a quick lesson on the Tyrannian language, you only need to understand two words to be able to play. Tyranu means higher and the word for lower is Evavu. This game does need some luck, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. The lowest card is two and the highest one is the ace. If they show you a card that is higher than eight, you have the best chance to be correct if you guess the next one will be lower. Anything lower than eight is the most probable to be higher. With eight you'll just have to take a guess.


Next on the list is everyone's favourite game of luck: Dice-A-Roo! Your goal here is to advance from the red die, to the blue, to the yellow, to the green and hopefully progress to the silver! This game will give you prizes from food to Neopoints. To get the avatar, you have to win the jackpot. Sometimes this takes a long time, so be prepared to roll many times! Don't worry though, the game isn't as tedious as it may seem, and your Neopet will get bored at some point! The passing Blumaroos are always entertaining! It is advised never to collect the Neopoint pot, as the potential winnings from the jackpot, and the avatar are always worth more.

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

Another fairly straightforward game avatar if you can handle the spookiness is Mutant Graveyard of Doom II, where you will need to score at least 2,500 points to obtain this nice looking avatar! This game is easy to navigate, as you will use the arrow keys to direct Albert, your character, and the space bar to kick down the tombstones. Try to avoid the bad guys, bumping in to them three times will put your candle out, losing you a life. It shouldn't be too difficult to spot them though! The object of this game is to collect all of the spooky food at the top of the screen, each one giving you 10 points. Power ups will also give you 10 points, but watch out because not all power ups are good! Note: If you kick a tombstone on top of a bad guy, you'll earn 50 extra points, which is sometimes worth the extra time!

Mortog Smooch

The last easy game takes us from Haunted Woods to the happier and greener land of Meridell. This one could either go really well or end really badly. But at least it doesn't require any gaming skills! All you need is some good judgement to be able to distinguish a prince or princess that look like a Mortog from a real Mortog. Yes you guessed it right, I'm talking about Kiss The Mortog! Simply select the Mortog that you think is actual royalty, press your lips against its slimy head and watch the magic happen. Congratulations, you just kissed yourself a real prince or princess! Unless you picked a non-magical one, then the poor petpet will explode.

    So, there you have it… That concludes our list of games for the non-gamer! If you've always avoided game avatars, you don't need to any more. A little bit of luck and perseverance goes a long way, and the above avatars are perfect ways to begin on your quest for elusive game avatars! Thanks for reading!!

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