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Galaxy Hair

by ketchup547

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How To Be Miserable
The saddest day of the year is upon us, are you going to embrace the holiday or avoid it? The one day of the year where it is acceptable to walk around with a sad look on your face. The one day of the year where all Grey coloured pets feel like they are appreciated for once. You guessed it, today we are celebrating Grey Day!

by salutation


How to be a Grey-t Friend!
In honor of Grey Day, here’s a few special things you could do for the grey pet in your life to show them just how much you appreciate them!

by schadenfreudee


Random Oddness
It's not wise to get on Tangeriiine's bad side.

by mistyqee


Favorite Pastime
I'm not sure that's how it works

Also by likelife96

by twillieblossom

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