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Celebrating the Cheerful Chomby

by tgrcheergrl


During Year 3, on March 22nd, one of my favorite pets came to Neopia - a very special little dinosaur called the Chomby! Hailing from the far land of Tyrannia, and being incredibly rare to create, have led the Chomby to only be Neopia’s 49th most popular pet. Nevertheless, these gentle herbivores have stomped their footprints in Neopian History ever since their creation. Well, tiny footprints, because at around 80 cm tall, they’re only slightly larger than the average Neopet. With those adorable smiles, big doe-eyes, and miniature stature, how could you not want one of these precious pets?!

With the Chomby Carnival right around the corner, keep an eye out for a release of these limited-edition beauties within the ‘Create A Pet’ section, because they’re usually only released to celebrate Chomby Day! Besides creating a Chomby (only about 450,000 of the Chombies in existence were created), you can play with a Magical Plushie, use Morphing or Transmogrification potion, or use a Mysterious Swirling Potion to make your desired pet into one of these loveable dinosaurs. The lab ray has also been known to zap pets into Chombies. Currently, Chombies come in 59 different colors, and some of the more diverse ones include: 8-Bit, Mutant, and Chocolate. There are even three beautiful unconverted Chombies that still remain: Grey, Maraquan, and my favorite, the Plushie!

Looking for Chomby collectibles? Make sure to pick up the Chomby and the Fungus Balls collectible card for your Neodeck, and the Chomby Stamp for your stamp book. ‘Chomby Poems’ is a lovely book that will cost you around 300,000 Neopoints, but is a collection of rhymes and poems all about our lovely dinosaurs. If your pet is a bibliophile, make sure to pick it up for them to read! Thinking about starting a Chomby gallery? Start hunting down all of the numerous Chomby toys and plushies that have been released over the years, and don’t forget the Magical plushies! Beware that if your pet plays with the plushie, it will turn into one of these adorable dinosaurs, and the plushie will revert back to a normal plushie of the same color.

Now, let’s move on to how to spoil our favorite dinosaurs! If you have a Chomby and they’re craving some cuisine from their motherland, why not hop over to Tyrannian Foods and pick up a Sack Plant or Cactus Leaf for your little one? Plateau Berries are sure to be a big hit as well. A gourmet Coconut Juice Bowl will refresh your dino on those scorching summer days in Tyrannia. To make sure your Chomby is well groomed, stock up on Purple Chomby Bubble Bath to leave those spikes shining like new, and don’t forget to grab a copy of ‘Chomby Dental Care’ while you’re out - we need to keep those teeth in perfect condition to munch on the tough Tyrannian roughage. An assortment of bows and collars are specially made to make your dinosaur feel like the exotic prince or princess they are! And, don’t forget those awesome Halloween and Christmas costumes they can sport around the holidays.

Although they are rare and not very numerous, there have been quite a few Chombies who have made a name for the species. One of the most famous Chombies our world includes the leader of the band ‘Chomby and the Fungus Balls’! By going to one of their concerts on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, 23rd, or 29th of the month, you can receive some cool memorabilia (just look at how awesome that poster is), watch a rockin’ show, and get the Groovy Chomby avatar! This particular Chomby even had a game, aptly named “Chomby and the Fungus Balls” that was retired in Year 6. However, you can venture over the game graveyard and still play this quite challenging game! Unlike most Chombies, this one doesn’t seem to have the fear of Fungus Balls, but touching one in this game will make you have to restart the level!

For those who venture into the Ugga Dome, the Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby is a fearsome foe you probably don’t want to run into, unless you’re after a Defenders of Neopia Trophy. With a difficulty of 350, this powerful beast is the 2nd most powerful opponent in the Ugga Dome, right behind Kastraliss. If you’re brave enough to go up against it, rumors are that it can be found at the Giant Omelette. Perhaps us Neopians taking all of the Omelette is what made him so hungry and malevolent in the first place. :(

One of the other most notorious Chombies of the land is Admiral Blackbeard… at least, to those of us who play the Food Club. His quintessential favorite foods include fruits and veggies, and maybe that’s why the pirate’s win rate only sits at around 21% - which is just enough to usually be the upset and throw off everyone’s bets. Regardless of my own personal vendetta, Admiral Blackbeard surely is a notable Neopian, and commands the great ship, the dread Jolly Chomby, when he’s not participating in the competition.

Other notable Chombies include the Mayor of the newly found land of Moltara, who is sporting a lovely beard, if I do say so myself. If you’re a fan of the Altador Cup, you’ll recognize Loryche, who has been a member and center forward of the Tyrannian Altador Cup team since 2006. She is the team captain and helped solidify a much-needed tournament win for her team in 2013. The next time you’re in Sakhmet and itching to play a round of Solitaire, or go after one of its coveted trophies, make sure to give a friendly nod to the Sakhmet Solitaire Chomby who runs the operation. Perhaps if you bring a hearty Honey Blossom or two along with you, the cards might be shuffled in your favor.

And if there are any special Chombies in your family, make sure to take them to play all their favorite games, eat all their favorite foods, and spoil them during this very special day. Happy Chomby Carnival!

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