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Neopet’s Unexplained Mysteries –Origins Article #1

by steve_km


Neopet’s Unexplained Mysteries –Origins Article #1

Have you ever thought about the many important life questions that surround Neopets?

For example; although there are 1,000 Grundo’s living on the Virtupets Space Station, no matter how many times a Grundo is adopted there is still 1,000 Grundo’s living on the Space Station. Where do they come from?

Or, how about the various unexplored spaces on the Neopian map? There are various Ice Mountains, forests, a desert and even some islands that are clearly charted and unlabelled!

On that note, are we honestly expected to believe that with all the water in Neopia that we have only discovered one underwater community of Neopets in Maraqua?

Today we are going to discuss the some things that The Neopets Team doesn’t want you to know. This article is *keys dramatic music* NEOPET’S UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES!

For this edition of Neopet’s Unexplained Mysteries, we are going to talk about one of Neopet’s biggest questions. A question that every Neopian has been wondering for over 10 years!

Rainbow Dung… Where did it come from?

On November 13, 2003, Neopia discovered its first Rainbow Dung complete with its own smelly rainbow smell. Now, before you begin to question me, hear me out! Before this item came out, we already had Piles of Dung that were released in 2002 and this dung came from Meridell at the Pick Your Own challenge. Rainbow Dung, a year later, was released in Shenkuu. So here are my questions;

What makes a Rainbow Dung rainbow?

What is the significance behind Rainbow Dung, what does it mean?

Why isn’t Rainbow Dung wearable?

Question number one, what makes a Rainbow Dung rainbow? Some people say it only comes from Unis; but I own an Uni and I have never had this happen! Others say that is it is all a marketing scam so that it will sell faster than a Pile of Dung (because obviously rainbow is more attractive); meaning it is just food colouring. One mysterious gentleman told me that he thought the Rainbow Dung was actually alive and that they would dance when you weren’t looking; however, he never could confirm this because when he was looking the dung wouldn’t dance. Here at Neopet’s Unexplained Mysteries we have our own theory. So let’s take a look shall we?

First off, Pile of Dung is wearable and Rainbow Dung is not. Why isn’t it wearable? If we, as Neopians, want to lather our Neopets with Rainbow Dung, shouldn’t we be allowed? My theory tackles this question and the question of why the Dung is Rainbow soon you will understand why The Neopets Team doesn’t want you to do this. Once in a while, you may find yourself getting a visit from the Fountain Faerie. Oddly enough, the Fountain Faerie will offer you a quest from time to time and completing her quest will allow you a visit to her Rainbow Fountain. Now, if the Rainbow Fountain Faerie is always sitting at the fountain waiting for us, surely she will need the lavatory from time to time. Perhaps her plumbing is connected to her fountain and if it is what color will her dung take when it enters that water? Our theory is rainbow color. If you look at the item Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water, it is clearly rainbow; therefore, presumably the dung would absorb the water of the fountain and turn to rainbow. This leads us to our second question? Is there something significant about Rainbow dung and what does it mean?

If the Rainbow Fountain Faerie does leave Rainbow Dung after she uses the john, who is taking it and putting it onto the market? Well, we have two suspects: The Neopets Team and the Wise Gnorbu. Since we know that the Wise Gnorbu is located in Shenkuu, he doesn’t really have time to go to Meridell and get this dung himself nor would he have secret access to the septic system of the Fountain Faerie. But who does have secret access to things all over Neopets? THE NEOPETS TEAM! Duh! It is almost undoubtedly positive that The Neopets Team is supplying the Wise Gnorbu but why? There needs to be some deeper meaning to this question, the Gnorbu is wise; there aren’t too many other wise neopets in Neopia. What is he trying to tell us? Our team decided to go and ask the Wise Gnorbu himself this is what he had to say,

“I have become wise through many years of puzzles and training my brain. Games such as this help achieve that goal. Give it a try, it will do you some good.”

Games such as this…? What game is he playing, how will Rainbow Dung train our brain? Is it possible he is playing Sewage Surger which is rerouting the Fountain Dung to himself? Or, is he playing a game with us Neopians because we are playing Sewage Surfer and rerouting all the dung for him? Or perhaps we are not smart enough to know this yet but we think we are on the right track to finding an answer by looking into our last question; why isn’t Rainbow Dung wearable?

If Rainbow Dung gets its color from the Fountain Faerie’s water, this means some sort of chemical reaction is taking place. Does this mean that the Rainbow Dung is not safe for our Neopets to touch or wear unlike the Pile of Dung that is supplied from Meridell or does it mean that if our Neopets touch it, it may change or alter their color, thus meaning the deflation of Morphing Potions, Paint Brushes, and the need for Fountain Faerie Quest?

One thing we know for sure, there is obviously a deeper mystery going on here. If you have your own theories about the Rainbow Dung, I would love to hear them. Also, if you are on my team and think The Neopets Team should give us a response, I recommend that you contact them in the Neopian Times Editorial and demand some answers!

Thank you for reading; we’re Neopet’s Unexplained Mysteries.

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