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Cybunnies From A to Z

by aleu1986


The Cybunny is an aesthetically pleasing species which is quite popular due to their cuteness and being easy to work with in terms of customizing. They`re a LE (limited edition) Neopet, and while they`re available for creation on their pet day every year, many Cybunny lovers obtain their favourite species through morphing potions or the secret lab ray.

In this article I`ll be going through the alphabet and listing anything related to Cybunnies from A to Z! I look at everything from avatars to Cybunny characters, books and wearables.



After the conversion, the artwork of the Cybunny didn`t change much. Their new pose is very similar to their old circle pose, the only real alterations being the position of their one front paw (so they can hold things) and their gaze has shifted slightly.


Besides the default pet avatar, there are five Cybunny avies available. Who Me? (Pink Cybunny) Bionic Cybunny – NQ II, Negg Basket Cybunny (Features Topsi) Easter Cybunny and Cybunny – Plush. Interestingly, the default pet avatar doesn`t feature a basic coloured Cybunny, but a Plushie one.


Base Colour

When painted in the basic colours (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) the Cybunnys main colour is white, while the colour of their neck ruff indicates their paint brush colour. Several other colours, such as Baby, have a similar colour scheme. The white fur makes them suitable for customisation.



Cybunnies are quite fond of carrots, but contrary to popular belief, they do eat other foods – and not just vegetables either. Cybunnies are not herbivores/vegetarians, they eat meat and a wide range of dishes, from soup to seafood. They`re not picky eaters, though carrots are one of their favourite ingredients.

Cybunny Carnival

The day for celebrating this cute species does not bear a boring old title such as "Cybunny Day," but the fun name Cybunny Carnival!


This teenaged Cybunny was introduced in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot, where she helped defeat the evil doctor.She is also a playable character (along with the blue Grundo Gorix) in the Moon Rock Rampage game.



One of the Altadorian constellations is called The Dancer. It`s named after a young Cybunny named Sasha. She loves to dance, sing and play music, and at parties and celebrations she entertains the crowd with her tambourine and graceful dancing.


Easter Cybunny

A female pink Cybunny with a yellow neckruff featuring spots of various colours used to appear in random events giving out colourful neggs to players, but this event has now been retired. There are however Easter Bunny Quiguki and Usuki dolls you can buy for your Neopets to celebrate Easter and the Festival of Neggs.



The Cybunny is one of several furry Neopets. They have thick fur that require daily brushing.



The Ghost Cybunny`s fur collar is plainly coloured, lacking spots. Some colours have a different colour or design to match their base colour/theme of the paint brush, but other colours such as Strawberry and Zombie also have solid coloured fur collars.



The Holiday/Christmas Shop in the NC Mall is run by a friendly, female Christmas Cybunny.



Looking for an interesting read on Cybunnies? There are many books to choose from, here is a selection:



This species are marvelous jumpers, they can hop, skip and leap better than most other Neopets!



A story in the Neopedia tells of Karina who entered a Best Fur competition for Cybunnies and won first place, despite her fur being a simple blue.



The Cybunny is one of the LE (Limited Edition) Neopets, meaning they`re not available for creation all the time, just on their pet day. You can use a Cybunny Morphing Potion any time, however, or try your luck with the Secret Lab Ray.


The cousin of AAA and Abigail. During Daily Dare, Lulu hosts a NC challenge that has nothing to do with games, but with collecting items. In the past, you could also take on Lulu in the game challenge (provided you bought NC tickets) and difficulty-wise her scores were harder to beat than Abigails, but easier than AAA`s. These days she`s focused on collecting rather than playing.

Princess Lunara

She is the daughter of the Emperor of Shenkuu, and will one day become the Empress. Princess Lunara has a younger sister named Terrana (who loves mountain climbing) and a beloved Kazeriu named Umbra. She dreams of traveling and exploring Neopia, but being the heir to Shenkuus throne, she must be sheltered and protected at all costs. So Princess Lunara spends her time with lessons and playing the card game Godori with her sister. Lunara was also featured in the Desert Diplomacy event.



The 2 months userlookup shield features a red Cybunny.


On the default Cybunny petpage, you can read about how this species claims that they look cute in any colour – even mutant! When transformed, the mutant Cybunny has skulls on his neck ruff in place of the normal spots.


Neopian Times Background

In the common/default background for our beloved newspaper, The Neopian Times, the Cybunny is featured not once, but twice! Both a Baby and a Mutant Cybunny is present in the background. See for yourself!


This orange Cybunny from Shenkuu sells his famous fortune cookies at the NC Mall.


On The Go Cybunny Clothing Set

This pretty set of wearables consists of dress, wig, makeup and shoes. It`s perfect for any Cybunny lady in a hurry. With little time to make herself look pretty, she can just slip this outfit on in no time and dash out the door! The dress is made of silk, with lace trim. It`s light and fluffy, perfect for summer time. The shoes are soft and comfortable, great for strolling through Neopia Central or going for a walk in the park. The wig is quite large, and also looks nice combined with different outfits. The black sparkly bow adds stylish detail to this pretty wig.



This species was not amongst the first to be available in Pastel, but with their release in this colour, the theme of yellow and green was introduced. The Peophin was given the same Pastel colour scheme later on.


Cybunnies have four paws, their hind ones are much larger and stronger than the two front ones. They use their hind legs for things like jumping and kicking, and their front paws for eating and digging. Neopian superstition claims that a Cybunny paw can grant the owner wishes, and 100% synthetic ones are given out as prizes in special crackers.


Cybunnies are a very polite species, they take manners and etiquette seriously.



These small, furry Neopets are known for their agility and speed. Neopets who usually enjoy fast games such as tag, may find themselves easily frustrated at how challenging the Cybunny is to catch or keep up with.


Test your Neopian knowledge in the game search for Princess Lunara. You`re able to choose from three different categories, and the aim of the game is to answer them all quickly and correctly, in order to help the palace guards find the missing princess.



After the conversion in April 2007 the Cybunny was the first species to have new colours released. They became available in yummy Chocolate and not-so-yummy Snot on their pet day. The Bionic clothing set was also released that same day.

Royal Potionery

The shop in Brightvale that sells magic potions for your every need is run by a friendly Cybunny.


Both Royal Cybunnies were grandfathered after the conversion, and so they both exist in UC versions. They`re both beautiful and popular.



This traveling young Cybunny usually appears in the Haunted Woods around Halloween. In her cart she brings lots of spooky masks for Neopians to wear to try and scare each other. She also appeared in the Spooky Food Eating Contest event.


Cybunny is one of the smaller species, they`re about the same size as Kyrii, Quiggle and Kacheek.


The Snowbunny (and the Snotbunny) are petpets that bear a certain resemblance to the Cybunny. Snowbunnies also live on Terror Mountain, in fact they were first given out through the Advent Calendar in 2002. (Y4).


Terror Mountain

Today, Cybunnies have spread to the entire planet of Neopia, but they originate from Terror Mountain. Their thick fur protects them from the bitter cold and blizzards of the mountain tops.


This male pink Cybunny was introduced during the Festival of Neggs Y17.An avatar bearing his likeness was released for the same event.


Unchained Monster

When fighting in the Obelisk War, your Neopet may test their strength against the Unchained Monster, a massive male Cybunny fighting for the Awakened.


Lucie is a young Cybunny who loves Usukis. She is sometimes referred to as the Usuki Collector. Lucie is the character in the game Usuki Frenzy, where the aim of the game is to collect certain Usuki sets before the time runs out. She`s also the subject of a TCG called Avarice, where she is depicted greedily hugging a bunch of plushies. "Im playing with ALL of them, and you cant have any."



Keetra Deile, a female yellow Cybunny is the captain of Team Virtupets in the Altador Cup.



Cybunnies can be found across the world of Neopia, and while many prefer Neohomes of various kinds, the untamed ones in the wild live in warrens, which means series of burrows and connecting tunnels underground. Large groups of Cybunnies may live in one warren. They prefer to make their homes in hillsides where the earth is soft.


With Terror Mountain being their native land, this species is naturally suited for cold environments. Their thick coats give them plenty of protection against the chill.


Xtremely Cool

Please enjoy these xtremely cool Cybunny images:

"I`m electric to the extreme!"




The game Gourmet Club Bowls features a young Cybunny. (S)he also appears on the game avatar.



A Cybunny from the village Lakeside who appears in Neoquest II.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you learned something new about Cybunnies! Be sure to check out my article about Eyries (Eyries A to Z) as well as my other work, and hopefully I`ll write more articles in this series soon. Let me know what species you want me to cover!

Thank you for reading, and please Neomail me with any comments or suggestions.

Happy Cybunny Day!

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