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Gadgadsbogen - Prepare for the Festivities!

by trubiekatie


Each month of Running, Neopians every where get to experience the best that Mystery Island has to offer – Gadgadsbogen. Translated to “good good day”, the festival runs all month and new fruits are discovered. Cinto Pango names the new fruit and they become highly sought after rarities in the realm of Neopia.

Besides the welcoming of these new fruits, there are lots of festivities to partake in! The streets are full of Neopians and there is no animosity between the natives and tourists. It’s a time of celebration and beginnings, and lots of people like to get involved. Many partygoers dress up like fruits and take part in arts and crafts, all the while enjoying performances put on (putting the Concert Hall to shame!).

So, with all the action that is the Gadgadsbogen party, you need to dress the part! You can’t show up and not get involved with the festivities – and you definitely don’t want to offend Cinto Pango! This is the best guide to dressing up as your party during Gadgadsbogen.

1. Gadgadsbogen Fruit Staff

Description: Celebrate Gadgadsbogen all year long with this staff! This prize was awarded through Edolies Phantastic Finds.

Type: Neocash

Cost: 1-2 caps

Comment: As the officially sanctioned Gadgadsbogen wearable, this is a must have for any tourist to use in the parties. The staff is decorated with green fines and adorned with large Gadgadsbogen fruit (don’t worry, they won’t go bad). It shimmers and glitters, which is sure to be noticed by the natives. It smells just as good as the fruit, but it is not edible! It’s a great handheld item to parade around in. If you’re tired, it can also make a great walking stick.

2. Gadgadsbogen Fruit Background

Description: Fruit, fruit, and more fruit!

Type: Neopoint

Cost: 2,000 NP

Comment: This background is sure to ring in the new fruits! That is a massive pile of all the Gadgadsbogen fruit, so you’re sure to look the part when you parade around like this. You may get questioned as to what fruits are featured, so you’d best do your homework before you look silly! This is a great island background and looks best with Island coloured pets. It may not smell like the staff, but it sure does encompass a lot of the Gadgadsbogen fruit. This simple background is perfect for the festival.

3. Gadgadsbogen T-Shirt

Description: You got the correct answer and all you got was this lousy T-shirt :(

Type: Neopoint

Cost: 100,000+ NP

Comment: It may not be the fanciest shirt, but it certainly does the tourist look right! A simple white shirt with the fruit featured, nothing says “I’m not a Mystery Island native” more than this shirt. If you don’t mind that, it’s a very simple and easy look to at least enjoy the Gadgadsbogen activities. You don’t need to be dressed up like Cinto Pango after all! This shirt will suffice and still shows you want to be apart of the festival.

4. Shiny Doughnutfruit Necklace

Description: The doughnutfruits on this necklace are flavoured, but they arent edible...

Type: Neocash

Cost: N/A, but likely 1-2 caps

Comment: Doughnutfruit are one of the most popular Gadgadsbogen fruits! While not all of them were released as Gadgadsbogen fruit, many were. You won’t be out of place with this necklace. Its beautiful colours and minimalist look will be perfect to add that finishing piece to your attire. They aren’t edible, so at the end of the party, you won’t be stuck with an empty necklace! The necklace is a bit noisy; so don’t be too concerned if people are staring at you.

5. Fancy Fruit Hat

Description: Wow! This lovely hat looks good enough to eat!

Type: Neocash

Cost: 1-2 caps

Comment: You’ll be sure to stand out in the crowd with this wild hat! It doesn’t actually feature any of the Gadgadsbogen fruits, but it still fits with the fruit theme. It’s a lot of fun to wear, but rather heavy, so don’t try to move your head much! It sits right on your head, but it balances no problem because of the support. The strap is necessary for keeping it in place, so don’t try to get around not wearing it!

6. Goparokko Fruit Punch

Description: A delicious drink made of exotic fruity goodness.

Type: Neopoint

Cost: 5,400 NP

Comment: Mystery Island is very warm, and this drink will not only make you look hip, but it will keep you refreshed! The straw makes for easier use as you walk through the parades and festivities. Luckily the bottle is plastic, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the glass. Just be careful not to spill it on a native – I can’t imagine that would go over well!

7. Doughnutfruit Explosion Background

Description: Where did all of these doughnutfruits come from?

Type: Neopoint

Cost: 15,000 NP

Comment: This background is nice because it highlights the doughnutfruit we all know and love. It is a funny choice, however, since it features Meridell Castle. Nonetheless, even a native from Mystery Island will appreciate the gesture and that while even at home, you were more than excited to be visiting the island for the festival. Plus, there are A LOT of doughtnutfruit – that has to count for something, right?

8. Decorated Fruit Basket

Description: Pretty and tasty, any fruit lover will enjoy this basket of fruit.

Type: Neopoint

Cost: 2,000 NP

Comment: This wearable acts as almost a shrine and offering to the Neopians of Mystery Island. It has some unique fruits that are a welcome gift to the natives. This is a great way to show your appreciation without being over the top. It complements most looks nicely and still allows you to get involved with the festivities!

Hopefully now you know how to dress to impress the natives and other partygoers! Gadgadsbogen can be a crazy, but enjoyable festival. You need to act the part if you really want to enjoy all the new fruits. If you are unsure of what to wear, just ask yourself one simple question – what would Cinto Pango do?

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