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Adventures in Mystery Island

by dunefurandlilypelt


      Dappletail_13, or just Dappletail, a young female Glowing Uni, woke up. It was a beautiful blue-skied day in Mystery Island, her home, and she could smell the ocean breeze coming in from her opened window. Looking outside it, the palms swayed in the breeze and there were even a few wild Taigars running about.

      She lived with her three siblings, two older and one younger. Her two older siblings were her sisters, and her one younger sibling was her little brother. They all loved each other very much and were great friends.

      Dappletail's beloved petpet was an awesome Plushie Slorg named Stonefish, and he was her best friend.

      Well, except for her best friend that seemed to be showing up just about now.

      Her second oldest sister, a Starry Tuskaninny named Streamflight, suddenly entered her room. "Noah's here, like always," Streamflight announced. “Ready to go on another one of those explorations you two always do.”

      "I'll go see him then!" Dappletail told her, flying out of her room and out of the door of her Neohome. It was a nice Neohome, very charming, right next to the beach.

      Dappletail grinned. Down a little ways, a male Maraquan Gelert lay on the beach. "Hey, Dapple! What's up?" he called, waving.

      She ran all the rest of the way to where Noah lay, not feeling like just flying. "Nothing much, really," the Uni told her best friend. "Where do you want to go today?"

      "The Tide Caves, like usual. But we can just hang around the Island before that," Noah replied, handing her a necklace that allowed her to breath underwater.

      Dappletail slipped it on. "Thanks. We should just go by and over the water before reaching the Caves, I think."


      Noah dove back into the crystalline ocean water and started swimming. He swam at unbelievable speeds, but Dappletail was just as fast in the air.

      She started flying and as the two reached a constant speed, gazed into the beautiful water. The water was so clear she could see Ghotis and Surzards swimming underneath the waves.

      She loved living in Mystery Island, and this was one of the many reasons why.

      Dappletail hovered just above the water. She was only a few feet ahead of Noah, and used her back hooves to splash water into his face.

      "Hey!" Noah objected, though he was grinning.

      The Glowing Uni turned around, still flying, grinning. "Deal with it!" She turned back around and kept flying.

      Noah caught up and splashed water at Dappletail, who stopped flying and splashed a whole ton of water in the Gelert's direction. "Take that!"

      "Now you're gonna get splashed!" Noah leapt up, took hold of Dappletail's two back hooves, and pulled down.

      "Ahh-!" Dappletail screeched as she fell into the water. It was cold to her, but to her most water felt cold. She took a while to get used to it.

      Noah took one of her front hooves in his paws and dragged her up so her head was out of the water. "You good?"

      Dappletail gave a cough, and smiled. "Better than ever."

      She gave her wings and flap, shook the moisture from her coat, and began to fly once more while Noah started to swim again.

      Not too long afterwards, they had reached The Rock Pool, Mystery Island's second petpet shop. Rufus greeted them.

      "My two favorite part-time employees!" the Kougra told them.

      Dappletail smiled. "Our favorite part-time boss!"

      "How long do you guys want to go petpet-searching for?" Rufus asked. Often, the two bet friends dove down into the Tide Caves beneath Mystery Island and brought back Maraquan Petpets for Rufus to sell.

      "An hour sound good?" Dappletail asked Noah, who nodded.

      "Okay. An hour for you two. I'll get you the petpet-safe backpacks," Rufus said, before running to get them from his Neohome located in the middle of this little island.

      "I hope we catch a White Walein like we did that one time!" Dappletail exclaimed to Noah, who was still bobbing along in the soft waves.

      "That's a lost cause. They're so rare!" Noah told her. "We're more likely to see another school of Blue Ghotis!"

      Dappletail laughed. "You're probably right. Oh, well. I at least want to see a Goldy. They’re so cute!"

      "Well, you've always been an optimist," Noah remarked.

      Rufus returned with the backpacks, which were weightless but provided water and nutrients for Maraquan Petpets found off the coast of Mystery Island.

      "Good luck, you two. Take the watches; they'll buzz after your hour is done," Rufus told the two.

      The two friends strapped on the backpacks and put on the watches. Then Dappletail readied herself on the sandy shore, one jump away from the trip she had made so many times.

      "Bye Rufus!" she called as she jumped into the water, being able to breath with the necklace on. Now that Noah hadn't pushed her in this time, she was able to witness the beauty of the ocean, and it was warmer over here.

      "Wow," she breathed, same as always. The ocean never ceased to amaze her.

      There were already schools of many petpets, even different-colored ones, swimming in glee in sight. Seven Dartails flipped in and out of the cave entrances, ten Faerie Peos lazily swam about in every direction, and there was even a magnificent Royal Delphin. While she absolutely loved all of the underwater petpets, Dappletail would always be happy with her Slorg. No petpet was better than a Slorg.

      Dappletail gave a huge grin, and Noah smiled next to her. "You're always in awe of this, and you're never gonna get tired of it, are you?"

      "Nope. Never," Dappletail agreed. "It's the most beautiful thing ever."

      They stared at the wonder of the ocean. "I suppose it is beautiful, Dappletail."

      Soon, they remembered the task at hand. Petpet-searching did not require force, and they were always sure to treat the petpets with care and respect.

* * *

      Almost an hour later, Dappletail and Noah had collected a whole heap of petpets. They were just about to go up to the surface, when Dappletail gasped.


      Ahead of them, almost smirking, was a White Walein. Dappletail stood in awe of it for a whole minute, and Noah was also mighty impressed.

      After giving the petpets to Rufus, Dappletail and Noah were in Geraptiku, exploring the temple, because that was their way of relaxing: More adventure. They never got tired of exploring Mystery Island, because there was so much to do on it.

      "Today was really awesome," Dappletail said.

      "Yeah, I had fun," Noah agreed.

      The Glowing Uni smiled. "I really enjoy adventuring with you, you know."

      "I enjoy adventuring with you, too, Dappletail." Noah told her.

* * *

      The next morning, Dappletail went through the same routine. She woke up, smelled the familiar scent of sea salt, and met Noah to go on another one of their adventures.

      This time they were going up Techo Mountain. Who knows what would become of that, but it was certain to be exciting.

      Armed each with Two Bottles of Water, Dappletail and Noah set out to have another adventure. And they were guaranteed to have a blast, because they always did.

      The End.

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