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10 Things To Do When You’ve Hit A Neo-Wall

by stttarlight


I think everyone has hit that point in their time on Neopts when they log on and utter 'I have nothing to do on Neo..'. It's mid-month when trophies are harder, you have 3 dream pets and a lab rat, and a vast majority of avatars. WHAT DO YOU DO? Don't fret; I'm here to give you some ideas on how to keep escaping real life and persevere in Neopia!

1. Update your Jellyneo Avatar Checklist

Are you an avatar collector? We all have those pesky flash game avatars that we will *most likely* never acquire. But hey, maybe give Feed Florg another go around and remind yourself why you vowed to never play it again. Maybe the stars will align and you'll get lucky!

2. Give the Beauty Contest a go

Even if you're no Animator Zim, pick one of your Neopets, draw and upload to the Beauty Contest! Art board BC veterans love to offer creating and entering advice to newcomers! Advertising on the respective boards can give you a leg up in the competition AND you and your pet can walk away with a shiny new avatar and their own trophy! Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the new marketing rules first!

3. Try your hand at restocking

Although many users already restock, this is something I've just recently tried myself (still in the failing stages). There are an endless amount of guides to help you at any level! And who knows? With a little bit of practice, you could be the next Magic Shop fat kad, monopolizing all the morphing potions in Neopia! So when you're buying your next neohome on 1337 R3st0ck3r Lane, just remember to throw some credit to the author of the article who inspired you *cough* 0:-).

4. Help out your fellow Neopians

It's always nice to see others accomplish goals, so why not lend a helping hand? Whether it's buying a faerie queen doll to lend to the less fortunate users, painting sad, pounded pets, or offering advice on a tricky game; there's always someone in need! **This does not promote giveaways or any act prohibited in the rules**

5. Start a collection!

Already own all of the Dr. Sloth items ever created? First, send a ticket to TNT (Neopets can NEVER have too much Sloth memorabilia). Second, explore another interest; stamps, petpets, dung, souls of lost Neopets? Oh the possibilities! If you decide to collect stamps, and you have an extra trillion neopoints lying around, it can also blossom into a few shiny avatars!

6. Customize, re-customize, and customize some more!

One of the most popular things to do on neo nowadays is customize your pet! If it's been a while, revisit your customs and see if there are any new items that pique your interest. If you're late to the customization party like me, the Neopets affiliate 'Dress To Impress' is a great tool! Once you find that perfect outfit, there's no stopping you! You'll be surprised at the amount of time you'll spend searching for the specific dress, background or wig that makes your pet look as ~*fLaWLeSs*~ as Fyora.

7. Feed a Kadoatie.. Or 75

There's no way to replace the feeling (or the trophy) you get after you feed your first kad! Much like restocking, there are many guides to get you started, as well as a friendly neoboard thread to offer time and advice! Plus, how adorable is the Kadoatery - *Mew* avatar?! If you're saying, "you've KAD to be KITTEN me right MEOW, I've already gotten my trophies and my avatar!" (As if the constant kad puns aren't enough of a reason) I say there's always room for account improvement! You vowed to never become an over feeder, but adding a few digits under your trophy only makes you more enviable! It's like kadnip @-@.

8. Older account? Food Club might be for you!

Another popular to-do in Neopia! Food Club consists of a variety of Krawk Island professional eaters, you bet on them much like the poogles in Faerieland, just with more profit (and stakes) involved! The amount you can bet increases as your account ages, so it’s great for older accounts. The pirates compete everyday at 2:00 pm NST. Although it's not a time consuming activity, it’s a great way to earn extra neopoints! Much like every other topic, there are guides and boards to help you along the way :).

9. Work on your Battledome pet

I've never been one to battle excessively (unless it results in an avatar) but training your pet can be quite rewarding, especially with the daily prizes you receive for winning a fight! And with Fortune Cookies available in the NC mall it's easier and faster than ever! First and most obvious, the Training Fortune Cookie allows your pet to learn the new abilities from the training academies in reduced time. Then there's the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie, which allows you 1 quest per day and rewards you with increased stats (make sure you have the correct active pet!). Honorable mention goes to the Lab Ray Fortune Cookie, which allows you 1 to 3 extra zaps per day (you must already have access to the Secret Laboratory). This one is hit or miss since increased stats are only 1 of many different outcomes, another being lowered stats, so be wary!

10. TROPHIES *_*

I think this is one of the best methods of account improvement. Even if it's just a trophy of a torn up Punchbag Bob, it's a trophy nonetheless! Although frustrating, card and chance games are among the easiest trophies to add to your cabinet. They're mostly luck, and in some cases you don't have to beat out hundreds of other Neopians! Cheat, Solitaire and Pyramids are all card games you have to win a certain amount of times at to get a trophy. It's harder than it sounds because it’s somewhat random, but with a little luck you can do it! Some other fairly attainable trophies come from Double or Nothing (though I don't trust Snargan for a second!), Dice-A-Roo, Grand Theft Ummagine and Kiss The Mortog!

Hopefully you've gathered some intel about how to keep moving forward when you've hit the inevitable neo-wall. If you've blown through all of these ideas and truly have nothing more to try, I would suggest writing an inspirational Neopian Times article about the struggles of having a perfect account. Happy Neopetting!

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