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Faerieland's Top 10 Faerie Foods

by princess__neo277


Following on from our last article, The Deserted Fairground’s Top 10 Spooky Foods, we have decided to taste test and review the fine cuisine available in… Faerie Land!

There is nowhere more peaceful or magical in Neopia than Faerie Land, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Whilst the Hidden Tower is its most popular attraction, Faerie Foods doesn’t come too far down on the list so keep reading for the top 10 best Faerie Foods!

#10. Dark Faerie Apple

Faerie Foods Price: 788 NPS.

Not the most trustworthy looking apple, however after managing to eat one whole without any ill affects we are able to say that this is safe to eat and clearly does not harbour very much dark faerie magic – just enough to make it look pretty! Thankfully the wings are very weak and when it tries to fly away it doesn’t get very far, promptly falling to the ground with a loud thud. As for the taste? We’re not sure what it tastes like, we just know it tastes nice!

Our rating: 7.5/10

#9. Faerie apple pie

Faerie Foods price: 750 NPS.

What a nice, innocent and appealing apple pie made with Earth Faerie Apples and toothsome crust! This affordable gourmet food is perfect with Creamy Cloud Ice Cream. Any Neopet will happily eat a generous helping of this delectable pie. Perfect for lazy days in your Neohome.

Our rating: 7.5/10

#8. Enchanted Popcorn

Faerie Foods Price: 1584 NPS.

This light, sweetened snack is perfect for sitting at home and watching some Neovision. Flavoured with faerie dust and butter, this sapid snack is favoured mostly by Faerie Neopets as not everybody can stomach Faerie Dust in large quantities and everyone knows it’s one of Dr. Sloth’s most hated ingredients and therefore forbidden in outer space – though not everybody knows this.

Disclaimer: Sloth definitely in no way shape or form asked us to publish this *cough cough*.

Our rating: 8/10

#7. Faerie Leaves Hotdog

Faerie Foods Price: 600 NPS.

Not even Hubert can compete with this heavenly hot dog. This hot dog is paired with a pair of beautiful, glistening wings, so make sure you eat it quickly before it gets away. We’ve all seen these majestically flying through the skies of Neopia at some point and nobody is quite sure where they go or end up – it’s one of Neopia’s mysteries. This hot dog is made with leaves said to be grown by Illusen herself.

Our rating: 8/10

#6. Faerie Fried Egg

Faerie Foods Price: 690 NPS.

Not just any fried egg, but a Faerie Fried Egg – big difference. This egg-cellent dish is served on a frying pan shaped plate, sprinkled with flavoursome Faerie Dust and shaped to look like faerie wings – how delightfully delicious. The good thing about this Faerie Food is that it doesn’t fly away and stays fresh for days thanks to the generous helping of Faerie Dust though we’re not sure what kind of egg this is but we don’t care. It’s divine!

Our rating: 8.5/10

#5. Flying Faerie Veggie Platter

Faerie Foods Price: 1177 NPS.

This veggie platter is great for Neogarden Parties or placed in the middle of the table during dinner time. This platter comes presented in a delightful dish which you can wash and reuse – how Neopia friendly! This platter contains fresh vegetables grown by Earth Faeries in a far corner of Brightvale, which explains why they don’t have wings. Eat your greens.

Our rating: 8.5/10

#4. Rainbow Fountain Burger

Faerie Foods Price: 1146 NPS.

This burger has had a dip in the Rainbow Fountain, probably whilst the Fountain Faerie wasn’t looking. This flamboyant fast food is loved my many Neopians, mainly for its unique taste which may have something to do with its discreet dip in the fountain. Include it in a packed lunch for a trip to Mystery Island or eat it at home, this refreshment is perfect for most occasions.

Our rating: 9/10

#3. Soup Faerie Soup

Faerie Foods Price: 2347 NPS.

This scrumptious soup was created by the Soup Faerie herself and is presented in a Soup Faerie themed bowl. What’s better than soup made by the Soup Faerie herself? You need to be very hungry to finish this broth as it is very filling – it is made for very hungry Neopets after all. We’re not sure what ingredients there are exactly in this pink concoction but we suspect a lot of vegetables from the Health Foods Shop but that still doesn’t explain its pink aura…

Our rating: 9.5/10

#2. Taelia Sundae

Faerie Foods Price: 1289 NPS.

This sundae is a mix of vanilla ice cream, cream and chocolate wings attached to the side of the glass. The cream used in this delightful desert is made from the best quality milk from Kau Kau Farm. There’s nothing particularly magical about this sundae as the wings are made from chocolate and stuck on meaning you don’t have to worry about it flying away. This sundae is perfect for hot days in Neopia. Taelia approves… we think!

Our rating: 9.5/10

#1. Fyora Day Muffin

Faerie Foods price: 2800 NPS.

Given the seal of approval by the Faerie Queen herself this perfect pudding is perfect for any occasion, especially Fyora Day. This muffin is made from secret ingredients and contains Light of the Faeries Jam in the centre topped off with a classy crown decoration. Why is this simple muffin number 1 on this list? Because of its simplicity, sugariness and fit for a queen flavour. This popular confection has a unique taste that no one in Neopia can identify.

Our rating: 10/10

Honourable mentions

Chocolate Faerie Mallows

Faerie Foods price: 3243 NPS.

These charming confectionaries make a delicious treat for any Neopian, made from squishy marshmallows and dipped in choice chocolate with a pair of beautiful flowy wings. These tasteful treats make great additions to your Neopets’ birthday parties, either on display on your neogarden table or used to decorate their birthday cake.

Bacon Belly Buster

Faerie Foods price: 2660 NPS.

What a great way to start the day! Every Neopet deserves a faerie shaped sandwich filled with succulent bacon rashers and if that’s not enough why not throw in a Faerie Fried egg or some Beany Burpers?

Fire Faerie Sundae

Faerie Foods Price: 643 NPS.

This spicy sundae is delightful, as long as you can get past the intense spiciness and heat. Amazingly, the ice cream in this sundae does not melt despite the array of flames. Be careful not to burn yourself, we recommend using oven gloves when digging into this delicacy. Not a fan of hot food? Then why not try an Earth Faerie Sundae or a Light Faerie Sundae instead? Though nothing quite beats the Fire Faerie version.

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