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Throwing the Perfect Neopian Times Party

by bha288


If you love the Neopian Times as much as we do, then you have considered throwing a party for no reason other than to celebrate it! If that’s the case, then we would absolutely love to aid you in your endeavor. As natural-born party planners (see: How to Throw The Perfect Birthday Bash), our primary goal is to ensure your celebration goes flawlessly.

You should begin by composing a guest list. In addition to your neofriends and favorite Neopian Times contributors, you may wish to issue invitations to famous Neopians, such as Rico and Dark Lord. They might not necessarily make an appearance, but you never know; they might surprise you!

Once you are finished with that, you can proceed with sending out formal invitations. Although word may have gotten out that you will be throwing a fabulous party, you should still mail out invitations to make it official. Remember to have fun with this! You can even make them Neopian Times themed if you feel creative. In the invitations, be sure to specify when and where the party will take place, as well as whether or not there will be a dress code.

Incidentally, if you choose to institute a dress code, make sure to follow it! There are a few species-specific Neopian Times themed wearables, but if you are not an Eyrie or a Zafara, you might be better off with an I Love The Neopian Times T-Shirt. We admit that these shirts are a bit casual, but they would do in a pinch. In fact, you might consider purchasing a few spare t-shirts for guests who have not thought as far ahead as you have (i.e., anyone who neglected to read this article). We happen to know that they are one size fits all.

Next, you will need a color scheme! We would recommend a simple, yet classy, gold and white palette, similar to the colors on the Neopian Times Star avatar. However, try not to go overboard with the gold; it can be overpowering. A few tasteful gold accents will add some elegance to your Neohome, without being over the top. On the other hand, if you’re not really going for a sophisticated vibe, then you can pick any color scheme that your heart desires. Perhaps you could focus on primary colors? Try to avoid colors that clash too much or anything that might blind your guests.

Once you have settled on a color scheme, you should decorate your Neohome accordingly. We suggest that you go all out when it comes to decorations--festive streamers, balloons. The works! You can even get Balloon-Filled Balloons; we certainly would. Additionally, you might consider printing and framing your favorite comics from past editions. That is, if you can even manage to pick favorites. There are so many great comics to choose from!

Now that your Neohome is decorated, it is time to think about furniture. Instead of the typical furniture that you would expect to see in a Neohome, we recommend temporarily replacing everything with official Neopian Times Bean Bags. This might seem like a silly idea at first, but this is a Neopian Times party! We simply cannot think of a better way to show your guests how much you truly love this newspaper. Not to mention, it is a known fact that everyone loves flopping into squishy bean bag chairs. Win-win!

Similarly, your party is bound to fail if you do not have at least one White Weewoo. These feathery little petpets are the mascot of the Neopian Times, and belong at any themed party. In fact, we recommend having as many White Weewoos as possible to ensure the success of your party. (No need to go as crazy as mad old Mrs. Williams of Petpetsitter, however.)

When the majority of your guests have arrived, you should start your party by proposing a toast to the Neopian Times, as well as to everyone who contributes. We recommend toasting with either Sparkling Apple or Carrot Juice; they are both delicious and nutritious! And instead of using disposable cups for beverages, buy up a ton of Neopian Times Mugs. They are much more environmentally friendly, not to mention more festive!

Once you have made this toast, you should bring out the cake! We suggest baking a large sheet cake, but if you are more ambitious (or talented!), you could attempt one shaped like a newspaper, or perhaps a White Weewoo. You may also wish to serve appetizers at this time; Neopets can’t live on cake alone.

After your guests are well-fed, have a reading of your favorite story, article, or series. Ask your guests to prepare a reading as well! Afterwards, you can start a spirited discussion about your favorite writers and artists.

If you are hard pressed for other ways to entertain your guests, then we propose a rousing game of Pin the Tail on the Weewoo. You could also probably make a White Weewoo piñata, or even petition TNT to create one for you. They might listen if you ask really nicely! Additionally, you may also wish to provide your guests with firecrackers. In fact, we highly recommend the Shenkuu Firecrackers and the New Year Fire Crackers. But make sure to supervise your guests and to use them responsibly!

As your guests depart, you may wish to leave them with party favors. Sometimes picking out the right trinkets can be difficult, but we’re here to help you figure it out! We suggest giving your guests Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushies in bags filled with confetti. Who needs other plushies when you have these adorable little things? Alternatively, you could let them adopt your White Weewoos, especially if you cannot figure out what to do with them after your celebration. After all, they need a good home!

With a little hard work, dedication, and the help of this guide, we are absolutely sure that your party will go flawlessly. In fact, people will be talking about your fantastic celebration for years to come (or at least until your follow-up extravaganza). So what are you waiting for? You have a party to plan!

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