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Water Faerie and the Healing Springs: No Cost Cures

by hkequeen



Most days on Neopets, things can go pretty smoothly. You take care of your pets like any good owner would do, yet all it takes is for one single outcome to change the schedule of things from normal to haywire. One moment you can be taking your pet(s) exploring and then all of a sudden, you turn to look at your Neopet and what's that, bud? You are sick with Hoochie Coochies? What in the world? How can that be? I literally was turned around for a second! Disbelief surface-wise but when considering it, it feels like the end of the world because it's your pet, you want to protect it, yet there is only so much an owner can do. We face many challenges in the real world and in Neopia, avoiding sickness is no exception. Whether it be from a random event or your scarab landing in a bad spot on the Qasalan Expellibox, illnesses are almost unavoidable. It is not only important for a Neopet owner to manage a pet's health because they cannot perform in the Battledome for instance, but to keep Neopets happy and healthy for them to perform their best (this is a literal reference as there is a noticeable gloominess to pets once they get sick). We would not delay if we were sick so why do that to our Neopets?

Diagnosis and Confirmation

These questions may appeal to you, but honestly, what would you do? Luckily, if unsure, do not worry as the diagnosis can be confirmed by going to the pet's quick reference page accessed by clicking on your activated pet's image on the left of the screen and then selecting the Neopet you would like to see through the process of clicking on their image from those of your Neopets that appear. Once the pet is selected, the name of the disease should be listed to the right of the pet's image, under the "Notices" label which would also show if your pet is hungry. If m illness is listed, you may wipe the sweat off your forehead, your pet is fine and may be cured of its unhappiness with toys, lots and lots of toy playing. Go to your inventory, select the toy and use the pop up window that appears to select to whom you would like to give the toy to and play. If your pet is sick, this is where things get slightly complicated.

If you are new at this, you would research the name of the disease, go to the hospital and immediately choose the path in which you begin the scavenger hunt to purchase the cure as it would be in a real life scenario, but please note that in this route, things only become more complicated. The prices and rarities of the cure vary depending on the type. Moreover, there may be other remedies not listed in the hospital page as well as items that may possibly cure the disease which make even more items to consider and more Neopoints you may need to spent.

With this in mind, what if I were to say there was another option. A simpler choice? A cheaper choice available right in the Neopets realm that would not cost you a single Neopoint? After all, the only important thing is that your pets are okay, right? Well, there is and this is what is to be done if your pet(s) are ever sick and in this situation.

Accessing Healing Springs and the Water Faerie

Heading to Faerieland from the "Explore" tab at the top of the screen, in the bottom left of the land is the Healing Springs where the Water Faerie is. As many may know, the waters of the springs have as stated, powers to heal and it is the Water Faerie's act of power which heals pets.

Healing encompasses the healing which most come to think of first which is if a pet is hurt such as in the Battledome, random event, event from spinning a wheel, or even journeying to places like the Deserted Tomb. This type of healing restores hit points also referred to as health points or HP of the pet to an extent and this is not the only way to do so. In fact, healing potions, Coltzan's Shrine, and The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity have the ability to do so also but for the locations, the powers of the individual and amounts of healing vary which make the healing potions more consistent. You can think of their powers like the entire collection of healing potions and choosing one randomly as they can heal anything from a few HP to full HP and you will therefore get a message such as your pet's health is "fully restored.".

The potions are another power which the Water Faerie holds and there are a few of them which also restore full hit points which the faerie can also perform herself. 3 of the potions that restore full HP are Super Strength Healing Potion, Dewberry Reviver, and Bubbling Healing Goo which are available in her shop, in the trading post and in Neopian shops.

The Water Faerie could also cure your pet's hunger but do not that this is not subjected to hungry pets; pets could be very bloated and still be "not hungry anymore" after her spells are cast. Similar to the statement of healing, Coltzan's Shrine and the Magical Blue Plushie can do so as well, but referring back to the topic at hand, the Faerie could also cure pets from disease. It may take a few tries and she restores her powers back after every half an hour or so but all it will "cost" you is time and persistence. It is until she states that your pet "has been fully healed" that one can check the quick ref page and see that yes, in fact, the pet has been cured of any diseases it had previously.

Spending time and effort, saves your Neopoints and in the attempts, you most likely got couple of healing potions, your pet may no longer be hungry and you may have gained some health which in the long run, healed your pet(s) even greater than what you may have been expecting. Now your pet is ready to hit the streets again and if it does happen to get sick or hurt again, you now have a powerful faerie on your side to help you. You and your pets can now feel free to roam Neopets without the constant worry of your pet(s) being sick.

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