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Random Oddness

by mistyqee

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Duplicity: Part Eleven
Three images materialized before Lisha: a faerie with a burning heart beating beneath her chest, a Skeith with glowing bones beneath his layers of fat, and a Lupe with bloody, hollow eyes. She identified each as Ambition, Greed, and Revenge, respectively.

by likelife96


Tea Time: Carrot Goodness
Are you sure you want to eat those?

by actinia


The Nightmare: Part Two
Dark clouds shrouded the forest in a dim, weakened light, the thick trees casting harsh shadows over the landscape. Arthur's mother and father were busy gathering dry wood and other supplies when they picked up a sudden voice far away in the distance.

by shadowknight_72


The Abominable Snowstorm
Hey! What happened here?!

by flustre

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