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Your Friend: The Low Paying Flash Game

by rocksysmom


With Trudy’s Surprise and Ghoul Catchers, it has never been easier to make loads of neopoints! Using those two amazing resources alone, you can make up to 1,772,250 neopoints in twenty-five days! But what if that’s not fast enough for you? A lot of people will tell you to take up fighting in the battledome or trying to win contests. Those aren’t for everyone. Training takes forever and making content for contests is really hard! Believe me, I’ve tried. Restocking and auction sniping are anxiety riddled nightmares that feel like rocket science for plenty of people, so that’s out. What else is there?

Luckily for you, there is something else. Flash games.

You may be balking at such a simple answer. To a hardened Neopian, flash games are chump change. You can only get three thousand neopoints per game, and that’s only when you’re good at the game! For someone like me, it sounds insane. I’ve tried every “50k a Day” guide out there, and, regardless of what number the author put as the goal, I could barely make fifteen hundred. That’s because those guide were written for speed. . . and for people who are good at games.

I’ll be honest here, and I hope that other people can agree, games are hard. Sure, I can Whack-a-Kass with the best of them and help the Snowager chase that chia, but I can’t add fast enough to keep Imiya asleep or navigate the ruby mines well enough to help Samuel save those poor petpets. There’s something that every 50k a Day guide ignores, and I want to bring light to this glaring oversight. You can make less than three thousand neopoints per game and still make neopoints!

Now, that probably sounds crazy, but hear me out. There are roughly one hundred and seventy nine flash games in Neopia. If you play every single game, you’ll make a lot of neopoints. Let’s say you have the skills to make three hundred neopoints every time you send your score. That means that by the time you’re done with one game, you will have earned nine hundred neopoints. That’s not even one-third of the neopoints you’d get by whacking Kass or chasing that chia! But hear me out. For some people, it’s hard to get three thousand neopoints from games. Games that everyone else calls an “easy 3k” are impossible! Here’s the beauty of it, though. Those nine hundred neopoints add up! If you play your easy 3k games and your easy nine hundred games, you’ll have more neopoints than if you just stuck to what you knew you could get three thousand neopoints from.

If you played every flash game in Neopia and made nine hundred neopoints from each game, in one day you would make 161,100 neopoints! That number would be even bigger if you played all of the games with all of your heart and got even higher scores than you needed for three hundred neopoints per score sent!

I can hear you, my astute reader, yelling out in anguish, “Not every game works! I can’t play with Hannah and I can’t quell the attacking slorgs!” That’s the beauty of this way of thinking – you don’t need to play every game. You just need to make sure that you don’t ignore a game just because it won’t give you that quick, three thousand neopoint gratification that all of us love so much.

I can’t tell you which games will work for you for two reasons. The first reason is simply that you, like me, may be atypical from the average Neopian. Your strengths might lie in helping a turtum with archery, but you can’t Splat-a-Sloth for your dear life. You might waltz around the Ice Cream Machine like Agent 00 Hog in a field of lasers, but lose all hope when filling out a Roodoku. Everyone is different and has different strengths! You need to find the games that make you happy, even if you don’t score well! The second reason is that every month, the game ratios change. That means that one month, you can get three thousand neopoints with no effort . . . only to wake up one morning and it be impossible to get a score high enough to get your usual payout.

Most people will tell you to stop whacking Kass when the neopoint ratio goes down, but I’m telling you to keep doing it. One hundred neopoints is better than no neopoints!

If you’re not convinced that you should stop sticking with just your easy 3k games, let me share some numbers with you. Let’s say that you have ten games that you make an easy three thousand neopoints on. That’s 30,000 neopoints! Not shabby at all! But let’s say that you add twenty quick games that you can’t make three thousand neopoints with. If you score a paltry three hundred neopoints per score sent, you’ve still added 27,000 neopoints to your total! That sounds crazy, but it’s true! The more games you add, the more you make. If you’re like me and live in Neopia, you have time to play a lot of games. If you’re bored while your pet is training, you can head over to the game room and play until your pet comes back begging for more strength training!

If you can make time in your day to play fifty games, even if you only make three hundred neopoints every time you send your score, you’ll end up with 45,000 neopoints! And I have faith in you, honorable reader. I know that you can make more than three hundred neopoints when you send your score! I know that you’ll excel and make three thousand neopoints in some games . . . and I also know that you’ll have your bad days when you can barely count three extreme potatoes. But, keep in mind that even if you only counted three of those ultra rad potatoes, that is still neopoints in your pocket! Of course, I’m not telling you to purposely go out and only save one petpet from Gargrall. Try your hardest at everything you do . . . but remember, if all you can do is save one petpet, then only save one petpet. The neopoints you’ll get from it will be worth it.

I made you wait for my favorite part. If you dedicate enough time to playing those flash games, you can make a lot of neopoints. How many neopoints? Let’s go with my example above where you play your ten favorite easy 3k games and then add on twenty more games. You could be making 57,000 neopoints from flash games alone every day! How many neopoints is that in twenty-five days? 1,425,000 neopoints. That’s an insane amount! And once you add in all of your neopoints from Ghoul Catchers and Trudy’s Surprise, it’s even better. In twenty-five days, you could be the proud owner of 3,197,250 neopoints. That’s enough to buy a royal paintbrush to make your little princess a literal princess or buy Dr. Sloth’s Personal Bath Buddy to finally put that pesky little Koi Warrior in his place! And that’s just in twenty-five days. My fellow Neopians, remember not to forget the low paying flash game. He can help you reach your dreams.

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