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Gorgeous Gelert Items

by aleu1986


Gelerts are quite popular Neopets, and with good reason. They are extremly loyal, once you have earned their friendship, they will never leave your side. Gelerts are also very brave and would never hesitate to save their friends and owners from danger. But they`re mostly peaceful creatures who love to play – particularly games that involve lots of running, as their powerful legs make them naturally athletic and fast. Gelerts can be easily distracted, however, so don`t be surprised if, in the middle of a game or a conversation, your Gelert suddenly dashes off in pursuit of a butterfly.

I have put together a list of my personal favourite Gelert items. Grab yourself a plate of Rainbow Gelert Day Pancakes and enjoy the list!

Gelert Day Party Ideas

Category: Book

Description: If you are thinking of holding a Gelert Day party, you should look through this easy to follow recipe book first.

Why would you NOT think of holding a Gelert Day party? This book contains plenty of yummy recipes your Gelert and their friends are sure to enjoy. Learn how to make delicious cupcakes and decorate them to make them look like Gelerts faces, or if your Gelert is on a diet, try your hand at crafting healthy, yet also tasty smoothies!

Read the simple step-by-step instructions, and if you`re lucky, you won`t burn down your NeoHome in the process. At the back of the book, you`ll also find some suggestions to how you can make your own decorations, as well as fun party games your Gelert will love. Let`s get the party started!

Gelert Dental Care

Category: Book

Description: Top tips to leave your Gelerts teeth sparkling white all day long!

Having a good dental hygiene is vital to ensure the health and happiness of your Gelert. The most important tips are obviously to brush their teeth daily and to lay off the sweet stuff (except for when you`re celebrating Gelert Day, naturally!) So brush and polish those gnashers till they shine, and you`ll make the Tooth Faerie proud!

Gelert A to Z

Category: Book

Description: Everything ever written about Gelerts in one HUGE volume.

This book is a must-have for any Gelert owner. It will tell you everything you need to know about Gelerts, from grooming tips, food habits, recommended toys, training tips for the Battledome, and much more! This hefty volume has a complete list of famous Gelerts from across Neopia, such as the Emperor of Shenkuu, the philosopher Sandro of the Seekers and the misfortunate Bruno of Neovia, it even has a page about the Gelert Doctor who runs the Neopian Hospital! His page is rather lacking in information however, as he was too busy seeing his patients at the time to give a proper interview.

However, if it`s a thorough, easy-to-follow guide to Gelert care you`re after, this book has everything you need, it even comes with a cute Gelert bookmark! Happy reading!

Blue Gelert Lunch Box

Category: School

Description: Perfect for keeping your sandwiches fresh all day long.

Let everyone know you`re a true Gelert fan with this cool lunch box. It is made of sturdy, easy-to-clean plastic and is extra large, perfect for the Gelerts and other Neopets (Skeiths, for example) with big appetites! The box is divided into three sections so you can put different kinds of foods in the box without them all getting mixed together and squashed. Don`t forget to bring your thermos along as well, you`ll need something to wash those sandwiches down!

Gelert Healing Remedy

Category: Defence Magic

Description: Do you want something to heal your poor Gelert during battle?

Of course you do! If you really must send your Gelert into the Battledome arena, at least equip them with this healing item that will restore their health by 50%. It can only be used once per battle, and can easily be the difference between a win and a loss for your Gelert. This potion will save you many trips to the Healing Springs!

Flower Picking Gelert Gnome

Category: Gardening

Description: This cheerful Gelert gnome will greet anyone that enters your garden.

How could you pass up the chance to add this cute little guy to your garden? He`d look great sitting by the garden path or perhaps by your front door? Whereever you choose to place him, this happy Gelert gnome will surely be noticed by all your friends and visitors and make them smile!

Maraquan Gelert Plushie

Category: Plushie/Toy

Description: This adorable plushie is unfortunately not waterproof.

If you are saving up to buy a Maraquan Paint Brush, or a Maraquan Gelert Morphing Potion, this plushie can serve as a nice motivational factor and reminder that you are getting ever closer to achieving your goal. This beautifully hand-crafted plushie is filled with beanbags, it`s so cute, floppy and cuddly! You can bring it to the beach (just don`t go swimming with it, as it`s not waterproof!) or put it in your gallery to admire. Just remember to not cast it aside once you have your dream Maraquan Gelert, old toys still need love, you know!

Strawberry Gelert Shake

Category: Food

Description: No Neopet can be sad with one of these fun drinks in their hands. [Straw included.]

This delicious drink is made from fresh, ripe strawberries mixed with vanilla ice cream of top quality. It`s perfect for hot summer days, or when you (or your Neopet) has earned a special treat.

The fun design is sure to please your Neopet, just look how the Gelerts leafy ears cleverly make up the cups handle.

If your Neopet is upset because they didn`t get to ride on the pink Uni on the Roo Island Merry Go Round, give them a Strawberry Gelert Shake to cheer them up. It`s guaranteed to put a smile on their face, even if they`re not a Gelert themselves.

Royal Gelert Diary

Category: Book

Description: Keep all your most important secrets in this diary!

Isn`t this just the prettiest little book you`ve ever seen? The cover is nicely decorated in pink shades and there is even lace trimmings around the edges. The pages are lined (so you`ll avoid your lines sloping up and down when you write) and the paper is a rich golden colour... the colour of NeoPoints!

The bookmark inside is in the shape of a Royal Girl Gelert`s tail and you can naturally lock the diary so that no prying eyes can read your secret thoughts. This Royal Gelert Diary comes in a delicate gift box complete with a chain you can attach your key to so it doesn`t get lost or fall into the wrong hands. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Baby Gelert Pop-Up Book

Category: Book

Description: A springy book that will amuse your young Neopets for hours.

There are several cute Baby Gelert items available, but my top pick had to be this one.

This book has nice round edges making it easy for your little pet to hold, and the ears and tongue are soft plush which your young Neopet will love to touch. On each page of the book an image of a Baby Gelert springs to life as you turn the pages, detailing the fun play time of a little puppy.

It will bring tons of enjoyment and laughter to your Neopet, and in a quiet moment you can sit and admire the adorable face on the cover, remembering how Baby Gelerts were even cuter before the conversion.

I hope you enjoyed looking through this list! ... No, I`m not a book lover, why do you ask?

Do you agree with my picks for this list? What are your favourite Gelert items?

Please NeoMail me with any comments, have a great day in Neopia!

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