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Customization Diaries of the Gnorbu Obsessed #2

by 987654321_hj


Hi, and welcome to another entry of the customization diaries!

First things first, the basics.

Q: What are the basic items you think every neopian should have in their closet before they start customizing?

Top: Basic White Shirt, 212 neopoints from the General store in neopia central. There is a huge variety of skirts in neopia in every colour of the rainbow, and this shirt will match them all without clashing. It’s neckline is simple and doesn’t pull away any attention. If it looks a bit plain, you can grab a fancy necklace or scarf to add some interest. Though this item isn’t praised nearly enough in my opinion, the Basic White Shirt will always be a staple in my closet and I’m never letting it go.

Bottom: Snow Skirt, approximately 9,500 neopoints. A simple minty skirt that looks great on all species. So often I have been unable to find a lovely looking skirt and have come back to this one, time and time and time again. The pale hue complements outfits nicely, letting the rest of the customization shine and never looks out of place on girly pets. I have many neocash skirts, but I always come back to this one.

Background: Grassy Meadow Background, approximately 580 neopoints. Another item I believe is hugely underrated. It’s a simple blank canvas for any nature themed customization. The flatness of the land makes it perfect to customize with a huge variety of background items, side trees, foregrounds and garlands. The Grassy Meadow Background is shown on my Aisha bellow, where I’ve transformed it using my favourite pieces to make a unique customization.

Foreground: Shrubbery!! Approximately 3,000 neopoints. Shrubbery is a simple but tidy foreground item that will fit in with any outdoor customization. It covers the corners of your look, so it’s perfect at hiding messy stuff in the front of your background or the bottoms of garlands and trees. It’s small enough to be layered nicely with a lower foreground item, such as Flowing Logs Foreground as shown on Sopramus below. Though I use the original one the most, there are four different colours available for any customization, each between 3,000-5,000 neopoints.

Love is in the air! As you can tell by my pets, I love subtle pretty, girly things so a lot of the valentine wearables make my heart melt. The three valentine items I’m most excited about pulling out of my safety deposit box are:

Hearts in the Sky Background. Love at first sight! As you can tell, I love my nature themed customizations so I absolutely adore the gorgeous lawn, lake and fluffy clouds. There are tasteful touches of hearts and a hint of pink in there without being packed full of sparkly pink sugar. At only 2-3 caps, it’s price is surprisingly low so I’d definitely recommend it for everyone’s closet.

Premium Collectable: Heart in the Clouds Garland. It’s so sparkly and magical! This foreground perfectly blends in with any background to give a pop of pink, instantly giving your customization a valentines theme or tying in the pink colours in your neopet’s outfit. It is truly one of a kind, and if you weren’t a premium member last February it’s only 1-2 caps.

Blooming flower hearts. The bold red hearts instantly say ‘valentine’ without adding more of that sparkly pink sugar. They are beautiful for outdoor themes, and match well with other red valentines wearables. And again, despite being gorgeous and retired for several years, it’s only 1-2 caps. Perfect bargain!

But what are the awesome neopoint valentine items?

Verdant Archway, approximately only 300 neopoints is a luscious green archway with romantic pink flowers. Despite not having hearts visible on it, I believe it’s a neat option for those looking to step away from the traditional customizations and is a very cheap bargain.

Candy Heart Necklace, approximately 5,000 neopoints is an adorable girly accessory. Small and sweet, it gets your neopet in the spirit of the holiday without breaking the bank, and is perfect to wear the rest of the year as well.

Dreamy Pink Hearts Background is more expensive at 45,000 neopoints but is worth the saving. Put it on and viola, instant valentines. The business means you don’t have to bother with background items, garlands or foregrounds-just stick a cute dress and wig on, and your pet is good to go!

What items are you excited to use this season? And are you as excited as me to see what the neocash mall comes out with?

Does anyone else absolutely love items, such as mysterious morphing experiments, when they come out but then forget about them for years on end? I’m going to try and uncover the gems hiding in there this year, starting off with MME15-S1: Magical Storybook Background.

Above is my Gnorbu Sopramus wearing the background along with the matching foreground that came out later in the MME. It was released in May 2013 and was instantly popular, and it’s easy to see why-your neopet will instantly be transported into a beautiful faerietale. Whether they’re a princess, prince, evil villain or even an avid reader, they will find their home here. As it was the first stage of what looked to be an exciting mysterious morphing experiment, the Magical Storybook Background is ridiculously cheap at only 1-2 caps almost 3 years later. Dig this item out, you won’t regret it!

Currently waiting to deflate: Thicket of Flowers. I like beautiful items but I don’t like the huge prices they sometimes have, and from experience waiting for a price I can afford or an offer on the neocash boards I have the items and custom for definitely pays off. I’ve waited literally years for some of my dream items, waiting for the perfect offer or waiting for the neopoint items to be cheap enough, and it’s been worth it every single time. Faerie eye shadows used to be unbuyable, but look at them now, 2,000-10,000 neopoints a pop. Thick of Flowers is a gorgeous foreground with lush multi-coloured tulips and I’m eagerly waiting for it to be in my price range-before I make a large splurge.

Thank you for reading the Customization Diaries of the Gnorbu Obsessed #2, I hope you enjoyed it! I can’t wait to be back for a third edition, including the results of the newest mysterious morphing experiment-who else can’t wait?!

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