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Things That We're Lucky Enough To Ignore! (Part 2)

by indulgences


My side account is totally devoted to zapping-and-pounding, which means that I love to adopt well-named pets from the Neopian Pound, zap them into interesting colors with the Secret Laboratory Ray, and adopt them out to deserving new owners. It's my favorite hobby on this site!

That said, I must confess, I love the sudden surge of Random Events that are accompanying me around the site! Pounding and adopting pets can use up a lot of Neopoints, especially when you zap pets daily the way I do. It's pretty cool that there are so many Random Events giving me Neopoints that I never have to worry about running out of funds on my side account. It originally had around 10,000 NP, which has increased over the past few weeks to be 29,899 NP.

I consider myself lucky because I never have to undergo the hassle of moving NP from my main account to my side! Thank goodness for visits from Queen Fyora, as well as the other profitable Random Events that give me free NP!

My earlier article all about the things we're lucky to ignore got a lot of positive feedback, and I thought it would be fun to write a second article all about the other things we're lucky enough to ignore! I canvassed the Neoboards for everything mentioned in this article, and I had a lot of fun talking to my fellow players!

So here is part 2, and I hope you have fun reading it!

One astute player on my thread sagely noted that TNT is always on top of any security issues that the site might be having. A few weeks ago, there was a problem with a Flash vulnerability, which TNT promptly fixed. Many players logged in that day not realizing the magnitude of TNT's efforts, though they later learned about the patch, and were grateful to TNT. I was one of these people. Thank you, TNT, for always making the site more secure! We're lucky to not have to worry about scammers and hackers on the site, thanks to your heroic efforts!

And speaking of security, someone posted that Neopets is the only pet site where we're required to use PINs on the most sensitive areas of the site, such as our Shops and our Safety Deposit Boxes. Other virtual pet sites, along with most gaming sites in general, don't have this added measure of security, and most Neopians don't know this fact. We should all be grateful for the existence of PINs on this site, since they make our Neopets experience so much more safe and secure!

Another player noted that we're lucky to always have an interesting New Features page to read every single day! With other gaming sites, the players consider themselves lucky to get one news update per week, maybe even once per month. With Neopets, the New Features page is always the regularly updated, best part of everyone's day! We love to swarm the New Features page by the thousands, eager to learn about the newest wearables, Paint Brush colors, items, and contest winners. We're always looking forward to new site events and plots. We're lucky that we can ignore the tremendous effort that it takes for TNT to put together each New Features update. All we see are the highlights, the contests, and the coolest aspects of the site!

Many people said that the wearable items on this site are often under-appreciated by the players. It takes a huge effort to make each wearable applicable for every pet species, and TNT doesn't get enough credit for having introduced customization to the site so many years ago. These people declared that we're lucky enough to ignore the hard work it takes to make the wearables, well, wearable! I read everyone's insightful posts, and had to nod in agreement!

And speaking of things that are under-appreciated, one player noted that TNT rolls out with a ton of new items every single week! They could very well abandon this trend, and roll out with just a single item per week, but that's not what they do! The artists, it seems, are passionately devoted to creating beautiful new artwork for every new item, which surely takes a lot of creativity and dedication. We're all lucky enough to ignore the hours and hours it takes to design each new item, and we should be so thankful to the TNT artists!

The contests on this site have a lot of aficionados, and every week, people submit their entries and cross their fingers that their entries will win. We have to remember that the contest judges are swamped with hundreds of entries every week! It always shocks me when my Neopian Times articles are accepted, for instance, because I know I'm competing against a hundred other writers. I used to ignore the whole judging process, but now I'm more grateful, because I'm trying to reach 100 articles and stories published, and am currently at 82. So, so close!

One player said that the TNT staffers she most admires are the ones who monitor the Neoboards. She's seen threads get erased at the weirdest hours, like 4 am NST, because the monitors are diligently warning and silencing the players who post annoying and forbidden spam. We players tend to ignore the work that goes into keeping the site safe and protected, and I'm glad that the monitors keep it that way!

So thank your lucky stars, my fellow players, that we're lucky to ignore all the effort it takes to run a site as amazing and large as this one! There's something on this site for everyone, whether it means training your battle pet, achieving golden trophies, or amassing every avatar available. We innocently submit our entries to the myriad contests that abound on this site, without really realizing how difficult it is for the judges to select one entry from amongst hundreds. All we see are the polished, winning entries posted on the New Features page!

This article was really fun to write! Thanks, everyone, for your insights and opinions! I look forward to canvassing the Neoboards again in the future, probably for another article. It's always so fun and entertaining to pick your brains!

Stay tuned for more articles from yours truly, dear readers, and have an amazing week!

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