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Proving the Existence of Jelly World

by greenj12356


      In a building down a dark alley in Neopia Central, a group of pets got together to discuss an idea that many would not be able to voice in public.

      “Now, I’m not saying it is true right away,” Started their self-proclaimed leader, a Jelly Kau named Jeandra, “But suppose that Jelly World does actually exist.” There were some gasps from the group, but most of them nodded their heads. They were all Jelly pets after all. Believing that more items, and even whole lands could also be made out of Jelly was not so farfetched to them. “All throughout history we have heard of pet’s hushed whisperings of a world made of Jelly. But all of these pets have been quickly silenced, or labeled as insane. Darigan still holds a prisoner in his dungeons that goes on about Jelly World, but that isn’t the only pet to speak of this land. In my research quite a few pets wound up at Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for even trying to gather together like we are now, and discuss this rationally.”

      “But why?” a Grarrl in the crowd questioned. “It seems to me that if this land does exist, there should be an effort made to find it. Why would someone go to such lengths to hide its existence from the rest of Neopia?” The group of the Jelly pets listening nodded their agreement.

      “Well, therein lies the question. If this land does exist, why is all talk of its existence stifled? Could it really and truly be that there is no land made of Jelly? I am apt to disagree as then our existence doesn’t make sense. The lab ray can zap us into living Jelly, but where does that even come from? Going off of this I would say it is safe to surmise that we ourselves are proof that Jelly World could exist. So then, why is there such secrecy?” Jeandra posed the question to the group. She studied their colourful faces as each one tried to think of an explanation.

      “Well, what if it was that someone wanted to hide it?” spoke a Poogle. “The best way to keep it hidden would be to make it seem like the entire thing was just a myth. Only show pets who are already taken as crazy, so that the rumors spread and more pets just think that it is a myth.”

      “Precisely!” Jeandra shouted, pointing to the Poogle. “This way the land stays hidden, and no one goes off in search of it. This way, the Neopian who discovered or created the world is the only one who really knows about it. It is the perfect ploy to keep something hidden and away from the public eye. So we can easily say that someone is in charge of keeping it secret, and there must be a good reason for doing so. Maybe the Jelly industry is behind it, or maybe it is just an eccentric billionaire with a sweet tooth and doesn’t want anyone else to touch the world? But I think it is safe to say that Jelly World does exist, and that we need to start planning a way to find it.”

      “Just think of the fame we will receive by actually discovering the land! Not even Roxton had discovered a place such as this. Moltara will pale in comparison to a land made of Jelly. Finally us Jelly pets will find a land where we can really belong. One where we will not have to avoid being eaten at every step,” Jeandra tried to instill happiness in the crowd before her, their faces already gleaming with hope. “Finally we would no longer be taken as crazy for believing in a place such as Jelly World. We can hold our heads high as we proudly talk about an entire world of Jelly. So now, I suggest that we start to get a plan together as to how we will search for this world, and what supplies we may need. It is going to be a tough journey, but think of how we will be heralded as great adventures when we return!”

      Everyone in the room started to clap and cheer for Jeandra, they all now did believe that they would discover the fabled Jelly World, and bring back proof of its existence. As all the pets started to try and discuss plans as to where to start looking, and what they would need to pack for their adventure, none of them realized just who was watching them. “It is getting worse. Jeandra seems to be twisting the minds of the other sick pets, we cannot let her keep doing this,” A figure in white mumbled to himself as he flew off.


      The next day the pets all met up again, ready with what supplies they thought they need, and what they had actually been able to get their hands on. Each one looked to Jeandra to help lead them on their adventure.

      “Now everyone remembers the plan? We can’t get caught trying to leave or pets will ask too many questions about where we are going. I know a lot of us have had issues in the past, and that’s why we are all here and had found each other, so it would be best to lay low as we try to leave Neopia Central. Any questions?”

      “Yes, I have one,” A Buzz dressed in white said as he hovered over. All of the pets quickly looked to the newcomer, surprised that someone from out of their group had found them. “Jeandra, why do you keep trying to confuse these poor pets? We keep going through this that there is no such thing as Jelly World. Please, just stop this.” As he spoke, Jeandra turned a much paler blue. How had he found her again, she had been so careful in picking out her hiding spot, and not letting any information leak out. “All of you need to go back, please do not believe a word that she says. This has happened before and she just can’t…” He started to say before being loudly cut off.

      “NO! This is what I mean, they don’t want us to know that Jelly World does exist! It really does, they know it does too! They are in on it, they are trying to keep that world from us!” Jeandra rapidly spoke as two large Skeiths also dressed in white came to stop her. “You have to trust me, these people are working for them, they know, they know!”

      The rest of the Jelly pets could hear her as she kept shouting down the hallway. The two Skeiths having picked her up as she struggled and carried her away.

      The Buzz turned back to the rest of the pets and tried to calm them down, “Please, remain calm, Jeandra has always wanted to believe in the fabled Jelly World, and every time we try to let her communicate with more pets to see if she is well enough to leave the hospital, she always starts to do this again,” Shaking his head, he continued, “I realize that most of you are just here at the Neopian Hospital for general illness, but please, think a bit more rationally before you decide to believe a crazy conspiracy such as Jelly World.”

      The Buzz doctor then helped all of the pets get back to their rooms, and got the nurses to check on them to make sure their illnesses had not worsened from the "excitement". Shaking his head he hovered back down the hall. As he flew back to his office he kept thinking about some way to help Jeandra realize that an entire world made of Jelly was just a crazy dream, and not real.

      The End.

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