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Neopian Astrology: Shenkuu

by aleu1986


Have you ever wondered what your Neopian sign is?

In my previous article on Neopian astrology, I wrote about the protectors of Altador and their constellations in the night sky, and this time I`ll be exploring the Shenkuuvian belief of how everyone born in a certain year possesses the quality of the Neopet ruling that specific year. The years are made up of a cycle of twelve – it always starts with the Meerca, then follows the specific order listed below. I`ve listed some of the past years belonging to each Neopet, in addition to present and some future years.


51BN (Before Neopets) – 39 BN, 27 BN, 15 BN, 3 BN, Y4, Y16, Y28, Y40.

The Meerca is an extrovert creature that loves attention, and is an expert entertainer. It knows how to get people`s attention and keep it. They don`t do that well on their own, and so they love company in various forms. They prefer to dine, travel, etc. with others by their side, and their popularity makes sure they`re never short of friends.

Meercas have a keen sense of observation, they can easily see a situation from different perspectives, and as such they`re good at thinking outside the box. They`re intelligent with a quick wit, and many find them charming. Meercas often have high ambitions, but they often struggle with sticking to one thing and seeing it through. They have lots of imagination and creativity, artistic fields is a rich and rewarding path for Meercas to take, although their critical nature makes them very hard on their own work and that of others.


50 BN, 38 BN, 26 BN, 14 BN, 2 BN, Y5, Y17, Y29, Y41.

In many ways the opposite of the Meerca, the Kau prefers privacy and their own company over parties and lively groups. They`re not good team players, and prefer to do things on their own, in their own way. They do make good leaders that can inspire others, but also have trouble taking orders and direction from those around them, as Kaus prefer to be in charge rather than follow.

They`re strong and confident, and where the Meerca often struggles to stick to one project at a time, the Kau has great determination and carries on at a steady pace. They`re loyal to that and those they care about, and prefer to stay close to home and do what they know rather than explore and discover. Kaus can be very stubborn and demanding. They can have fierce tempers, but are usually pretty even and balanced. They make caring friends, and will fiercely defend their beliefs.


49 BN, 37 BN, 25 BN, 13 BN, 1BN, Y6, Y18, Y30, Y42.

A Kau may not want to take many chances, but to a Kougra, few things are more exciting than taking big risks and face fresh challenges. These Neopets push themselves to succeed – woe betides anyone that stands in their way! They`re extremely competitive, but are also honourable and would never take shortcuts to reach the top. They`re brave, and have great confidence, but trouble accepting criticism due to their sensitivity. They have a great self-love, bordering on vanity, and it`s hard for them to accept that not everyone else thinks Kougras are the best thing ever. They`re active and athletic, but can also be restless and impulsive. They`re rebels, but should think twice before they act. In order to be happy, they need to be independent. Kougras are dignified, passionate and generous. When struck by a blow, they never stay down for long. They bounce back, always ready for action.


48 BN, 36 BN, 24 BN, 11 BN, Y1, Y7, Y19, Y31, Y43.

It`s hard not to get along with a Cybunny. They`re not exactly lively, but that`s not what makes them great friends. They`re kind and gentle, with great compassion, although they can also be selfish and put their own enjoyment and comfort in front of the needs of others. They are however diplomatic, and would never provoke a fight or hurt someone else on purpose.Cybunnies are quiet and thoughtful, they`re the first to leave the room if a situation or mood is not to their liking. It may appear as if they`re not listening or paying attention, but they always do. They`re just not always comfortable speaking their opinion.

Cybunnies are docile, and they need security and stability in their life. They can be quite fussy and have difficulty changing their minds if an idea is stuck in their head.


47 BN, 35 BN, 10 BN, Y2, Y8, 720, Y32, Y44.

Draiks believe the rules don`t apply to them. They don`t want to rely on others, they want to be free, and many Draiks live alone, which suits them fine. Whereas the Kougra is a risk taker that likes challenges, the Draik has bravado rather than bravery. They can be foolhardy and have a tendency to brag and make themselves seem grander than what is the truth. They have plenty of enthusiasm and a lust for life. Routines bore them, they`re artistic creatures that don`t mind meeting demands and overcoming difficulties.

Draiks are proud, and can also be arrogant. They typically have lots of friends, despite being fine on their own. Their nature is demanding and so they can ask too much of others and also be too stubborn to accept help when it is being offered. Draiks can be unpredictable, which makes them exciting.

Shenkuuvians believe that those born in a year of the Draik are particularly lucky!


46 BN, 34 BN ,9 BN, Y3, Y9, Y21, Y33, Y45.

Hissi are mostly guided by intuition. They can`t be rushed, and do things at their own pace – often a slow and sluggish one. They don`t need to stick to only one kind of job or project, they are highly adaptable and can take on different tasks with ease. They are wise and charming, but are also secretive and don`t trust others easily. Hissi are usually solitary creatures, they want to be alone, and they want to be left alone.

They make choices and stick with them, they don`t change their mind easily. Hissi are intelligent, but can use their smarts to manipulate others. They may have issues with jealousy, and their envy of others success will overshadow their ability to be pleased on their behalf.


45 BN, 33 BN, 8 BN, Y4, Y10, Y22, Y34, Y46.

Similarly to Kougras and Draiks, those born in the year of the Uni have a great need for independence. They have more brawn than brains, and are capable of being very hard-working. They`re friendly, though with a selfish streak. Unis like to show off and enjoy situations where they can prove themselves better and greater than someone else. They also don`t mind being challenged, and have the mental strength to follow through on things they start – provided they feel the task is up to their standards. Like the Draik, the Uni is a free spirit, one that prefer to roam and drift rather than settle down and become stuck.

Unis can be impatient, vain and reckless, but also refined and cheerful. They may be blind to the faults of others, and so fall in with the wrong crowd and make bad friends, but they make great companions when they have found the people (or Neopets) that are right for them.


44 BN, 32 BN, 7 BN, Y5, Y11, Y23, Y35, Y47.

The Ixi is reserved. Usually not the one to speak up first, they are typically the first to complain when something is not to their liking. They`re honest, but mostly regarding things they don`t approve of, or are dissatisfied with. They can however be quite charming, and many are creative and artistic types. Unlike the Hissi, which prefers to be left alone, the Ixi is a social creature that needs friendship and security. They prefer to work in groups, for example. In fact, many are quite dependent and don`t fair well alone. Ixi are calm, they rarely lose their tempers, they`re mild and sympathetic, some are timid and soft-spoken, while others are more sure of themselves. Though not egotistical, Ixi do enjoy spending time and money on themselves.


43 BN, 31 BN, 6 BN, Y6, Y12, Y24, Y36, Y48.

Mynci are smart, but also mischievous, which means they love all manners of jokes and pranks, truly testing the patience of their friends. Mynci are typically good-natured, however, so they rarely take their antics too far. They get bored easily, they have a restless personality. Mynci need plenty of stimulation in order to be happy. Without it, they quickly move on to something else. They adapt well, and most have a wide area of interests, Mynci are forever on the lookout for something fresh and exciting to capture them. They always have some manner of idea stuck in their head.

Mynci love causing a stir – whereever they go, fun and games are sure to ensue. They`re fast talkers and quick learners. Many are intelligent, but can struggle to see things from the perspective of others, meaning they`re not very understanding, despite being good conversationalists. The Mynci may often be untruthful, causing some to be skeptical of them. Yet others are drawn to this type of person due to their charm.


42 BN, 30 BN, 5 BN, Y7, Y13, Y25, Y37, Y49.

The Lenny is direct and blunt, they always speak their mind, even if they don`t care if someone gets hurt by their words. They may be boastful, but they`re always open, and they`re known for being highly intelligent.

Lennies are flashy creatures. They`re colourful and elegant, and love being the centre of attention. They enjoy being admired, and dislike it when they have to share the spotlight, or someone takes it from them. In social settings, Lennies usually have a variety of friends and get along with different kinds of people. They do have a tendency to be bossy and demanding, causing some to get easily frustrated with them. Lennies are dreamers, they like to daydream, but are also hard workers.


41 BN, 29 BN, 4 BN, Y6, Y14, Y26, Y38, Y50.

Loving and faithful, Gelerts make loyal and true friends. They thrive on stability and predictability, and are honest – though with a sharp tongue. They`re good at logic and reason, but may be overly critical at times. Gelerts prefer to stick to what they feel works for them. If they find a hobby or activity they enjoy, they see little point in trying something new and different.

Gelerts have a tendency to worry, they may be pessimistic or even anxious. They may also hold grudges and stay mad for longer periods of time when they feel unfairly treated. Most Gelerts are devoted and loving to those they care about. Unselfishness is one of their greatest qualities.


40 BN, 28 BN, 3 BN, Y7, Y15, Y27, Y39, Y51.

The Moehog is a kind and generous creature. They`re sincere and loving, the type that would never lie, cheat or be deliberately cruel. However, their sweetness and naitive means they can easily be taken advantage of. They`ll often allow themselves to be pushed around, and their hate of conflict means they have difficulty defending themselves against injustice. They`re tolerant, but only up to a certain point. They may have a quick temper, but can`t stand arguing. A Moehog will never stay angry for long. Unlike the Lenny, they`re considerate of others feelings, and crave harmony.

Moehogs are patient, they work steadily, though many are lazy and just want a life of luxury. Often materialistic, the Moehog loves money, but lacks great ambitions.

How do you find out which Neopet you are?

Your birthyear decides which Neopet you are.

Neopets started in 1999, which is Y1 according to the Neopian calendar. I chose to start listing the cycle with the Meerca from 1948, which is to say 51 years before Neopets was created. (Hence 51 BN). From there you add twelve years to the next year of the Meerca, and simply add one year to get the next Neopet in the cycle. So Kau is 1949, Kougra is 1950, and so on. Each Neopet rules every twelweth year.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Please check out my other articles, and feel free to Neomail me with any comments, I`d be happy to hear from you.

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