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A Canine Conundrum

by pirate_11

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Wintery Games - Snow Roller
It's time to roll!

by royal_real


Ink: As Black as Ink - Part 12
Things aren't really that Black and White.

by june_scarlet


Eclectic Antics: Trading Places
Don't worry, Hanso is currently fine. Slightly charred, but fine.

by amarettoball


Janet and Jane: The Case of the Framed Detectives: Part One
This one was serious and was going to be the hardest one that the company had received in a while. The worst part was that I had to do it all without my best friend. In fact, the entire case revolved around her. It wasn't even a real case - it was just me trying to find her. Jane went missing about four days ago.

by chasing_stars44

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