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Wintery Games - Snow Wars II

by royal_real


Hello, readers! As we know winter is coming to Neopia soon, be ready for lots of snow! So, to celebrate this time of the year I decided to make a new series with nice game tutorials to play in the winter!

I’ll start with one of my favorite games - after I learned how to play it: snow wars II. It’s not as hard as I thought it was, but I’m telling you: be patient and have a lot of time.

The game

Let’s divide the game to make things easier:

First, you have to surround all of your snowmen - there are five each game - in a short period of time. In the first round, you have 30 seconds. From the second until the end, you have 15 seconds. When your area is completely surrounded, it’ll turn blue. Important: at least, you must have one snowmen protected, otherwise it’s game over

Second, you have to positionate the catapults in your blue area. You have the maximum of 5 catapults per round - with the exception of the first round, which the maximum is 6. Important: the number of the catapults you’ll get in the round is the quantity of surrounded snowmen in the round. Basically, if four snowmen are surrounded, you’ll get four catapults; if only one is surrounded, you’ll get only one catapult.

Third, you have to defeat snowbeasts and lupes every round so they can’t destroy your protection and snowmen. In the beginning you have to defeat 2 snowbeasts and 3 lupes, then it’ll increase by 1 until you have 5 snowbeast and 6 lupes to defeat every round.

Game Over

There are two ways to lose the game. The first one - which is more likely to happen - is when you can’t surround your snowmen in the period of time. It’s common to lose in the late game because the pieces you’ll get are bigger and the space smaller. The second way is when the lupes invade the area and destroy all of your snowmen. It’s way harder to lose that way, but everything is possible, right?

About the blocks

There are different types of block to use. You can’t choose them, it’s completely random. Here they are:

A 1x1 square

A 2x1 retangle

A 3x1 retangle

3 squares in form of “L”

4 squares which is the 3x1 retangle with a single square above of the middle square

5 squares in form of “+”

5 squares in form of “Z”

Also, it’s important to know that you can spin them, just press spacebar. But you need to be fast.


First of all, don’t, but don’t even try to protect one snowman at time because, i’m sure about that, you won’t have time. Don’t forget you only have 15 seconds every round and there are easier ways to protect all of them.

That being said, in the beginning, look at the positions of the snowmen. If they aren’t close to each other, or if they are too close to borders, RESTART THE GAME. If they are close to the borders, it will be way more difficult to protect them in the late game. It is nice to have sort of three lines of snow protecting the borders.

Now, surround all of them at once! Don’t forget you can use space bar to rotate the pieces. You will mostly get squares and 2x1 retangles. Also, it’s important to surround EVERYTHING. Even the corners. Put a lot of blocks in the corners. When the area turns blue, it’s a sign they’re protected! just keep protecting more until the time ends.

When the time ends, it’s catapult’s time. If you have protected the five snowmen, you’ll get six catapults in the first round. BE CAREFUL TO PLACE THE CATAPULTS, because it won’t be changed later - and don’t forget, you need space to place stuff. There’s a time to place the catapults, so don’t take too long, because if you haven’t placed none, you can’t attack the monsters, and it’ll be really, really awful for your protection.

Now, when attacking the monsters, remember: ATTACK THE SNOWBEASTS FIRST. The difference between them and the lupes is that they throw snowballs to destroy your blocks, while the lupe takes a lot of time to destroy it. After destroying the beasts, go for the lupes. They are a little harder to defeat but no big deal, just shoot a little in front of them because lupes always move foward (going to your area to attack it) - also, there’s another way to defeat a lupe: if you fail to defeat him with the catapults, wait for him to get closer to your wall and trap him with the blocks! It’s usually not worth it because, as I said before, your time is slow and protecting your snowmen is more important.

While defeating the enemies, try to see the damage they did to you. Where did they destroy the blocks? Is the damage too big? Can I easily fix it with the types of blocks I use? Firstly because you will save time - fifteen seconds, never forget that - and in the late game time is really important. After thinking about these questions, if you replied the third one with a no, you should shoot your own wall. That does sound strange, i know, but sometimes rebuilding your wall will be more difficult if you don’t do that because of some isolated blocks that weren’t destroyed by the enemy. Remember that you’ll recieve more big pieces with the time, and it’s way harder to place a 5-squares Z block than a 2x1-squares block, trust me.

In round two, I did a thing that helped me a lot when I got the av: I divided my wall in two parts. Why? Because I thought it was easier to manage and harder to get a game over. Sometimes you can’t protect all five snowmen, but you can protect a small block with two or three of them. Also, don’t forget to put a few catapults in the second block so you can defeat - at least the snowbeast, you don’t want to see ten snowbeasts in a round shooting at your wall, right?

So basically that’s it. Don’t forget: practice is important. There was a time that my high score was 10, I would never expect to score 10000 and getting the avatar but in the end I got it! If you want to ask any other questions, just nm me. Good luck, good game and stay tuned for new news!

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