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Hungry For Attention? 10 Food Related Backgrounds

by royal_real


We all love food. It’s one of the most versatile things in Neopia. It comes in different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, patterns and, of course, tastes. You can take it anywhere, you can eat whenever you want, and you can even divide food with friends!

But have you ever thought about wearing food? You can do a lot of different customizations that will make you look tasty! To starters, here are ten backgrounds with food to start your new look.

1. Summer Picnic Background (NC)

Summer might be over, but every time is a time for picnic! Just bring your favorite food to a park, the garden of your Neohome or in a secret room where you plan to destroy Neopia (just kidding, you never read this). The good thing about this background is that these are your favorite foods, so there’s a lot of identity going on. Also, who doesn’t look pretty with your favorite food?

Sweet tip: use it on winter days just to show how much you love picnics. And food!

2. I Love Pie Background (NP)

This is the dream of every single pie lover. You are surrounded by a lot of pie of all sorts of flavors; you can even see hearts coming out of you. No, this isn’t a dream, neither a love story from faerieland. This is real, and you can use it. It’s like a celebration of valenPIES day every day!

Sweet tip: nice for the Valentine’s Day because of its hearts and love.

3. Land of Candy Background (NC)

Have you ever thought of walking in a street made of candy? Or maybe cross a chocolate river in a marshmallow bridge? With this background it’s possible. Everything is made of sweets, from lollipops to cupcakes. You can even climb a mountain made of jelly to see how colorful the candy world is. Enjoy yourself!

Sweet tip: Use it when you are going to chocolate factory. It can give you some luck. Or not. Who knows?

4. Gingerbread Dream House Background (NC)

Did you like the last background? What if your house was made of candy instead? Your garden would be full of sweets; you would eat food in candy furniture. The house is made of chocolate and decorated with mint candy and Chantilly. The best thing about this background is the gingerbread that keeps running with a smile in his face. It’s contagious!

Sweet tip: this background is nice for Christmas. Gingerbread is so charismatic it’d make everything happy.

5. Chocolate Ballroom Background (NP)

Prepare your dresses and tuxedos! The sweetest ballroom is back! Be ready to walk in the chocolate carpet and for the contests like the sweetest person of the event and the bitterest (as chocolate) comments. Don’t forget to serve your tastiest look. This is the time you have to show the world your beauty and talent – in a sweet way, of course.

Sweet tip: this background is the best one if you want to do a chic or at least a formal look.

6. Doughnutfruit Explosion Background (NP)

It’s a sunny day. You are going to Meridell so you can tell King Skarl your new joke. In your way to the castle you see some small colorful things in the sky, but you can recognize what it is. Once you arrive, you see that these things were doughnutfruits! There are so many on the floor and a lot falling down, like rain. When you see it, you are surrounded by them, so just be the doughnutfruit master!

Sweet tip: use some negg related clothes just for fun.

7. Sugar Negg Background (NC)

This is different of the other backgrounds showed here until now. Either you were surrounded by food or you were in a place made of food. In this one you are INSIDE the food! This shows that you love food so much that you live in a negg. The pastel-colored background brings the softness of spring and the excitement of the negg festival. You may even scare those Neopians hunting neggs!

Sweet tip: use some doughnutfruit related clothes just for fun.

8. Super Ice Cream Machine Background (NP)

Things are getting cold! The most delicious game of Neopets has a background too! You are in the ice cream machine in the middle of flying scoops of all flavors. This one is hard because you have to dodge all the scoops and still look great. You must have great hability to handle it in a fashion way. Are you good enough? Are you brave? So this is your background!

Sweet tip: This could be nice in a challenging customization. And play the game. It’s really funny. Seriously.

9. Pretzel Bakery Background (NC)

Do you like pretzels? Have you ever wondered how they are made? Do you wish to see all flavors in one place? This is your background! The bakery, with a really nice design – the shades of brown fits the shades of pretzel! – is the most famous one in Neopia. When you get in, you can see hundreds of pretzels and its flavors – from Chokato to Tigersquash – with an accessible price, so everyone can taste it. But the most amazing thing of the bakery is that you can see them being made and decorated in the air! (but don’t worry, you don’t have to dodge them like the ice cream scoops. At least it’s not supposed to happen). You can eat and watch this show!

Sweet tip: Use shades of yellow. They fit well with shades of brown and shades of pretzel.

10. Inside TNTs Breakroom Refrigerator Background (NP)

What do you know about TNT? Do you know who they are? What do they do? Mostly important, what food do they eat? With this background, you can see what’s inside of their refrigerator! You might get scared though, after all, what to expect from the creators of all the foods of Neopia? It’s hard to define for sure. But be careful, don’t spend much time looking at it, they can find out. And nobody knows what’s going to happen…

Sweet tip: be safe, please. Also, call the janitor, someone needs to clean the refrigerator once a while. Or maybe… why don’t you clean it? You can discover what’s inside of it.

And that’s all! Thanks for reading. Now it’s time to prepare your new look. Be creative! Also, don’t eat the background. It may be hard to do it, but it’s worth it!

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