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The Fastest Way To The 'Kadoatery - Mew!' Avatar

by mustikeuh121

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Oopsy Daisy
Watch where you pick!

by kouger233


Ewww Garlic
Eugh, that's not fair.

by trilce


The Faerie of Ars Arcanium: Part One
"I mean the problems with magic around all of Neopia, it's affecting me and the other Faeries too." Taelia said. Diakumablo and Sinisal stared at her in shock. It was true that magic seemed to be going haywire recently and any Neopet who tried to use it would never get the desired result. It was causing quite a lot of trouble for Neopia, but they weren't aware that this was affecting the Faeries of Neopia too.

by orisasda


Anniversary - Part 7
Literally ten, chronologically twenty-eight, looks more like seventeen.

by caylista

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