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Eyries A to Z

by aleu1986


In celebration of Eyrie Day, I have compiled an alphabetic list containing everything there is to know about this wonderful species. From colours to wearables and from characteristics to famous Eyries, this article brings the wonderful Eyrie into the spotlight.



Aethia, more commonly known as the Battle Faerie, rides (or, rather flies) a yellow Eyrie into battle. This Eyrie is known as Battle Eyrie, whose gender and proper name is unknown. Aethia obviously made a wise choice in steed, as Eyries are both larger and fiercer than for example Unis. The Battle Eyrie has been Aethia`s companion for years, aiding her in many battles.


There are five avatars featuring Eyries, not counting the default one which features a yellow Eyrie. The others feature respectivly Lord Kass, a Plushie Eyrie, a Robo Eyrie, Captain Threelegs and finally there is the new Beauty Contest avatar, which we`ll come back to in a moment. There are currently no avatars featuring Eyries which require you to own a member of this species or visit the petlookup of one. Hopefully TNT will make one soon, I`d personally love one with a Faerie or Desert Eyrie on it.



Eyries make fierce opponents. They take their training seriously and would never back down from a challenge. Eyrieki is currently the only Eyrie Battledome challenger, he is the second foe you`ll face in series 2 of Defenders of Neopia.


The other birds of Neopia include Lenny, Pteri, Bruce and Vandagyre. While Lenny has the longest beak, the Eyrie has the broadest and sharpest. Better watch those fingers!


He is the handsome face on the Beauty Contest avatar! He also appears in the game Cheat! If he`s not busy playing cards, you can usually find him on the dance floor.



Eyries are carnivores, which means they almost exclusivly eat meat. What kind of meat, you ask? Uh... moving on!


All Eyries don`t live in caves, but as they thrive in mountain regions, many make their homes in caves in the mountain sides. Most prefer to build nests, though. Despite their size, Eyries always make their home high up, preferably in the mountains, and never on the ground.


Like several other Neopets, the Eyrie is equipped with claws on all four feet. It is however Bori and Lutari that can brag about having the biggest, most powerful set of claws. Eyries have eighteen claws in total, four on each back paw, and five on the front paws.


The Tenth day of the Month of Collecting is Eyrie Day! *triumphant music*



This unfortunately named character is a Pirate Eyrie from Krawk Island, one of the opponents you`ll play against in Bilge Dice.


This colour is one of the most popular choices for Eyries, and it`s no wonder! When this colour was released for this species, I bought a Lost Desert Paint Brush first thing and created a new Eyrie to paint. The Desert Eyrie is in my personal opinion one of the most beautiful Desert Neopets.


While Eyries can`t be said to have a passion for fashion, like most Unis, they do know how to dress, and dress well. There is in fact an outfit called the Dressy Eyrie (modeled below) which consists of a gorgeous light brown wig with locks, a stunning blue dress with matching bracelets and a necklace that is barely visible from underneath the Eyries thick mane.



Eyries are known for their elegance and grace, whether on land or in the air. They soar majecticly through the skies, and carry themselves with pride when they walk.


There are at the time of writing four Emerald Eyrie items. They include the Emeral Eyrie Coin, which is extremly rare! Let`s just say that if you get your hands (or paws) on one of these, you never have to go to the Faerieland Employment Agency ever again. Next there is the Emerald Eyrie Sculpture, which fits into the classic NeoHome. This is a glimmering sculpture, a great centerpiece to any room. The Emerald Eyrie Shield is a defence item, which in addition to looking beautiful, protects your Eyries wings in battle. The newest Emerald Eyrie item was released in the NC Mall for Illusen Day last year: Harp of the Emerald Eyrie. Unlike the Magical Floor Harp, this doesn`t emit music and is a bit hard to customise with. It is a gorgeous item though, perfect for your Illusen gallery!


Another of my favourite Eyrie colours. My Lunielle was amongst the first Eyries in Neopia to be painted this colour upon its release, thanks to the Fountain Faerie. The Eventide Eyrie is pretty standard for the colour, but features the dark, starry areas more heavily than in certain other species.



Along with Desert, Faerie is one of the most popular colours for Eyries. Some that aren`t big fans of the species have even fallen in love with this gorgeous colour. The Faerie Eyrie is both beautiful and unique, sporting a base colour unlike any other Faerie Neopet. They increased noticably in popularity and number due to a Faerie Eyrie Morphing Potion being one of the prizes from the Altador Cup X.


And speaking of the Altador Cup, Fiorina is a female yellow Eyrie that plays for the Meridell team.



This species has a fondness for shiny, valuable objects. Rather like the Snowager, many Eyries may hoard items (mostly precious gems, gold or NeoPoints) and guard it greedily.


Hygiene and grooming is an important part of keeping your Neopets healthy. The Eyrie is unique in that they have both thick fur and large, feathered wings, meaning they need different kinds of products and a thorough grooming routine. Your Eyrie will preen their feathers several times a day, but may need help keeping their mane and fur free of tangles and dirt. Daily brushing is recommended.



Eyries love to soar through the skies and usually make their nests in the mountains. Although Eyries are equally comfortable on land as in the sky, they have no fear of great heights. Flying is as natural to them as swimming is to a Flotsam.



Aishas and Lennies are widely known for their high intelligence, and Eyries are also quite smart. They`re resourceful and are good problem solvers. Most of all, they love to think up clever riddles that have their friends tearing their hair out in frustration trying to figure out the answer.



The main villain in NeoQuest. A red Eyrie with an appearence like that of a wizard, his plans to take over Neopia was foiled by the brave White Lupe, also known as the NeoQuest Hero.

Jair Tollet

A female Maraquan Eyrie who used to play for Maraqua`s Altador Cup team. After one season, she moved to play for Roo Island instead.



Lord Kass is one of the most iconic and well-known villains in Neopia. He played a large role in the Battle For Meridell plot as a general in Lord Darigans army who rose to power. Kass is described as a good stragetist, but his hunger for power and his decietful ways ultimatly became his downfall.



Standing tall at an impressive average of 160 cm, the Eyrie is by far the largest and tallest species in Neopia. (By comparison, Flotsams are the smallest, at only 21 cm on avarage). Eyries are also big and strong enough to carry other Neopets on their backs when walking or flying.


Though Eyries can be fierce at times, they are also loving and loyal. They make very good friends, and are true to their owners. The friendship of an Eyrie is a valuable thing indeed. They`re also kind and responsible petpet owners.


Militia Eyrie Coat

Easily one of the most popular Eyrie wearables. It`s perfect for male Eyries and gives them an air of status and authority. With this coat you can make your Eyrie command an army or the crew on a pirate ship.


As previously mentioned, Eyries enjoy altitudes and many live in the mountains, whether in caves in the mountain sides, or on the peaks where they build their nests and can watch over their territory.

Mystery Island

This is the native land of the Eyrie, though they have long since spread to the entire world of Neopia. Although they originate from a tropical climate, the Eyrie is quite adaptable, and their fur makes them better suited for colder regions. You can however find them anywhere in Neopia, from lush forests to barren plains.


Neopian Furniture Shopkeeper

The Neopian Furniture shop is managed by a friendly green Eyrie. He`ll help you pick out anything from rugs to lamps, and gives expert redecorating tips!

Neopian Times Eyries Paper

This is part of a clothing set for male Eyries which consists of hat, shoes, trousers, shirt and vest, and finally the stack of Neopian Times Papers. Only Eyries can wear them. What a privilige!


An Eyrie is not only noble of stature, it is noble of heart as well.



This female, blue Eyrie appears in the game NeoQuest II, as the Captain of the guard in Faerieland`s watchtower.



Eyries are quite a popular species, claiming the eighth spot on the list of Neopets created.


They are very proud creatures and have a tendency to take themselves, as well as everything they do, quite seriously. Eyries are noble, honourable Neopets.


The proper way to pronounce this proud Neopets name is: EAR-ee.



Eyries are curious and love to learn. They like to seek knowledge and ask questions about the world around them. Although they are eager to learn, they also have a great sense of adventure which sometimes overpowers their desire to study.


Recent Releases

The past five years these colours have been released for Eyries on their pet day: Woodland, Strawberry, Stealthy, Eventide, Zombie, Ghost, Maractite, Gold, Desert and Camouflage. Do you own any Eyries in any of these colours? Which one is your favourite?



Most Eyries prefer flying to walking, and soaring through the sky is a delightful way of getting to where you`re going. Many a Neopet has looked up to the sky in envy of the graceful flight of the Eyrie.

Slushie Shop

This Happy Valley shop is managed by a cheery, striped Eyrie.

Spooky Food Eating Contest

Many will recall this event that took place in Neovia two years ago. The blue Eyrie Myrtle shared the second place in the Spooky Food Eating Contest with Turfy the Xweetok. Outside of participating in said eating contest, Myrtle is busy working as a seamstress at the tailor shop in Neovia.



This female, green Eyrie appears in the game NeoQuest II as a playable character. She`s a skilled and experienced archer.


Captain Threelegs is along with Lord Kass one of Neopias most famous Eyries. He is a retired pirate captain that runs the Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island and like Kass, he`s also got the honour of gracing an avatar. In exchange for dubloons, Captain Threelegs will train your Neopet, and on each species Pet Day, he generously trains them free of charge.

Thyora`s Tear

A Neopian legend speaks of a young Eyrie named Thyora. Sitting at the bank of a river, she was mourning the loss of her brother Ponfrie, who was felled when he was trying to save their home from a hoard of rampaging Skeiths. A Water Faerie came upon the young Eyrie, and the weeping Neopet told the faerie her tragic story. The Water Faerie took great pity on Thyora, and taking a single tear from the grief-stricken Eyrie, the faerie fashioned a magical necklace known as Thyora`s Tear. It grants the wearer protection from all harm for a brief time.

When used in the Battledome, Thyora`s Tear is a great defence weapon.


Unconverted (UC)

Baby, Darigan, Grey and Plushie are the only Eyrie colours that have had their old art grandfathered. The Darigan and Grey Eyries in particular are quite sought-after.



Eyries have excellent sight. The expression "watching someone like an Eyrie" wasn`t invented for no reason, you know! Their sharp eyes can spot a petpet on the ground below even when they`re flying high in the air.



Anyone who has ever laid eyes on an Eyrie can not help notice their large wings. Before customisation was introduced, the Eyries pose was slightly different, and only one wing was fully shown. After the redraws, the Eyries position was switched around, and now both their wings are visible.


The Woodland Eyrie is quite gorgeous! A user on the Neoboards once told me they had never wanted an Eyrie until they saw the Woodland one.


Excellent as their sight may be, X-ray vision is NOT something the ordinary Eyrie posesses, though I can`t speak for the Robot and Mutant Eyries.



A purple Eyrie graces the 2 Years Userlookup shield.


Yes, YOU! You have to take good care of your Eyrie(s), they deserve only the best! Treat them with Gourmet Foods, take them across Neopia so they can see the world, buy them only the best toys and the finest clothing. Eyries are awesome Neopets and deserve to be treated like royalty.



If there`s one Neopet you`ll never see lazying about or giving up, it`s the Eyrie. They`re zealous in every task, whether it be strength training, treasure hunting or education.

This brings this article to a close. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new about this wonderful species. Special thanks to the fansite JellyNeo and their great resources.

Happy Eyrie Day from Aleu and her flock of Eyries!

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