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Altador Cup Players’ Favorite Gormball Player

by pikachu315111


The Altador Cup has become a Neopian-wide phenomenon, a Yooyuball championship which every world participates in. However the Altador Cup wasn’t the first championship that featured a ball sport as the main focus. Before Yooyuball and the Altador Cup there was Gormball and The Annual Gormball Championships! Though a Virtupets Space Station sport, many Altador Cup players would say that one of their inspirations was Gormball; even the famous Disco Ixi Altador Cup Commentator, Tobias Sigmir, originally wanted to be a Gormball Commentator. Some Altador Cup players are such big fans that many try to attend The Annual Gormball Championships every year. Every Altador Cup player has their own favorite Gormball player, and some were kind enough to give me a minute of their time to tell me who it was! So Yooyuball and Gormball fans alike, let me present to you Altador Cup players’ favorite Gormball players:

Altador Cup Player: Orie Dinelle (Team Brightvale - Goalkeeper)

Favorite Gormball Player: Brian

"As a former cheater myself, I can understand how difficult it is to prove that you’re just as skilled as any other player. Okay, so you cheated once or twice, big whoop, it’s just a game, a game where the goal is to win and for some they just take extra precautions to assure they do. Some call it cheating; I personally consider it as putting the odds in your favor. And when you’re a professional player, either for Yooyuball or Gormball, you quickly learn that not many sponsors want a loser endorsing their products. Of course they also don’t want a cheater endorsing their products either, and while you can remedy being a loser by winning the next championship, remedying the stigma of being a cheater is a much more difficult thing to do. So yeah, I guess I sort of see a bit of myself in Brian, and say what you want about Brian but he has won one Annual Gormball Championship fairly and has done pretty good in a few others since then, you know, aside from Year 13. And no I don’t blame him for cheating; the temptation of an easy victory is very appealing if you’ve done it before, especially when you think you can get away with it. Not that I would know, Team Brightvale has been clean for years *gives a suspicious smirk and snickers*"

Altador Cup Player: Ciona Broan (Team Faerieland - Right Defender)

Favorite Gormball Player: Ember

"Everyone who’s on and was on Team Faerieland fully supports Ember, aside from Elbin Kroe who tends to change his Gormball winning pick each year. Though Ember rarely visits Faerieland, at least before it fell, she’s Faerieland’s most popular Gormball player. Of course that’s talking from the Neopet side of things, I don’t much know about Faerie politics aside from what Ember said about her being mocked and ridiculed by her sisters for not acting as a ‘proper Faerie’. But you know what I say about that? Good on her! Don’t let others get in the way what you love and dictate your life. And she proved it by having won The Annual Gormball Championships multiple times! We on Team Faerieland hope that one day we too can make Faerieland just as proud as Ember has; and if she can overcome her colleagues with so much pressure put on her than so can we. Team Faerieland has had the honor of meeting with Ember a few times and she’s very kind and friendly and says she’s just as big a fan of us as we are of her. We even invited her to join Team Faerieland but she kindly turned down the offer, saying she was just a Gormball player. Though I personally think she would make for a great Yooyuball player we fully respect her decision. Speaking of respect, don’t you believe a single word that cheater Brian has to say about Ember; she is a Faerie and she upholds that honor by agreeing not to use her Faerie powers. She won all her championship titles by using her quick wit and highly tuned reflexes which are more than what ‘rigged-ball-twitchy-eyebrow’ Brian can say."

Altador Cup Player: Prytariel (Team Terror Mountain - Centre Forward)

Favorite Gormball Player: Farvin III

"I know what you’re thinking, ‘What a surprise! An Aisha supporting another Aisha! Next you’ll tell me Plumpy likes bacon’. Well you know what, sure, maybe one reason why I support Farvin III is because we’re both Aisha, but there are plenty of other reasons why he’s my favorite Gormball player. For one thing he had won The Annual Gormball Championship once and positioned in the top 3 multiple times, his ultra-sensitive hearing allows him to hear the ticking of the Gormball thus knowing when is the perfect time to throw it; something which I wish I had when holding a Clockwork Yooyu, let me tell you. He’s also super intelligent being an Alien Aisha, has achieved an interstellar wisdom a few of us ever hope to achieve, is a very good engineer, is handsome, is kind and caring... *realizes what she’s saying out loud and blushes a bright red* NO I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON FARVIN WHY DO YOU ASK! *cover her face and tries to end the interview* So, um, yeah, I have many good reasons to support Farvin aside us being compatible, I MEAN AISHA! Um, yeah, so, GO FARVIN! *runs off*"

Altador Cup Player: Weldar Xupenfarb (Team Virtupets - Right Defender)

Favorite Gormball Player: Gargarox Isafuhlarg

"Being Gormball is the Virtupets Space Station home sport, you better believe we all on Team Virtupets are big fans and even play some Gormball on our spare time. We’ve met all the Gormball players and, while I can’t speak for my teammates, I can tell you my number 1 player is Virtupets Space Station’s own master chef, Gargarox Isafuhlarg. What can I say, he is a great cook and a great Gormball player; is there anything he can’t do? I eat at Grundos everyday and we always have conversation about the going-ons, what we think Sloth is doing at this moment, and of course our ball playing careers. In fact it wasn’t weeks ago that Gargarox was worrying he wasn’t getting in enough Gormball practice, so I convinced my teammates to wake him up early and put him through some tough training. He was surprised to be sure, but he got into the groove of things quickly and soon was beating all of us on Team Virtupets in game after game of Gormball; and as I told you we aren’t slouches at playing Gormball! Thanks to us Gargarox is in tip top shape for The Annual Gormball Championship and it was great honor that he agreed to go along with the training. To thank us he even whipped us up some Sloth Wraps, and he doesn’t make those often!"

Altador Cup Player: Feldon "Dinksy" Collibridge (Team Krawk Island - Centre Forward)

Favorite Gormball Player: Kevin

"I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of any specific Gormball player until after I officially started playin’ fer Team Krawk Island in Altador Cup VI. Ya see, everyone loved ‘Dasher’ Soley, even those who weren’t supporters of Krawk Island. ‘Dasher’ Soley was my biggest role model and I was excited that I would be the one who was picked to be his replacement after announcin’ he was retirin’. But that excitement quickly turned to anxiety and frustration when I discovered that everyone loved ‘Dasher’ Soley so much that they hated me, even blamin’ me fer him retirin’ even though I was picked to replace him after he did! When that year’s Annual Gormball Championship came around and everyone was discussin’ who would win I looked over all the Gormball players and found a whole new respect fer Kevin. Like me, Kevin originally replaced a very popular player with many loyal fans, though with him it was Dr. Sloth, and was heavily criticized because of it. However over time he improved, even winnin’ a Gormball championship title, and had gained a fanbase of his very own. I’ve been playing fer Team Krawk Island fer a few years now and still I’m feeling the anger of some fans over ‘Dasher’s retirin’; but I have started getting some fans which I thank them very much fer. Maybe one day everyone will stop being angry at me fer no reason, probably when Krawk Island wins another Altador Cup, but till then I can relate with what Kevin originally had to go through which had made him my favorite Gormball player."

Altador Cup Player: Tandrak Shaye (Team Darigan - Right Forward)

Favorite Gormball Player: Thyassa

"You probably weren’t expecting a Darigan player to be supporting an adorable looking Purple Chia, but looks can be deceiving. Any Gormball fan would know Thyassa is anything but adorable; being the fiercest and most merciless Gormball player there is! That kind of fierceness is something we Darigan Yooyuball players can respect; but that’s not the only reason why he’s my favorite. During the first Annual Gormball Championship he got second place but was given first place when Brian was discovered to have cheated. This technical win made some wonder if he truly deserved the first year’s championship title, but come next year he shut all his opposition up by winning the second Annual Gormball Championship. It sort of reminds me what we, Team Darigan, had to deal with between the first and second Altador Cup. First Altador Cup we got second place and some of our opposition questioned whether we were good enough to get first place. Come Altador Cup II we proved them wrong like Thyassa did by winning the championship; once and for all proving Team Darigan is a team of winners! Thyassa has the most Gormball championship titles than any other Gormball player and it’s only a matter of time before he wins again. Also, there were rumors that Thyassa was heard thinking about becoming a Yooyuball player. The rumor died by next year, though if he ever did decide to make the switch than he should know he has a place on Team Darigan reserved just for him."

Altador Cup Player: Fenny Vail (Team Roo Island - Left Defender)

Favorite Gormball Player: Ursula

"I was a big fan of Ursula before I became a Yooyuball player; she being one of my role models. I got a chance of the lifetime a few years ago when I decided to spend some time training on Mount Usalin, a sacred mountain to Usuls where we go to hone ourselves, and found out Ursula was also training there! We got along really well and we helped each other with our training; I helped her with her timing and she helped me with my accuracy. I can remember when we first began practicing; I was so nervous that I accidentally threw the Gormball she brought so far to the right of her that it would have fallen off the mountain if it didn’t get caught on a fence! Oh that was embarrassing, I remembered Ursula giving a heavy sigh and shaking her head. However I calmed down and by the time of that year’s Annual Gormball Championship we both had improved and she wound up winning that year! She didn’t come back to Mount Usalin next year, but being she won she didn’t really need to. It’s true what they say about her; she’s a tireless worker and whenever she isn’t eating or sleeping she’s practicing. I could barely keep up! From what I heard she recently started getting interested in other ball games like Wingoball and Zurroball. I wonder if she had ever thought about trying out Yooyuball; the amount of energy she has and her throwing skill would make her a pretty good player. Then again, being how she outclasses me in energy and throwing, maybe it would be best if she didn’t switch to playing Yooyuball for my job’s sake, hee hee."

Altador Cup Player: Qlydae Wegg (Team Kreludor - Left Forward)

Favorite Gormball Player: Zargrold

"As a Grundo it’s kind of hard to choose which Grundo Gormball player to support. That’s not to say all Grundo are fans of Zargrold or Gargarox but I would be lying if I said most of the Grundo I know weren’t fans of either one or both of them. As for me, though I like Gargarox and he makes an excellent Grobleen Sandwich, there’s just something about Zargrold which I like more. He’s very charismatic and I like his attitude about it not being about winning or losing but just participating. Sure that maybe means he’s not the most driven which might have prevented him from ever winning a championship title; but at the same time that means he’s hard to psyche out so he’s rarely the first one to be knocked out. And even when he is he doesn’t let that bother him; something I wish I could do about that ONE time I accidentally scored on my own team which NO ONE WOULD LET ME FORGET ABOUT! Sorry, sorry, it’s just when I think about that and how no one can just let it go it brings up a lot of angry thoughts. You know, if that was to happen to Zargrold he wouldn’t care and so no one else would which I guess is why I admire him so much. He’s too cool for that."

Altador Cup Player: XL Striker 3.8 (Team Virtupets - Left Forward)

Favorite Gormball Player: Dr. Sloth

"Whirrrrr, LORD SLOTH WILL WIN! LORD SLOTH ALWAYS WINS! LOWERING VOICE TO TALKING LEVels to explain reasoning; as if one is needed. Lord Sloth was not only one of the original Gormball players, having to be replaced by the inferior Korbat known as Kevin due to much grander goals, the one time he did participate in The Annual Gormball Championship he completely dominated the competition and won despite being out of practice. This proves how perfect Lord Sloth is, and soon he will conquer all of Neopia with his perfection. ALL HAIL SLOTH! *I tell XL Striker 3.8 that Dr. Sloth is possibly still stuck inside the Space Faerie Token and won’t be competing anytime soon if ever again* PROCESSING... PROCESSING... No response entry found. Going to default response: Lord Sloth’s plans are so grand they are incomprehensible to anyone but Lord Sloth. Lord Sloth will return in due time and when he does he’ll not only conquer Neopia but also all future Annual Gormball Championships. ALL HAIL LORD SLOTH!"

That’s all the Gormball players! While of course there are more Altador Cup players who are fans of Gormball these were all the ones I had time to interview or got a definite answer from. These interviews also show that Yooyuball and Gormball have a close relationship with one another and what effects one sometimes affects the other. It could even be only a matter of time before a player of one game tries crossing over to the other, or maybe become an ace player for both! But until take some enjoyment in knowing that no matter what you’re favorite Gormball player is there’s also an Altador Cup player who has chosen that same player as their favorite.

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