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Spooky Petpets Are Not For Everyone!

by sara1elo

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All That Jazz
Brian was disappointed. His neighborhood's Weewoo had not yet delivered the day's Neopian Times issue, twenty minutes after he usually came. Brian had wanted to get a jump on the day, but he couldn't if he was waiting on the post carrier.

by azienskieth


A Spooky Halloween: Part 3
Safety first!

by ghostkomorichu


Adventures Aren't Just in Books: Part Five
I lean over Albert’s shoulder, trying to get a glimpse at what he is looking at. I only see a few words before he turns around and glares at me: “You’re blocking my light.”

by kitstar1


Oopsy Daisy!
Petpets and potions might not be such a good combination.

by _clement_

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