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The Unexpected Friend

by golvenzee


      For many years there have been rumours about the Haunted Woods. It’s said to give a home to many monsters, ghosts and other creatures that pets are afraid to talk about. The fear of the people living close to the Haunted Woods has only become worse, when a young Kougra disappeared. The little girl was playing outside the house. Her parents lost her out of sight for a few seconds, and the next moment she was gone.

      At the same time a young, adventurous Aisha named Cyaan had come to the village where the family lived. She had a very inquisitive personality and loved to explore places where no one had ever been before. This was the reason she was here. She wanted to be the first pet ever to explore this part of the Haunted Woods. Soon she heard about the missing girl and she went to visit the parents. After hearing what happened she said with a strong voice: “I will bring back your little girl, I promise. Even if it’s the last thing I do.” A tear rolled down the mothers face. “Please bring my little Anna back safely.”

      Fifteen minutes later Cyaans backpack was filled with food and water and she was ready to start her search in the Haunted Woods. The deeper Cyaan went into the Woods, the quieter it was. After only a few minutes, she didn’t hear anything but her own footsteps and the wind howling through the trees.

      She kept walking and every few minutes she would stop to yell the name of the little girl. “Anna? Anna??” No answer. Her search went on and a minute later she would stop and yell again. But she did not see or hear the Kougra she was looking for.

      Cyaan got a strange feeling and only after a few minutes she realized it felt like she was being watched. Quickly she turned around but she saw nothing. Nothing other than the trees that already stood there before. She shook her head. “Oh I shouldn’t be so paranoid. I know there’s nothing out here. This is just an old forest and I’m the only one here.” Saying it out loud made her feel a little better already and the strange feeling disappeared. She couldn’t help but laugh because she had been so scared about nothing. Cyaan had been to many places before, even to another part of the Haunted Woods. And never were the monsters and ghosts from the rumours she heard about, anything more than well… just rumours.

      She continued the search and yelled Anna’s name more often. “Anna?” and a few steps later again. “Anna?” She shut up for a moment, thinking she had heard something. Of course it was nothing.

      But the next moment… Footsteps again, and not just hers. She stopped walking and the footsteps stopped too. She turned around but nothing was to be seen. A few more steps, footsteps again. Again they stopped when she did.

      She turned around again to find out what, or better who, was following her. She assumed it was just another neopet trying to scare her. Why would anyone do that while she was on a rescue mission?! She sighed. Was she really just imagining it all? After that she didn’t hear any footsteps or other strange noises and she convinced herself that she had indeed imagined it all. There was no one else here and she had to stop being scared so easily!

      It became later and later, but no trail of the missing girl could be found. Eventually she stopped and sat against a tree to have dinner. She had brought some bread and pie with her. Wait, what was that? She… She heard something behind this tree, she was sure she heard it this time! She stood up, went to look but… Nothing again. “Nothing to be afraid of. Probably just the wind,” she whispered to herself, not really convinced by her own words. When she returned both the bread and pie were missing. “What is going on?” she asked out loud.

      Something touched her leg. “AAAAARGH!!!” She looked down and all she saw was a sad, grey Faellie, putting the last piece of the cake into its mouth. She sighed with relief. “Oh it was just you who was following me?”

      She picked up the little thing and gave it a hug. “What are you doing out here in the Haunted Woods all by yourself? Are you lost? And hungry probably too!” The Faellie seemed to look even more sad now. “I have some more food with me, but we will share this okay?” She grabbed two apples and offered one to the petpet. It carefully accepted it and started eating.

      “You can come with me if you want. I’m on the search for a Kougra who is lost in these woods.” and then “You don’t happen to have seen a little Kougra here, do you?” The Faellie started flying in front of Cyaan. Then she realized the petpet wanted her to follow.

      For about ten minutes they kept walking, in silence. Then Cyaan heard a noise. Nothing scary, just a happy laugh. The next moment she could see what had made this sound. A young Kougra was sitting there, playing with another grey Faellie. “Anna? Are you Anna?”

      The young Kougra looked up, surprised. “Yes I am Anna! Why? How do you know me?”

      “Your parents sent me here to find you. They are very worried about you! I’m so glad I found you, what happened?”

      “Worried? Oh no! I saw two grey Faellies who wanted to play, so I followed them. But one of them has disappeared again.” She looked sad, until she noticed the Faellie who was flying next to the Aisha. “You found it! But I did not want my mum and dad to be worried about me. I’ll go home now… I just don’t know the way out of this forest.”

      Anna started crying. “I’ll help you get out of here,” Cyaan smiled and she wiped the tears off Anna’s face. “Your parents will be very happy to see you again.”

      Cyaan and Anna started walking and the two petpets followed them. “Oh they’re so lonely here,” Anna sighed. “Can I take them home with me?”

      Cyaan nodded. They continued finding their way through the Haunted Woods, together with the two grey Faellies. When they came close to the village they suddenly heard someone shouting. “Anna!!!” Two Kougras came to hug their daughter. “We’re so glad you’re home! What happened, where were you?” Then they looked at Cyaan and smiled. “Thank you so much for bringing out little Anna back home. We owe you, if there is anything we can do?” “Well…” Cyaan stepped aside so they could see the two grey Faellies who were hiding behind her legs.

      When Cyaan left the village, she wasn’t only happy that she had been able to reunite two worried parents with their little daughter. She had also helped two sad lonely petpets to find a new home. One of them stayed with Anna and her family, she was named Lia. Cyaan herself also had a new friend to bring on her next travels, a little grey Faellie she named Fae.

      The End.

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