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Fruits of Brightvale

by cheriipie


Although the kingdom of Meridell may be more famous for it’s berries due to the large and lush Meri Acres Farm where neopets from far and wide go to try their best at picking juicy berries, it’s neighbor, Brightvale, though more widely known for their knowledge, is not lacking in the berry department either. This article will serve to highlight a few of Brightvale’s best berries, for the berry enthusiast, or for those who are interested in all things Brightvale.

For those with a sweet tooth, two standout berries from Brightvale would definitely be the Skeem and Tangella. The Skeem has a tangy sweet taste that is sure to please anyone who loves all things sugar and sweets. It has a bright orange and purple skin that makes it stand out from the crowd. There are also Skeem jam and Skeem salad for those who like to experiment a little with their fruits. The jam would go lovely with any type of bread from The Bakery in Neopia Central. Although a caution, the Skeem has extremely hard seeds that may hurt if you accidentally bite into them. If you want to be safe, there is always a seedless Skeem option that has yellow and pink skin, although it still has the same fun flavor as the traditional Skeem.

The Tangella is a unique fruit in that it’s a perfect blend between a peach and an orange, ensuring a wonderfully sweet taste. The skin of the Tangella is quite fun a well, as it is split into sections of yellow and orange. Because the Tangella is so delicious and widely popular, there is a Tangella flavored lollipop, popsicle, jam, as well as even cakes and cupcakes! However if you want the best Tangella taste, the fruit itself from Brightvale is always the best way to go.

If you don’t prefer sweet things, and want to be more adventurous with your fruits, Brightvale has those to offer as well. The top two recommendations would be the Squibble Berry and the Prickly Merato. The Squibble Berry is sure to be a surprise for whomever first cuts it open without knowing what awaits them inside, as the Squibble Berry is filled with tentacles! Yes, tentacles. Don’t let that put you off though (after all you wanted adventurous), this berry is still equally as tasty. So much so that it has been made into a jam and salad, minus the tentacles of course. But as with the Tangella, for the full experience the fruit is always best.

The Prickly Merato is special, but only if you can afford it! It’s a gourmet fruit and therefore very hard to find, and very expensive to get once you do. Part of the reason, is because of it’s prickly skin. No one wants to risk being pricked when trying to pick it. If you manage to get your hands on this adventurous treat though, you are very lucky. Be careful when peeling the skin, as you wouldn’t want to get hurt, but once you get that off, the inside is definitely worth the trouble.

If none of the berries have truly appealed to you, don’t fret, Brightvale offers a very large variety of berries. So say, you don’t have a sweet tooth and those adventurous options are just too adventurous, you might then want to give the Parchment Fruit or Magenorb a try! The Parchment Fruit is very curious, but no less delicious. It looks like a piece of parchment, and can even be used as one in desperate situations, as this is Brightvale and who know when you will need to write down some new fact or tidbit. Don’t worry, this fruit is very tasty, and does not taste like parchment at all. It has a very nice crunch to it if you prefer that though!

The Magenorb is always fun to try, especially for young, curious neopets. The Magenorb has three small berries attached to the stem, and one is always extremely sweet, the other one is unbearably sour, and the last is the perfect balance between the two creating a delicious treat. This berry is always fun to share with friends to see who will be the lucky one to get the yummy berry where as the other two must eat the unappetizing ones. There is no harm in saving the whole thing for yourself though, and if you want to only eat the good berry, why not go with Magnorb juice instead.

Perhaps you are not yet sold on these Brightvale berries, as after all the ones from Meridell are much more famous. However that may be because you haven’t heard of certain magical berries from Brightvale yet. These two berries are rumored to give wisdom and knowledge to any neopet that eats them. Curious now? They are the Florange and Grenelon.

The Florange is orange in color, and looks very normal, however it is whispered throughout Brightvale that it will make you smarter, and that is why it is so sought after. You can also have the Florange as a juice, jam, slushie, or even Brusicle! The Grenelon, like the Florange, doesn’t look very special, but it, too, is said to give you wisdom, although the taste isn’t bad either! There is also a Grenelon flavored smoothie, if you are willing to give that a try, although all that magical power might have been squeezed out of the fruit in the process so don’t get your hopes up!

Brightvale has all of these wonderful, strange, and unique berries to offer, so it comes as no surprise that there are also berries just to celebrate the beauty that is Brightvale. The main standout here is the berry named after Brightvale itself: the Brightvale Berry. The skin of this berry, of course, sports the Brightvale colors of yellow and green. It is also in a very lovely shape of having soft yellow spikes around its shape. A specialty dish made from this berry would be the Brightvale Berry Pudding, something not to be missed!

Last but not least, Brightvale must honor its beloved and wise King Hagan with a Carved King Hagan Echtooh Melon! The Echtooh Melon is very large and extremely juicy, which makes it a lovely fruit to share with your friends and family. This particular Melon has the likeness of King Hagan artfully carved into it and will serve as a lovely centerpiece for a delicious berry feast.

With all of these delicious berries in Brightvale, you need to get started today to begin to eat them all. Although with so many options, the most important question is: where will you start?

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