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Kass Basher Troubles

by stephsie

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*snap* That was the sound that the striped Gelert's tourist camera makes when she elegantly took a photo. Charliemae...

by sparkleeze


Aurora's Assessment: Part Two
As the tunnel started veering off to the right, I kept my right paw on the wall. The light faded quickly and soon it seemed like I was barely inching along. I had my left paw out in front of my face so that I wouldn't accidentally brain myself on a stalactite. I probably already had a concussion from the fall earlier, no need to make it worse

by bittersweet52


15 Ways To Know You Should Never Own A Petpet
So, you're considering getting a petpet, eh? That very thought makes me laugh. Well, you might really...and let me stress, really...want to think hard about it before spending one single neopoint on those creatures. Yes they're lovable and cute and all that jazz, but believe me, there are quite a few reasons why you personally might not be ready to take on the responsibility. Let's examine some.

by brittanyandsteven


Random Oddness
... Gee, thanks for the tip.

by mistyqee

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