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Guide to Neopian Colleges

by dunefurandlilypelt


Hi there! I'm _Cinder_48, a Starry Uni, and I'm here to inform you about Neopian Colleges. As many Neopets should know, after you finish Neoschool, you can go to a Neopian college. The most famous of those, of course, is Brightvale University, which I will be going to. But there are a great many more colleges, academies, and universities all around Neopia. With the help of my siblings and my owner, I have researched them and now have a list of the 8 best ones, along with some tips for choosing the best college for you, and getting into it.

8. ACA- Altador College of the Arts

This college is for the artistic Neopet, and it has quite a good reputation. Actors, artists, and even musicians can go to school here, and most of them will move onto good careers. It also has a very nice view, and students hoping to become artists often help make banners for the yearly Altador Cup. Clothes design is also a major here, and some graduates work in big clothing stores, like Uni's Clothing Shop. The up-and-coming musicians here also perform at the Altador Coliseum. The reason this college is at the #8 spot is that the arts are not for everyone, especially more scientific Neopets, and the majors here are quite limited.

7. CUU- College of Ugga Ugga

This college is in Tyrannia and has most general majors available. The teachers here have graduated mostly from a university that has a good repuatation, but are all natives to Tyrannia. They wanted to teach in their home country, so one of my favorite things about this college is the team spirit and friendliness of the teachers. Once you get to know it, Tyrannia is a very homey land, and I should know, because I grew up there. My other favorite thing about this college is it is the only place in all of Neopia where you can officially learn the Tyrannian language! Being from Tyrannia, I think it is really neat that there is a place where other Neopets can learn the language.

6. KLU- Kiko Lake University

KLU is a formidable university, and my brothers say it has a wicked Gormball team. Besides sports teams, this university has a wide selection of majors, and a very interesting marine biology course. It specializes in the life in Kiko Lake's lake, and also Maraqua's marine life. Most of the professors here are Kikos, and it is a very welcoming and friendly university. Many graduates can qualify for good careers, and all in all I am very impressed.

5. CCM- Culinary College of Maraqua

I have to say, this is a seriously underrated college! The classes are top-notch, and I have heard could teach even the worst cook how to cook five-star meals at Kelp. Speaking of the restaurant, many classes are taught there, and by their chefs. Students get major on-hand experience, and are taught all of the jobs to do at a restaurant, from cooking, to serving, to greeting guests at the door. At the end of each semester, the college hosts an open house, where guests are treated to a meal served and cooked by students. Also, on that night, all profit goes to fund the college. Graduates often grow up to work in great restaurants such as Kelp itself, or the restaurant at many well-rated Neolodge hotels. The college even provides gear for non-Maraquan students!

4. FAM- Faerieland Academy of Magic

My sister is going here, so of course I don't have many negative things to say about it. Even if that weren't the case, I would still be very impressed by the academy! Almost all of the classes are taught by Faeries who really know their stuff about magic, and all of the Neopet professors are graduates of the college. FAM also has very unique majors available to students, such as Faerie History, and the study of both famous Neopian heroes and villians. The scenery is wonderful, and students can watch Poogle Races during their lunches. Once a month, a famous Faerie, such as Fyora or Illusen, has a seminar in the Grand Hall, and grants the watching students wisdom. Also, it is said that both Kauvara and Kayla have studied here. All in all, I think that this is a great college.

3. SCA- Shenkuu College of Astronomy

Now, the final three! These colleges are all mathematically involved, and are very specialized and elite. SCA is no exception. The main building is just north of Shenkuu, and has some very interesting architecture, but classes are often held in the Lunar Temple. The Wise Old Gnorbu himself often teaches classes, as well as Clara Chatham. Surprisingly, students are even tested at the Mysterious Negg Cave! I asked a professor about that, and he said it was because puzzles loosen and relax the mind, and allows it to think more creatively. I said his logic was very wise and moved on exploring the college. There are full rooms filled with lunar charts, many resembling the one at the Lunar Temple. Also, many classes here require field trips. Stargazing trips are taken once a month to Terror Mountain, to observe stars and constellations. Astronomy students are often taken to the Hall of Heroes, for its world famous Astronomy tower, and students studying astrology are taken the the Island Mystic, for lessons on reading fortunes. Studying the college, I think it is a very zen place, relaxing and mysterious, much like Shenkuu itself.

2. KMU- Kreludor Mathematical University

Those Grundos know their stuff about math! This is a very high-tech and high-rated school. As well as mathematics courses, the university also boasts astronomy and science courses. I've heard students spend hours at a time in space, just jotting down notes of what they see. Trips to the Space Station are often taken, to get more advanced technology for studying space. Most graduates of this school move on to have impressive careers. Also, the univeristy is on the moon, which is always cool. The building is made of meteorite, and students have daily access to Cafe Kreldor, as well as the Neocola Machine. Apparently, there are weekly contests for Neocola tokens to spend at the machine. Grundos must really love their soda.

And now, for the #1 college:

1. MAE- Moltara Academy of Engineering

Honestly, this college is only second-rate to Brightvale University, which, for reasons of it being obvious, was not included in this list. My brother is going there to become an inventor, but trust me, I'm totally not biased- MAE is seriously high-tech and first class. Students there often compete to build robotic Petpets the fastest, which is a very impressive feat. Teachers here are mathematical and engineering experts, and sometimes, members of the Seekers give lectures! Most students are taught how to properly handle and shape Moltaran magma, and it is common to see students producing amazing sculptures with it. Graduates also have a wonderful success rate in finding profitable jobs.

Now, I'll share some tips for picking your perfect college and getting into it.

Have a Career in Mind- Many Neopian colleges on this list are specialized in a specific area for certain careers. If you know what you want your job to be, apply for a college that is teaching areas in that skill. Here's an example: let's say you want to be featured in the art gallery one day. You won't get very far with that goal applying for SCA or KMU. Instead, you would want to go to ACA, whose primary subject is the arts. Plus, it will most likely impress the college you apply for that you already have goals, and are determined to achieve them, by going to college.

Make Sure Your Intelligence is High Enough- Most Neopian colleges have a set requirement for the intelligence of Neopets accepted. So make sure you know it, and read lots of book! Even if you have the requirements, read more, because lots of Neopets will have that minimum level, and to get accepted, you must outshine the rest. Also, most majors have reading lists, so it would be smarter to boost your intelligence with the course's books than with stories for kids. Remember that with your application, colleges get your reading list, so reading mature novels will impress them.

Don't Give Up, and Explore Your Options- Even if you don't get in on your first try, you can always try again, or apply to another college. The key thing here is to do your research. There are many more colleges than the ones on this list, and many might be suitable to you. But you'll never know if you don't research them, put a little more into your search for knowledge. You should be passionate about your career, and henceforth passionate about your choice in college.

I hope you learned a lot about colleges and how to get into one. Good luck applying!

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