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Avatars to Celebrate Skeith Day

by blue_eyed_tiger_j


There is no better way to celebrate Skeith Day than to use your favorite Skeith avatar. There are 8 total to choose from. You can obtain these avatars a variety of ways, there is a default avatar, a few game avatars a few that are gained easily and even one very rare retired avatar.


This default avatar is one that everyone gets automatically so there is no need to worry if you have just started out collecting avatars. You’ll still have at least one! This avatar features a blue Skeith drawn in what looks like a much older version of the artwork for Skeith’s. It is on a yellow backdrop and the word “Skeith” turns from white to blue along the right side. This is the perfect avatar for those who want something simplistic or those who simply like blue.

Skeith-King Hagan

King Hagan will give you this avatar if you impress him. We can’t tell you how, it is a secret! You’ll have to find out on your own. King Hangan is all green and gold on this regal avatar. The word “Royalty” changes from white to green across the bottom. If you like green and gold, are a fan of Brightvale this is a good choice for you or want to look regal and royal.


You can steal this avatar away from the sneaky Snargan if you can figure out how! This avatar has two pictures to it. First there is Snargan’s hand with a coin and the word “Heads” then it switches to Snargan with a pile of coins and it says “Tails”. This avatar would be a good choice for those who wish to imply that they are rich or those who like luck based games where you risk your own wealth.

Skeith-Jelly Possessing Plant

You can get this avatar from the Hungry Skeith game if you can get a high enough score. This avatar features the blue Skeith from the game eating an ice cream cone and the word “Hungry?” This is a perfect avatar for those who love ice cream, have a sweet tooth, or are hungry all the time.


King Skarl will give you this avatar if you make him mad enough. Usually having someone mad at you isn’t a good thing but when you get an avatar who’s going to complain? This avatar features a cycle of King Skarl’s face in three different expressions. The first is his normal or neutral face, which in our opinion is rather grumpy to begin with! The second is King Skarl laughing and the third is King Skarl making a face with his tongue sticking out and then the word “Moody” pops up in white print right in the middle of the avatar. If you are having a bad day or are just feeling a little moody or grumpy yourself this is a perfect avatar to express yourself!

TCG-Wanna Play

Sadly this avatar was retired a long time ago. It was obtained by guessing at least one answer right in the staff TCG tournament of March 2004. This avatar features three pictures; King Skarl, a blue Lupe and both the blue Lupe and King Skarl playing some kind of card game together with the words “Wanna Play?” appearing in black print on the final picture. This is the perfect avatar if you want to show off with something very exclusive that very few people have. You be the envy of all who see you. Another way of expressing yourself with this avatar is if you simply want to play a game with someone.

Plushie Tycoon

This avatar is obtained by being a great plushie tycoon. It features older art as it is an older avatar. The Skeith on the avatar is purple and has orange spots so the avatar has clearly been around since before the plot where all purple pets lost their orange spots. (In case you were wondering, that plot was The Return of Dr. Sloth and ran from January 29, 2008 to March 15, 2008.) The Skeith is also holding what is likely a bag of Neopoints. This is also the only round Skeith avatar! Around the picture green $ signs appear and disappear and the words “Plushie Tycoon” appear in green as well. This avatar is another great choice for the rich who prefer this avatar over the Snargan avatar. It’s also a good choice for those who feel they are great Neopian tycoons. Or, maybe you will choose this avatar simply because you prefer round avatars or just really like the color purple.

Feed Me

You need to feed your Skeith to gain this avatar! What do you need to feed it? Well, you should probably figure that out on your own, it is a secret avatar after all! This avatar features a very angry and probably very, very hungry blue Skeith on a green backdrop. The words “Feed Me” blink from white to grey on the left side. Fun fact: This is the oldest Skeith related avatar! This is obviously the perfect avatar for those who are hungry, especially if you often get “hangry” (hungry and angry). Another great use of expression is if you are just in a grumpy mood and didn’t want to use the other grumpy Skeith avatar. Not everyone loves King Skarl after all!

Since there are only 8 avatars that feature a Skeith on them now is the time to very briefly go over a few other great choices for avatars to celebrate Skeith day. Battleground: Brute Squad is one of the first that comes to mind. Although this avatar doesn’t feature a Skeith the most difficult Obelisk Battledome opponent and the team leader on that team is a Skeith. Next, Obelisk War Veteran is worth mentioning. This avatar does have a Skeith on it but it also has a lot of other things going on so it was not included in the main 8 we wrote about. Since Skeith’s are big pets that are always so hungry that they will eat anything, food related avatars are another great choice. Some that come to mind are; Speckled, Mmm, custard!, Pink!, Achyfi!, Toasty and Chocolate! If your Skeith, your account or maybe you have a birthday on Skeith day maybe the Happy Birthday! Avatar is a good choice for you. Even better if you, your Skeith or your account is 10 today maybe 10th birthday is an even better avatar. Remember, there are no rules when choosing an avatar, you can choose anything that matches your personality or your favorite Skeith’s colour or personality, because you will obviously be parading your Skeith around as your active pet today right?

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