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Top Ten Blumaroo Items

by sugarycupcakes


With the excitement of the summer beginning to dwindle down, we can’t forget about one very important holiday: Blumaroo Day! Blumaroos are friendly, loyal, and all too modest pets that wouldn’t mind at all if you forgot about their special holiday on August 8th, but if you own a Blumaroo, you may just want to spoil them anyway. I’m here to help you do just that with a list of top ten Blumaroo items in Neopia. You can buy these items for your Blumaroo, marvel at them, add them to your wishlist, or just nod and scroll down! Either way, these items are here to help you celebrate Blumaroo Day in the best way possible, by indulging in all things Blumaroo.

10) Awesome Blumaroo Battles

Approximate Cost: 200 Neopoints

At a mere 200 Neopoints, this book is a great read on Blumaroo Day (or any other day of the year). This book showcases some of the most memorable Blumaroo battles of all time, and if your Blumaroo is a frequent fighter (or if they just love history) then they’ll enjoy this book as they learn about their ancestors and all of the great things they’ve done for Neopia. If you’re lucky, this book won’t poof into a cloud of smoke when your Blumaroo is done reading, and they’ll be able to read it again and again!

9) Robo Blumaroo

Approximate Cost: 400,000 Neopoints

If you’re looking for an addition to your Neohome, then the Robo Blumaroo is a great investment to both protect your Neohome and commemorate your favorite Blumaroo. Or maybe you don’t have a Blumaroo, but you’ve considered adding one to your home. This Robo Blumaroo is just like a real Blumaroo: it moves, it bounces, and its ears twitch, and it’s a great way for you and your pets to get used to a Blumaroo before adopting the real deal.

8) Blumaroo Vanity

Approximate Cost: 7,000 Neopoints

While Blumaroos aren’t necessarily vain by any means, this Blumaroo Vanity set would be a perfect gift for your Blumaroo! They can finally have their own place to do their hair and make-up for the day, and best of all, it looks exactly like them. Their room in your Neohome will finally feel complete and if you don’t own a Blumaroo yet, this cute vanity set is perfect for any pampered Neopet.

    7) Blumaroo Waffles

Approximate Cost: 400 Neopoints

Ah, a classic. Who doesn’t love waffles? Whether you own a Blumaroo or not, these Blumaroo-shaped waffle molds are a perfect way to make breakfast even more enjoyable for you and your pets. These waffles are almost too cute to eat, but don’t resist for too long because they’ll get cold. You can top these waffles with chocolate chips for their eyes and a generous dosing of Maple Syrup, and breakfast will be ready!

6) Full Blumaroo Armour

Approximate Cost: Unknown; no price on trading post at the time of this article.

This Full Blumaroo Armour was made specifically with Blumaroos in mind. The light-weight armour both protects your Blumaroo and enables them to bounce around the Battledome to their hearts content. This is a must have for any Blumaroo that is a regular in the Battledome as it protects them from head to tail!

5) Blumaroo Gummy Dice

Approximate Cost: Depends on which one you buy, but none of them are over 3,000 Neopoints.

If there’s one thing Blumaroos love as much as bouncing around on their tails, it’s Dice-A-Roo! These delicious treats look just like dice and serve as a tasty treat. Each die is made with real fruit juice and imprinted with a Blumaroo on every side. If you don’t have a Blumaroo, any pet will enjoy these delicious treats. Just remember: these dice are for eating, not playing!

4) Wind Up Blumaroo

Approximate Cost: 50 Neopoints.

Aw, it’s so cute! When you wind up this adorable Blumaroo toy, its tail swings and it walks around on the floor, just like a real Blumaroo. This toy is perfect for pets of all kinds, but baby pets will especially enjoy the way it walks around, and will likely try to follow it around – so supervision is highly suggested!

3) Blue Blumaroo Pencil

Approximate Cost: 290 Neopoints.

A pencil is a must-have to carry around with you anywhere in Neopia to write a reminder down every time a Neofriend asks you to, or to tally up who's Poogle won the most at Poogle Racing! This adorable pencil is thick and sturdy with a stylish Blumaroo footprint design along the sides, and comes with a handy eraser on the end, too! At the very cheap price, the Blue Blumaroo Pencil is an essential that everyone will be proud to pull out of their pocket.

2) Blumaroo Morphing Potions

Approximate Cost: Varies by morphing potion.

You didn’t think I’d go through this entire list without mentioning morphing potions, did you? You can buy a Blumaroo morphing potion in one of seventeen different colors, and when your pet drinks the magical brew, he or she will sprout a bouncy tail and turn into a Blumaroo! You should ask your pet before asking them to drink the morphing potion, but if they are just as excited about Blumaroos as you are, then they’d probably be happy to take the morphing potion and join in on all of the fun and excitement that comes with being a Blumaroo. Whether you want a Faerie, Darigan, Christmas, or Stealthy Blumaroo, then the Magic Shop has the potion for you!

1) Blumaroo Day Pizza

Approximate Cost: 1,200 Neopoints.

When you’re finished with your Blumaroo Day festivities, end all of the excitement with a special Blumaroo Day Pizza from Pizzaroo! As the shopkeeper is a Blumaroo himself, he makes sure that each Blumaroo Day Pizza is shaped perfectly like a Blumaroo head, with generous toppings on each and every pizza. Don’t forget to wish the shopkeeper a happy Blumaroo Day when you go to pick up your pizza!

And that concludes my list of the top ten Blumaroo items in Neopia. There are dozens of other Blumaroo-themed items out there for you to collect and enjoy throughout the year, and there are even more ways to celebrate Blumaroo Day!

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