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Extreme Potato Counter: The Game Guide

by bha288


While walking around Meri Acres Farm, a Yellow Wocky with a stylish mohawk approaches you and asks for your help counting potatoes. You figure, how hard can that be? Little do you know that this particular Wocky likes to count potatoes in a rather extreme fashion. At this point you may start to worry just a little bit, but no need to fear! It just so happens you have stumbled across some Extreme Potato Counter professionals. Our goal here is to help make counting these potatoes as painless and easy as possible.

Game Dynamics:

The basic premise of Extreme Potato Counter is to count the potatoes that go across the game screen. Unfortunately, it is a little easier said then done. Throughout the game, you will see several different types of vegetables fly across the screen--potatoes, carrots, ears of corn, and aubergines. After the chaos subsides, your goal is to correctly guess how many potatoes flew across the screen. Try your best to ignore the vegetables that aren’t potatoes--this isn’t Extreme Carrot Counter, after all. You will be given a short amount of time to submit your answer, and the Wocky will warn you when you start to run out of time. Entering the correct amount of potatoes will allow you to proceed to the next round. However, entering an incorrect amount will end the game. As you progress further into the game, the number of vegetables you see will increase, as will the speed at which they go flying across the screen.


There isn’t just one set strategy that works for everyone in Extreme Potato Counter. Everybody’s gameplay is different, and we suggest using the strategy that works best for you. We have come up with three different methods that will provide you with the best results:

The Border Method - This method involves concentrating on the border of the screen while trying to count potatoes. An advantage to this method is that you can see the potatoes as soon as they become visible. In addition, it is helpful for spotting those pesky potatoes that stay towards one corner of the screen and are not visible for very long. However, a notable disadvantage to this strategy is that it can become difficult to pay attention to all four sides of the screen at once. This is especially true of later levels.

The Center Method – Much unlike to the previous approach, this strategy involves focusing on the center of the screen during each level. This can be particularly helpful because most of the potatoes usually travel through the center of the screen. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, there are instances in which potatoes stay relatively close to the borders of the screen. In such cases, you may miss a potato.

The Combination Method - This method essentially combines the center and border methods. It involves focusing on the whole screen during gameplay; your eyes follow the potatoes. This approach can be difficult in later rounds when there are several potatoes moving quickly across the screen at once.

None of these methods are completely foolproof. They all have their merits, just as they all have their faults. As you become more comfortable with the game, you may notice yourself favoring one method over another, or even starting to develop one of your own. Remember, use the potato-counting strategy works best for you!

The Potatoes:

Luckily, there is a way to make educated guesses if you happen to lose track of potatoes during the game. During each round, there is a maximum and minimum amount of potatoes that can appear. This means that the number of potatoes that appear during any given round cannot be under the round minimum or above the round maximum. The table below should help when it comes to making educated guesses.

Maximum and Minimum Potatoes Per Round:

Round 1: 6 to 10 potatoes

Round 2: 9 to 15 potatoes

Round 3: 12 to 20 potatoes

Round 4: 15 to 25 potatoes

Round 5: 18 to 30 potatoes

Round 6: 21 to 35 potatoes

In essence, the minimum possible number of potatoes increases by 3 each round, while the maximum number increases by 5. This pattern will stay consistent throughout the game. For example, during round 8, the minimum amount of potatoes will be 27, while the maximum will be 45. This pattern can be particularly beneficial if, for example, you counted 47 potatoes during round 8.

Helpful Hints and Tricks:

Do your best to focus only on the potatoes. During the later levels a couple of other vegetables will fly across the screen, meant to divert your attention away from the potatoes. Don’t fall for this distraction! Try to pretend that potatoes are the only things that exist on the game screen.

Count out loud! It can be easy to lose track of the potatoes if you’re only keeping track in your head. Counting out loud can be very helpful for keeping a correct count.

Take your time! Extreme Potato Counter can be an extremely fast-paced and frustrating game. Keep your cool and take breaks in between rounds if you need to. Rushing through the game can result in making a careless mistake, and we wouldn’t want that!

Figure out which method works best for you! Try more than one approach with the game if you aren’t having luck with a particular method. You will eventually find a style that works best for you, and once you do, keep at it!

Go with your gut! Second guessing yourself can result in making a silly mistake. We can’t even tell you how many times we have second guessed ourselves and then ended up actually being right with the initial count. Of course, silly mistakes are inevitable in this game, but we find that going with your initial gut instinct works best.

Extreme Potato Counter is very dependent on luck, especially in the later levels. There will come a time when it will be impossible to be able to count all the potatoes that fly across the screen during a single round. When this time comes, you may have to rely on a lucky guess to continue. Relying on luck isn’t always easy, but don’t get frustrated. A lucky game is bound to happen!

Practice, practice, practice! We know that not everyone likes hearing this, but you can’t possibly expect to become a professional extreme potato counter in one day. The game takes a lot of practice and getting used to. With practice, we guarantee you will see a marked improvement in your performance.

What are you still doing here? That Wocky still needs your help, and those potatoes aren’t going to count themselves. We know that with the tips from our guide (along with some practice, patience, and luck!) that you can be a extreme potato counter too. Maybe even one with a radical potato trophy. Good luck, and remember to have fun!

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