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Petpets in Peril: Part One

by ratty170170


Many Neopets in Neopia take on the responsibility of caring for their very own petpet, but did you know that these miniature beasts also appear in a number of games? This two-part article will list some of the games currently available that feature petpets, and give each a peril rating as follows:

*: No petpets are harmed in this game

**: Minimal fear or danger

***: Some danger involved

****: A little more scary with serious consequences

*****: Maximum danger, petpets may get eaten!

During research I found three categories of game; those which had a theme of saving petpets, those which caused petpets harm, and other games where petpets may be in some danger but the player was not causing it or saving them.

First we start with a sample of games just featuring our small companions.

Chariot Chase

Peril: **

In this game you select an Albriss to race around a figure of 8 track against six other Albrisses.

There are 4 colour options to choose from, fantastic fire, enviable electric, fanciful faerie or wondrous white.

As you race bonuses such as Altadorian suns for invincibility, clocks to slow other racers, and wings for the ability to fly will show up, however the peril rating here is given for piles of dung making your Albriss slip and slide off course into the barriers and other racers.

Hassee Bounce & Super Hassee Bounce

Peril: **

Jimmi (Purple) and Woogy (Orange) are two Hassee playing on a see-saw trying to catch doughnutfruit that are flying past. Each yummy doughnutfruit is worth points depending on its type, for example yellow are 1 point, checkered are 12 points, and rainbow are worth 40 points. However, if Jimmi or Woogy pick up multiple doughnutfruits in one bounce the points are multiplied, the first collected is worth the normal amount, the second collected is doubled and the third is trebled, points can really rack up quick if you get it right.

Peril in this game comes in the form of dung, snot, and gravy that is also flying through the air. These disgust the Hassee and while they are spitting them out they are unable to pick up any doughnutfruit for a short period of time.

Super Hassee Bounce is another version of the game, this time set in Meridell Castle. Instead of catching doughnut fruit the pair pop balloons, and this time the see-saw can move, causing more peril due to the ability to land on the hard ground.

Turmac Roll

Peril: *

In this game you control the speed and jumping of a Turmac who's rolling over hill and dale collecting Meridell berries such as Sniddberries, Voidberries, and Aquaberries .

You have to avoid muddy puddles, tree stumps, and hitting the edge of hills. Although your Turmac seems to have a protective line of spikes down their back these dangers will stop you rolling and end the game.

And now we get onto the good stuff, being a hero.

Barf Boat

Peril: ***

A pirate petpet game in which you battle the seas and seasickness trying to keep as many petpets as possible on board during stormy weather. You are Captain Arf, a Warf who has eaten too many leftovers from the Golden Dubloon restaurant and must now attempt to keep the boat on an even keel to stop crewmates going overboard.

Peril comes from the raging sea, exploding bombs, and Captain Arf's barf.

Bumble Beams

Peril: *****

Robotic petpets including Roburg 3T3's, Rotawheels. Millipods, Avabots and GX-4 Oscillabots have accidentally been sent to the Recycling Centre, you need to control balance beams to keep them safe from the sorter, the grinder, and the incinerator, oh my!

The idea is to roll them gently into collecting carts, and you get extra points for perfect landings. This game has the maximum peril rating as they don't call it the grinder for nothing...

Extreme Herder I & II

Peril: *****

You are Samrin, a blue kacheek shepherd watching his flock of petpets. In the first version of the game your flock consists of Baabaa's, Noils, Doglefox and Angelpi, whereas in version II you protect Snorkles, Hoovles, Baabaas and Wibreth.

On each level Balthazar, a Lupe, will come and try to eat them so you must round them up and place them in a secure central pen.

Each level gets harder as gates disappear, however there are some collectable items to make Samrins life easier, a snowflake freezes Balthazar for a short period of time, and the orange orb gives Samrin a boost of speed.

In version II there is also a X2 bonus that allows Samrin to pick up two Petpets at a time.

If you're really good at this game you can earn an avatar for surpassing 250 points.

Meepit Juice Break


Did you know there was a home for lost Meepits? Me neither. Meepit Juice Break features the lost Meepits being very thirsty and requiring juice. You arrange a convoluted series of pipes making up the Juice-O-Matic to get the juice to them, the more pipes you use the more points you earn, with double points if the colour juice matches the Meepit colour. If you don't reach the Meepits in time they will fall from the tree.

3,500 points will earn you an avatar.

Petpet Rescue

Peril: ***

What gives a better feeling than rescuing a petpet in distress?

The villain in this game is Gargrall and Grarrl and he is forcing petpets to work in his underground ruby mines. You control Samuel, a red Scorchio and must collect the petpets and pick up gems for bonus points. But it's not that simple! The mines are full of dangers like lava rivers, boulders, oh and did I mention the falling shards of rock? At the top of the game screen are rows of stalactites, they give a little bit of notice that they are about to fall by shaking about.

Although the petpets are in awful conditions, they aren't in the immediate line of danger, you are, so this game has a ** star peril rating for petpets.

If you practice this game a lot you may have the skills to acquire 250+ points and an avatar.

Petpet Sitter

Peril: **

You are left in charge of a multitude of petpets, and are required to care for their needs such as feeding, toileting, playing, napping, and being repaired for the robots. You can gain extra points by keeping the house clean by picking up knocked over flowerpots, milk, and buckets of water.

You start with 20 seconds per petpet to get them to the correct location (kitchen for hungry, bathroom for toilet, outside for playing, bedroom for sleeping and the garage for repair), then this drops to 15 seconds, and then only 10!

If you manage 2,500 points you will receive an avatar.

Warf Rescue

Peril: **

You control a team of Warfs who are rescuing Kadoaties stuck in a very tall tree. The Warfs stack on top of each other, gaining bonus points for accurate landings and having the same colour Warfs in a row. However, there are other petpets out to burst your parachutes, Airax, Buzzers and mysterious creatures inside holes in the trunk that throw nuts will all hinder your ascent.

Peril comes from the risk of falling from a great height.


Peril: *****

In Whirlpool you help guide Maraquan petpets back to their sea shell homes by using mini whirlpools. Blue pools swirl only to the left, and green pools in the right direction, use the currents to guide the petpets into the shells and away from the anemones. Peril comes in the form of sea anemones that can eat your petpet!

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