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Empty Bellies, Empty Pockets: Part 1

by mandypandy667

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The Adventures of Trina: The Awakening: Part Seven
By the tiniest flick of her wand, a dozen lemons fused together, and then were stretched into a single thread that resembled melted cheese. Then, in a blink of an eye, the yellow string was sucked into the green wand, as if the space itself was being compressed. Cassie was stunned with amazement and uncertainty. “Are you sure that’s safe?”

by ummagine3284


Kass Basher Troubles

Also by tarake_7_7_7

by stephsie


Behind the Screens: Wheeler's Wild Ride
Things look a little different from a Lenny's-eye view.

Also by caiomav

by globetrekker


The Pirate King Files: A Defender's Mission
A hand caught the Ogrin's arm and helped her stand. The Ogrin saw a Neopet she did not recognize standing beside her. The Neopet was a female pink Aisha, wearing a bright yellow and pink costume emblazoned with the symbol of a white lotus. The Aisha wore a yellow mask and had a pink capelet draped over her shoulders.

by ezel68

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